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Since the first time I color my hair with wild color(NOT SO WILD! It's just me being hyperbolic), I love it already!!  Dunno why, after being friends with Stella Lee, I got an obsession to go blonde.. >_<  And maybe because some of Korean drama that I watched got me crazy about their hair.  Well, it is all my decisions afterall!

It's been almost 60 days after my first visit to SHINJUKU PREMIUM SALON, my hair became longer, the shape is indescribable, plus the color had faded out.. For the report of my previous visit to the salon, you can read it HERE(click me!).
So, me and Stella agreed to head back to Shinjuku for re-shape, and do another hair makeover on Saturday, 23rd of June.

OK, I thought this is the time for me to go blonde. So, LET'S BLEACH SOME HAIR!  YAYYY!!
BLONDE! BLONDE! BLONDE! BLOOONDE!!! *sorry, too excited*

First, I got my hair cut by Mr Audid(the salon owner)

me and Mr Audid, before cutting
After the cutting session.

THEN it's time to bleach.. kyaaa~   >_<

head was burning!
Okay, I'm NOT gonna lie to you that bleaching my whole hair(head) was a nightmare!  It stunk, and make my scalp feels numb.. IT WAS MY FIRST EXPERIENCE, so... Oh gawd, I don't want to bleach my hair, ever, again(well, at least not until next year. Teehee~).

Not just bleaching, I color my hair ASH BLONDE(same as Stella's), right after the bleaching session! (stupid me?)   Guess what? SCALP torturing time 2!!!
I was shivering while enduring the pain on my head. WORST feeling ever..
I would never know that bleaching and coloring could give me so much pain! If only I knew, I would skip the bleaching part. And just color my hair, and that's all.

After I gather all information about my severe pain on the head, there's 2 things that you should know before you bleach, and color your hair at the same time:
  1. Basicly, bleaching the hair, especially when it's done to the root/scalp, can cause a serious irritation, and in most horror cases, the scalp bled!
  2. Coloring the hair right after the bleaching session, you just add on MORE chemicals[urea, ammonia] on the irritated scalp. That explains why I felt so hurt!
SO, you wanna try it out too?  I can be a madam Cruella Devil while watching you shiver to endure the pain.. *cackles*


don't stare at my cleavage!
Can't believe this is me.   AIGOOO~

 BEAUTY is pain.   INDEED!

PSST!  If you know what kind of products to treat my dry hair, and scalp, LET ME KNOW, PLEASE!
The after "OPERATION BLONDE", my scalp is like having its own life!  The scalp is flaking, when I woke up this morning, I produce grams of scalp-flake on my pillow. *crying out loud*




ETUDE TIME 2 by Etude House Indonesia

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Last Friday, I attend "ETUDE TIME 2" event.  This event was gathered by Etude House Indonesia in the spirit of launching DEAR MY TALK series, Precious Mineral BB Bright Fit, and SKIN MAL:GEUM..  And the theme of the event was:  "PINK BURLESQUE" (and my head is full of Xtina in the backstage of 'Burlesque' movie >_< )

The makeup collection

If you haven't, ask uncle Google.

For the last decade, Etude has known by many as a leading Korean makeup brand in Indonesia.  And Etude is famous for its sheer/shimmering powder products(eyeshadow/blusher/powder), and glowing face products(BB cream/hi-lighter).  
TO MAKE a break through, Etude CAME UP with more daring colors by introducing the market with DEAR MY TALK series which consist of lipstick, lip gloss, blushers, compact powder, and nail lacquer.  I'm given a set of DEAR MY TALK series, will give you my review soon!

Dear My Blooming Nails, Dear My Blooming-Lips Talk, Dear My Blooming Pact, Dear My Blooming Cheek
[behind] Dear My Milky Gloss
I'm not given any samples of that newest Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit, so I can't give you any review.  BUT, there was a makeup demo at the event by Korean MUA, Miss Lee, and  let me show you the result of using the BB cream.

