The Winner Of #psychedeLIPS

20:21 Endi Feng 1 Comments

Hi, girls..

I don't know why, but when the prizes are high, y'all ain't into it for challenge!
I mean, seriously? You don't want an eyeshadow palette, lipstick, eyeliner, parfum miniature?

Well, it's your loss..


Ok now.. Time to reveal the #psychedeLIPS

10 beautiful young ladies submitted their photos, but I only have 1 winner.
So, who's my winner?

She's so fun, and psychedelic!
That clown like lips, lotsa color. It caught my attention instantly.


Check out Phani's blog: for her winner!

And, if you think you are better than Brili's creation, well, you are not. LOL
A true makeup junkie won't hesitate to show off their creation! #AsalTeori :)))

Will be lot more new updates.

See you on the next makeup challenge, ladies!
It will be more exciting..



3CE Lip Lacquer ft. Kinkee Wig

21:26 Endi Feng 3 Comments

Okay, ev'rybodeh..

It's time for me to maximize my camwhore talent by wearing a wig, in a quick-review on lip product.

I got a wig sponsor now!  It's PRINCESS BUTIK.
I know this online shop selling wigs from Instagram.

So, if you are interested in buying any wigs with great price, and good quality?
PRINCESS BUTIK is the right place.
It's light, soft, and washable!  Synthetic, but as great as real hair.  ^^,
She is holding an October SUPER SALE NOW!

Each colour has its own mood
For Kinkee wig like mine[grey color], she's giving you Rp 380,000.- for 2(yes, TWO!) wigs.
This offer stands while stocks lasts..

For another color of wigs, it's only Rp 225,000 - Rp 300,000.- this October ONLY.
BUY NOW before the price going up next month!

And as this is a PINK month where people raising a breast cancer awareness events,
tell you what?
PRINCESS BUTIK is always giving a special price for you guys who are fighting cancer.
She's NOT giving away wigs for free, but she's willing to markdown the prices for you to buy them.
She's aware that you who are going through chemotherapy is losing hair, but still want to look pretty.  ^^,
A very nice intention to help people out!

For my makeup on these photos:
  • MISSHA Perfect Cover BBcream no. 27 [semi matte finish, I don't need powder!]
  • Dollywink Eyebrow pencil and browcara no. 1
  • Lancome eyeshadow
  • Maybelline Liner Master eye crayon in black to rim my inner eyelashes and lower lashline
  • Tony Moly liquid eyeliner
  • Dollywink faux lashes
  • Maybelline Rocket mascara
  • TheFaceShop eyebrow powder no. 1 for nose contouring [it's a MUST HAVE ITEM!]
  • Tony Moly liquid concealer no. 3


3CE lip lacquer no. 1
This is the most natural color of the bunch.  It gives romantic mood to my face..
Love it to the bone!

3CE Lip Lacquer no. 2
This one is best for you who don't want too much colour on the lips area.
Best to pair up with bronzed face, or heavy eye makeup.
Perfect to achieve a cold mood of face.

3CE Lip Lacquer no. 11
This orange color really pops out on a "lazy day" makeup.
After applying BBcream, or foundation, forget about eye makeup [BUT DON'T FORGET THE EYEBROW, PLEASE].
Straight to the orange lips, then you're ready to go!
It's giving like a "PHRESH OUT THE RUNWAY" mood as Rihanna say.

3CE Lip Lacquer no. 12
This is the warmest of the lot that I bought.
Not my fave colour, but for a bold lips makeup, you can go for it.
It gives a fierce mood, which I can't pull off easily.
I got that smiley face, SO MUCH OF A FIERCE COLOR.  errr~

Conclusion, I love this lip lacquer.  Affordable, but kinda hard to find in Indonesian market.
I bought it for Rp 35,000.-/each from PYGMALION.
It's only 6ml/product..  For such a color pay off, it's a bargain!
2 swipes for intense color on the lips!

Score of 3CE Lip Lacquer:  3 stars outta 5!




23:34 Endi Feng 4 Comments

YO, makeup junkie!

I'm back with a new makeup challenge this month.
The theme is #psychedeLIPS

YES! It's psychedelic lippies!
Draw attention of your fellas toward your lip makeup, and now it's the time!
How is it a wrong time to apply crazy makeup, when it's a challenge and you gotta get some prizes at the end?

This challenge is a collaboration between me, and @phanie_12.
Not only a collaboration, BUT it's co-sponsored by as well!
The prizes are designated for 2 WINNERS!

So, here's the prizes from me..

Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara, RISTRA SunScreen, MakeOver LipStick, Perfume, KOJI Provence Eyebrow pencil, SILKYGIRL PINK eyeliner


HadaLabo travel set, Gold Dust BBW Pocketbac, Pink Diamond BBW Pocketbac, STILA eyeshadow


And for MY WINNER, you will get the STILA eyeshadow palette, and BBW Pink Diamond pocketbac with the holder!

Here's the rules for #psychedeLIPS makeup challenge:
  1. follow my twitter @endi_feng and @phanie_12 [I think it's a must] ,
  2. like MOPORIE Facebook page, follow @moporie on twitter [REQUIRED!], and follow MOPORIE on Instagram [not necessary, BUT it's a plus point for me to consider YOU as my winner. PUSH THAT FOLLOW BUTTON NOW!],
  3. photo submission only by Twitter! Make sure your twitter account isn't locked/private. PLEASE, 1(one) account/username, 1(one) submission only, pretty please,
  4. tweet format: "Here's my #psychedeLIPS WHERE'S YOURS? @endi_feng @phanie12 @moporie [link to your photo]",
  5. Don't forget to take a piece of paper written with your twitter username on it by your own handwritings, to convince me the authenticity of your own creation, and
  6. this makeup challenge is open for Indonesia residents only, starting from TODAY, ended by 27th of October 2013 on 23.59 [Western Indonesian standard time].

Ok, you know the rules now..
Here's some inspiration for you from me to go mad with your lips.

So, BUCKLE UP!  Brushes ready, boo!