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Since the first time I color my hair with wild color(NOT SO WILD! It's just me being hyperbolic), I love it already!!  Dunno why, after being friends with Stella Lee, I got an obsession to go blonde.. >_<  And maybe because some of Korean drama that I watched got me crazy about their hair.  Well, it is all my decisions afterall!

It's been almost 60 days after my first visit to SHINJUKU PREMIUM SALON, my hair became longer, the shape is indescribable, plus the color had faded out.. For the report of my previous visit to the salon, you can read it HERE(click me!).
So, me and Stella agreed to head back to Shinjuku for re-shape, and do another hair makeover on Saturday, 23rd of June.

OK, I thought this is the time for me to go blonde. So, LET'S BLEACH SOME HAIR!  YAYYY!!
BLONDE! BLONDE! BLONDE! BLOOONDE!!! *sorry, too excited*

First, I got my hair cut by Mr Audid(the salon owner)

me and Mr Audid, before cutting
After the cutting session.

THEN it's time to bleach.. kyaaa~   >_<

head was burning!
Okay, I'm NOT gonna lie to you that bleaching my whole hair(head) was a nightmare!  It stunk, and make my scalp feels numb.. IT WAS MY FIRST EXPERIENCE, so... Oh gawd, I don't want to bleach my hair, ever, again(well, at least not until next year. Teehee~).

Not just bleaching, I color my hair ASH BLONDE(same as Stella's), right after the bleaching session! (stupid me?)   Guess what? SCALP torturing time 2!!!
I was shivering while enduring the pain on my head. WORST feeling ever..
I would never know that bleaching and coloring could give me so much pain! If only I knew, I would skip the bleaching part. And just color my hair, and that's all.

After I gather all information about my severe pain on the head, there's 2 things that you should know before you bleach, and color your hair at the same time:
  1. Basicly, bleaching the hair, especially when it's done to the root/scalp, can cause a serious irritation, and in most horror cases, the scalp bled!
  2. Coloring the hair right after the bleaching session, you just add on MORE chemicals[urea, ammonia] on the irritated scalp. That explains why I felt so hurt!
SO, you wanna try it out too?  I can be a madam Cruella Devil while watching you shiver to endure the pain.. *cackles*


don't stare at my cleavage!
Can't believe this is me.   AIGOOO~

 BEAUTY is pain.   INDEED!

PSST!  If you know what kind of products to treat my dry hair, and scalp, LET ME KNOW, PLEASE!
The after "OPERATION BLONDE", my scalp is like having its own life!  The scalp is flaking, when I woke up this morning, I produce grams of scalp-flake on my pillow. *crying out loud*