[right] the model after makeup demo by Miss Lee
I was bare face attending the event. Can you see the glow on my, AND the model's face? Quite similar, yes? [JUST SAY YES! LMAO]  The thing that was in my mind: "the BB cream is great for daily use, but I'll skip them because it gives glow that I always try to avoid caused of my oily-combination skin type. It'll just worsen my face on photos when my skin over produced oil on the T-zone." 

The Welcome Gift
OH! I was given a trial kit if SKIN MAL:GEUM too in the welcome gift, along with COLLAGEN MOISTFULL sample pack, DRESS ROOM body lotion, and MILK TALK Strawberry sample.  Will give my first impression on the other post. ^^,

BACK to the event.  When I got there, I was welcomed by the MC, and other IBB members.  After registered and got my welcome gift, I wandered around the venue(Atrium Mall Taman Anggrek) with @Hanny_Only.  Then, I met @PygmalionLAND. She got there barely had makeup on. So, I decided to follow her on 'make over' area, just to check out the product, and try it on Pygmalion lady's face.

The problem came afterwards. When I was trying the products that was on a very tempting pink makeup table on the makeover area, a man approached us, and said this with a little force/unpleasant tone: "Sorry, this stall is for our KOREAN MAKEUP ARTIST use ONLY, not testers. If you wanna try our products, you can go around venue, THERE."

WORST beauty event I've ever attended so far..
And there's supposed to be a press release to launch DEAR MY TALK series in Indonesia. GUESS WHAT?  It began LATE!  On the invitation it's on 13.30, but it began at 14.40-ish!  The only thing that makes me happy on the event:
  1.  I gotta meet my fellows beauty blogger
  2. The goodies
Me and @PygmalionLAND

I'm not disliking the brand or the makeup, I just disappointed by the staffs. Me and my fellows are there because we are makeup junkies. We love makeup so much! Not pieces of meat that you can treat as dolls in a rink. AND PLEASE, if you read this, the Event Organizer, be on time for the next event. As for the makeup stall which is specialized for THE Korean Makeup Artist use only, if it's so private you should have put a SIGN on it!

OK, that's it for now.. See you on the next post.
*kuss kuss*



ANGELICA Instant Hydration Mask from L'OCCITANE En Provence

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DO YOU feel your face sooo dry after scrubbing/exfoliating session?
I DO! (maybe, I DID. >_<)

DO YOUR face feel like tighten in a bad way after cleansing, and exfoliating?

OH GAWD!  Me, as a dude who care so much about my face, can't bear the unpleasant skin.  Eye-bags, rashes, wrinkles, flakes, dead skin cells, discoloration due to free radical from UV rays,  HELL NAW!!

Thanks to @LOCCITANE_id  for the latest invention of Angelica products..  Now I can keep my face hydrated for a whole day in 10 minutes DO-IT-YOURSELF-TREATMENT!

On this post I'll show you how I do the 10 minutes treatment..

Bare Face(sweat, dust, oil)
Angelica Cleansing Gel
small amount of cleansing gel is enough. See not to much foam? Because it's pH balanced!
after rinsing, followed by using Exfoliating Gel
[bad color, it's my camera, not your LCD people] the Exfoliating Gel has that micro glitter in it.
OK.. Angelica Exfoliating Gel isn't like any other exfoliator. 
Simply they're micro balls containing Angelica's water and oil, gently exfoliate our face without irritating our skin, at the same time it gives moisture to the skin also.
It has that micro glitter[pearly] too, which give radiance to the skin. 
Another benefit of this exfoliator is it boosts micro circulation.

Angelica Instant Hydration Mask
Now, it's THE BOMB!
This gel mask soothe the skin after exfoliation, and intensively hydrates my skin!
I can't believe it myself, but within 3-5 minutes, my 'just-got-exfoliate' skin feel revived and fresh.
It says on the leaflet, this mask relieve skin from stresses, induce to your skin quickly and plump it up immediately.   IF you got a dehydrated facial skin, GO FOR THIS MASK!


