Hair Makeover by Shinjuku Premium Salon

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So, on 28th of April, I was attending Indonesian Beauty Blogger's event.  Meet all of the pretties, and a fab guy. LOL  It was a fun day, and I really glad to have them in my life now.  Love this community. Love y'all! *kuss kuss*

After we had our madness of beauty at the gathering, I decided to follow the others going to Shinjuku Premium Salon at Kuningan City.  At first, I never had even an idea to do any treatment here. But, I was convinced by staring at Stella Lee's ASH BLONDE hair that made by this salon.  I wanna dye my hair too, here, at this salon! LOL

The interior of the salon is great! We can feel a classy ambiance all around. The staffs and owner are really nice. LOVE them already!  So, I popped out with an idea of having a caramel-like hair color.  After consulting with Mr Audid(the owner), we've reached the decision where I'll be having a wild hair design. I put my trust in his professional hands. Dunno why, I never doubt his work on my hair(as I always felt everytime I'm in other salon). 

Me, Stella Lee, Franky Wu
Me, before the makeover, with Mr Audid
Mr Audid was directing the staff what to do
1st step, bleached some point of hair
DONE!  capital LOVE!
From the side
Me, with the proud hair designer, Mr Audid
So, basicly they bleached the hi-light points with a blue undertone dye, which on the result is bright yellow.  Then color all of my hair with a green undertone dye, that resulting on ash brown color.  I was in a rush, I think the process wasn't long enough for me to get the color right. Need to dye it 1 more time, me thinks(?).

I'm in love with this salon..! Definitely a RECOMMENDED premium salon, where you want professionals to handle your hair.  At a promising price, the salon is giving 30% OFF all treatment for its newly open promo at Kuningan City, 1st floor.  LOOK FOR Mr AUDID!



  1. Cakepppp!!!! Keliatan lebih stylish n fresh!! Pengen juga hair make-over di sana..hasilnya pada bagus2 yaaa :D

  2. Baguuusss.. Ini menarik banget salonnya. Pengen coloring tapi takut ga cocok >.<

  3. Gabby: HAYUK Gabby! harus ke sana buat makeover rambut! *racun*

    Stephanie: I know, right? JANGAN TAKUT GAK COCOK ke salon ini. Soalnya, experts-nya bisa cocokin warna dengan penampilan & kepribadian kita. TRUST ME!

  4. Kereeennn!!!!

    Hope you really like it AND I have a good news for everyone. DO mention my name "Carnellin" at SHinjuku Premium Salon and get 50% off instead of 30% ^__^

    And Andy, I also get mine twice XD

  5. Ci Carnellin...! I really like it! Thanks for the recommendation, and THE GOOD NEWS!

    I'll spread it to the whole beauty-world! LOL

  6. waaa tertarik... promonya sampe kapan ya? hehehe...pls reco hairstylistnya donk :) tq

  7. Mui: Kurang tahu aku sampai kapan. BURUAN! Look for Mr Audid. :D