Pond's Flawless White BB+ Cream

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Disclaimer: this review is sponsored by Pond's Indonesia. The products was sent to me for review purpose. No sugar coated words, totally honest opinions on this.


Hi, y'all..

Gee.. I'm such a lazy blogger. LOL

I am going to do a quick review on a BB cream that I've been trying for a week now.
It's Pond's Flawless White BB+ cream. 

Pond's Flawless White BB+ cream
This Flawless White BB+ cream is the new formulated ones by Pond's which came out with 2 shades, Light & Beige.

The BB+ cream swatches
As you can see, the Light shade is kinda ashy with pink undertone(CMIIW).
It's great for you who has fair-light complexion.
But one thing that I notice was, this Light shade oxidized into a non-flattering shade on my face after 4-5 hours after application. It's looking ashy with an orangey hue. N.G.!

Pond's Flawless White BB+ cream shade Light freshly applied 1 layer
(taken with iPhone 5s front cam, no filter, collaged only)

As for the Beige shade, it turns out to be a very yellow beigey shade. It's great for you who has a medium shade of skintone, with strong yellow undertone.
It didn't oxidize as crazy as the Light one.

Pond's Flawless White BB+ cream shade Beige freshly applied 1 layer
(taken with iPhone 5S front cam, no filter. I hate it when the white balance is off on 1 of the pics. *sigh*)

Coverage wise, it didn't cover much. Sheer, buildable to light/medium coverage.
Note: I always use a little for the 1st layer(size of a piece of corn).

Notice the reddish breakout on my bare cheek? Below my cheek bone, under my 2 freckles there.
After one layer of product spread evenly on the face, it didn't cover it as much of a foundation would do.
It did even out my skintone though. Tame out the reddish cheeks due to the exfoliation (twice a week). And as you can see, it has that kind of velvety, skin like finish. Not a dead matte, not dewy also. SUPER LOVE IT! Hence the perfect oil control. I notice that it only start oiling up after 3-4 hours after application(in my case, it's good. My T-zone can get very oily in an hour or 2). And even when it's oily, it looked good throughout the day.

45 minutes after application, shade Beige all over face, Light for highlight areas

I wore the BB+ cream to go out. In the taxi I took a snap of my face. Notice that I put on my sweater? I just want to try out if this BBcream melt down with my sweat or not.
Turned out, it did not. After I blot my sweat with tissue paper, it didn't transfer on the tissue either.
Once it's set, it's gonna be there on your face.
No blotchy patches, no redness appearing after blotting, Beige all over the face, Light on the forehead, bridge of the nose, C-areas, chin, and cupid bows(highlight areas for my face shape).
SPF 30, PA++ are very useful to sashay away the UV rays. Using chemical, and physical sunscreen ingredient, so expect some white cast on photos(but not scary/unflattering white cast though).

The down sides are:
  1. It fades away after 6 hours of application on me. When I wipe my face using makeup remover cloth, it was just a very faint of tint on it.
  2. The fume got me teary eyes. Avoid to take it very near the eyes.
  3. When I got my hands through my nose, I notice a bunch of comedo bumps. BUMMER! Never experience this after a looong time.. :'|
  4. Cooling effect. Some might like it, some might not. It's funny, because the cooling effect didn't came up everytime I use it, just sometimes.
  5. Just 2 shades to choose. It's a big move for Pond's to add the Beige shade. But I think it's still not enough to suit everyone's skintone.
  6. The packaging. A big tube, only containing BBcream about a third size of it. My friend even doubt it when she bought it, she thought that the product dried up or something. LOL

OK. That's it for now. If there is any updates, I will let you guys know..
Still trying it out.. Just because I love the Beige one. It's really blend in with my skin, only a slight lighter.

Have you tried them? What's your saying on this BB+ cream?
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  1. Feels like I'm going to love it for the finish. Tapi bikin komedoan itu bikin mundur perlahan :(

    Thanks for the review, endi! Been wanting to try this but not sure. Now I've made up my mind to not to. Hahaha.. Thanks for keeping my money to stay inside my wallet :p


  2. I think BBC ini malah cakep banget, dibanding yang merahnya (anti ageing series), coverage ok, staying power ok, it's my holy grail stuff. BTW, kayaknya yg Light lebih bagus dari Beige yah!

    lam kenal