Oh, one more!  This mask AIN'T NEED to be rinse off of your face!!  YAY!  Time saver!  I just wipe it out by tissue paper after I spray my face with facial spray.  
AAAND this mask has the active ingredient to give skin 24-hours continuous hydration.


Angelica Hydration Cream
Finish off by applying Hydration cream.  VOILAAAA!

All I can say from experiencing Angelica skincare for 3 days:
  • YOU WON'T GO WRONG WITH IT!  Although it's designed for normal-to-dry skin type, my combination-normal-oily skin didn't have any problem with them so far.  My skin is kinda sensitive. If I put on something doesn't suit me, it'll break out in no time.. --___--
  • EXFOLIATE TO RADIATE!   Angelica Exfoliating Gel do lots of task for your own goodness of facial deep-cleansing routine.
  • MASK FOR RELIEVE!   A thirst-quenched face mask, that no need to rinse off, and while using it we don't have to act like mannequin!  It's gel, and the function is more to relieve skin's stress after getting exfoliate/peeling/dehydrated.  
LOOK AT my latest photo!  No edit, pure radiance from Angelica skincare!
THIS IS NOT an exaggerating post.  I give my honest opinions..  Skincare new-bee's honour!

Let me know what you think,  and see you on the next post. ;)



ANGELICA by L'occitane En Provence

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L'occitane[LOX-EE-TAHN] was hosting a beauty event for beauty bloggers at Cafe Aria(Panin Building, Sudirman) on 15th June 2012 in the spirit of launching the NEW "Angelica" Instant Hydration Mask, Hydration Face Mist, and Exfoliating Gel.  Actually, the range of "Angelica" skin care was launched last year by having Gel Cleanser, Face Toner, Eye Roll-On, Milky Lotion, Hydrating Cream, and UV Shield in the family.

The Complete set of ANGELICA
Milky Lotion, Hydrating Cream, Face Toner
Exfoliating Gel, Eye Roll-On, Hydrating Face Mist
Instant Hydrating Mask, UV Shield
When I arrived at the Venue, @LOCCITANE_id representative, Jihan, greeted me and @Phanie14.  With Jihan's perky and welcoming personality, I like her already.. We, bloggers, can have hand massage once we're arrived, but I, shamelessly try out the ANGELICA skin care products on the table first. >_<  I knew I was attending a skin care event. So I went bare face from home. HAH! Take note, girls.. Teehee~

Quickly I pulled out my face wipe to clean my face, then I apply Eye Roll-On, followed by Milky Lotion, Hydrating Cream, and Hydrating Face Mist.

My first impressions about ANGELICA products:
  • It smells like fresh grass, but fade away few minutes later.  It's obvious because the products are from organic Angel grass(Angelica)'s water, and essential oil. But it's not an organic product though.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT!  Even I layered those skincare, I didn't feel like piling 'em up as I usually felt with the other skin care product.  It means this skincare line can absorbed into your skin INSTANTLY! 
  • MY FACE! My face feels hydrated without feeling greasy, the suppleness is superb!  My friends even can't stop poking my cheeks because it became so moist after I put them on.

We bloggers are served with some bites-to-eat.  And while I enjoying my dessert, L'occitane Indonesia's senior marketing manager gave us bloggers a presentation about Angelica.  

The reason behind this quick absorption is based on the philosophy of Angelica's life. Angelica's root can absorb gallons of water, then its capillary system quickly distribute the water from root to the body and leaves continuously, that's why Angelica can grow until meters just by counting the days. 

The best way to moisturize skin instantly is TO ENHANCE the synthesis of Aquaporins[it's our skin water channels which can circulate one billion water molecules between skin cells in just one second!].

And the reason why L'occitane choose Angelica as their nature source for their product:  
First, its water REFRESH our skin, and its water retention structure enable to lock moisture(by sophisticated tech, L'occitane succeeded to invent skincare just like its retention structure for our facial skin).
Second, its essential oil optimize, AND increase the synthesis of AQUAPORINS by 39%.
(Ummm.. DON'T GET CONFUSED!  I AIN'T RECRUITING ANY FOLLOWERS.. I got this a whole new knowledge from the event. I know... )

Angelica plant  [source: http://usinggeorgianativeplants.blogspot.com]
At the end of the event, I got hand massage & mini facial.  It's been a week since the last time I got my face pampered, SO... >_<

Hand Massage
Mini Facial [photo by @phanie14]
Do you see my face like, SHINING?  Angelica's Exfoliating Gel does its magic so well.  LO-O-OVE!  After I'm done with the mini facial, I can't even stop caressing my face(but due to hygiene reasons, I SHOULD STOP! >_<). 

The lovely BA that gave me hand massage, and mini facial

I will give another feedback for L'occitane Angelica product.  
Especially the Angelica Instant Hydration Mask!   




La vie Rouge Artist by MAKE UP FOREVER

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On June 13th, I was invited to attend Make Up Forever INDONESIA beauty event.  In the event, MUFE representatives were telling us about their Rouge Artist lips collection, the philosophy of the company, why Dany Sanz is so creative in formulating the products, and so on.

the brushes on my table
Rouge Artist lipstick testers on my table
The Rouge Artist Intense range's stall
Rouge Artist Natural range's stall

Basicly, the Rouge Artist Intense range is on the market since 2008(if I'm not mistaken), but lately they threw another one, the Rouge Artist Natural by the mid-end of 2011. 

Rouge Artist Intense[I got the Satin Fuchsia]
Rouge Intense Natural
WHAT'S SO SPECIAL in these lipstick?  Well, as you know, Make Up Forever is here for us, makeup junkie for daily use, with the quality where it's intended for professional use!   That's why Rouge Artist is so famous, with the ingredients 50% MORE pigments than other makeup line's.  BUT there is a difference, where Rouge Artist Natural has more moisturizing ingredients than Rouge Artist Intense, that's why the Natural ones are more sheer in color.

After the introductions, and explanation by the representatives, I gotta play with those colorful makeup, yes? OF C-OURSE!  I paired up with Stephanie Nangoi..  Too bad I was too excited and forgot to take pictures.  YOU CAN CHECK HER POST ABOUT IT -- HERE!

@gabbypali  @christanath  and me
The goody from the event
the goodies that I got

To close a lovely event, we were invited to join the representatives to have some drinks at KITCHENETTE, Plaza Indonesia.  

WICKED ELIXIR cocktail, Summer-something

Phanie and I had the chance to chat with a representative, she's telling us Dany Sanz is a perfectionist, and a very humble person.  She began her career as a painter, then paint people face/body for theater, people love her work where she always work with her own methods and 'stuff'.  She always came up with new formulation 'stuff' to put on actors/actresses, where the makeup she put on "pop" at the stage, and the other makeup artists are interested in her 'stuff'.  She had a underground lab to find the right formulation of makeup.  And by many request, she began selling her own makeup line in 1980's..

The story makes me adore Dany Sanz more!  She is my 1st makeup artist idol, then Rae Morris, then Samantha Chapman, then Wayne Goss.. >_<  but my mentor still gonna be Kevyn Aucoin..  He was a genius, and true artist for me. 

That's it for now.. See you on the next post, OK?  *kuss kuss*



My CLARINS Moments

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On this post, I will tell y'all my LUMINOUS moment that I had along with @ClarinsID.

If you're following my tweets, last month I won Clarin's twitter quiz[#LuminousMoment].  They asked me, what's my the most luminous moment in my life?  And my answer is: "when my mom found out that I love make up, and she permits me to be a makeup artist."

Well, my journey to be a makeup artist isn't smooth. HAHA  Lots of critics here and there(still facing them), either it's harsh or not, I still take them as my motivation to be better next time. :)

So, 1 of my prize that I got is, a 'back relaxer with exfoliation' treatment at Clarins SkinSpa in SEIBU, Grand Indonesia.  With addition of  Rp 50,000.-  I got back whitening mask as well..  Once I got into the spa room, I'm impressed already!  The ambiance is so peaceful, with lazy-jazzy backsound.
The therapist was so nice to me.  She treated me professionally, no cockiness, no rush, and knows what she's doing.  I underestimated them all!  I was wrong! I thought they will be just gimme a massage, exfoliate my back with wash-cloth, and that's it. BUT NO, THAT'S NOT IT!

First, she asked me to get ready for the treatment session. I was confused.  What to get ready? All she handed me was a kimono-towel. My face was blank for a second. And she left me clueless like a kid with the feeling "OK-I'll-get-ready-WHATTADO?-WHATTADO?-OH GAWD-OH GAWD!".  I looked to the bathroom.  I think she was trying to tell me to get a shower, so I did.  The seaweed(I think?) liquid soap smell like sea...!  I love it!  
After shower, put on my boxer, and gave her signal to get in. I lay facing down on the massage table, while she's heating the table[it has that heating feature, people.  NOT get it on the fire].  The puff on my face smell like some relaxing herbs. I LIKE IT LIKE IT like Rihanna like to be chained n whipped. LOL

After all sessions were over, the therapist served me hot tea, and chat with her.  I asked, why all of the spa product was warm? She answered: "All body product that we put on you was heated to normal human body temperature, it makes skin won't be shocked with the temperature differences, and make it more efficient to be absorbed to your skin."  I was MORE impressed how she answered me. You'll know a sincere knowledge, or a my-boss-told-me-so knowledge from the eyes.  I'm a satisfied spa new-bee.  :-D

what you'll see once you get in to the spa room
the massage table
the wardrobe where I should put all of my belongings

Last weekend, I attend ClarinsID beauty event at Pullman Thamrin Hotel.  I was invited with the other @BeautyBloggerID members.  The event was held so us(beauty enthusiast) can get more intimate with the skin care range of "Shaping Facial Lift".  There's a demo of wrapping our face with Clarins' most famous face shaping item. And I, was picked by the chatty MC as a model.  Maybe she alert that my face needs help to be shaped/lifted. >_<

I am stunned totally by the result after the demo session.  My face got lifted, and look smaller.  In "Shaping Facial Lift" range skin care from Clarins, it has the ingredient where it slows down fat buildups on facial features(cheeks, chin, and neck).

Had some chat with Clarins Indonesia representatives.  They are so welcoming the new comers beauty bloggers, and they approach people with the manners that any beauty company representative should have, not just selling the products, but try to maintain a good relationship between them and the customers/bloggers.

Not just tried their facial wrap, I and @gabbypali  were getting hand massage afterwards before we went home.  Once again, I love Clarins' therapist!  They do their job with the excellent satisfying result.  They master about all of the products they use, how to use them, what's the active ingredients, and their hands are like machine while they gave us massage.

products which I can use on my table
I was on the demo[see the result? WHOA!]
the chatty MC
Me and @gabbypali
cleaning with wash-cloth
Hand and Nail Treatment Cream
See the differences? [left: BEFORE,  right: AFTER]

I'd like to THANK @ClarinsID to be a nice beauty company towards me as one of their random twitter followers who won their quiz, and to be a lovely event host for beauty bloggers.  

YOU BEAUTY ENTHUSIAST at least should try their hand treatment products!  They are so good!  Beauty blogger's honour..  ADVICE?  Go for the silky-smooth body lotion.  Silky until 8 hours on me!  C'mon, am a dude! It stays moisturizing for 8 hours on dude's hands?  Go figure. >_<