My Brushes (2010 - 2011)

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My brushes since the first time I'm in this field. The first brush set, I bought it from "Stroberi" for Rp 75,000(US$ 9). HAHA! It's an unbranded one though.

And the second brush set I bought was Malijiaer's. Well, from cheap sets, I don't expect I'd get some high-quality brushes. But I'm still grateful that I can create some amazing makeup with them.

SO, in this post I'd like to show you my brushes that I use to do makeup.


Cerro Qreen duo fibre brush (MUTshop)
I use this to apply liquid foundation when I want a sheer coverage for face

Masami Shouko foundation, & concealer brush
When I want to have a full coverage of foundation, I use this foundie brush. It's great to apply contouring creme as well.  The concealer brush is great as well. Love this petite brush to apply concealer on blemishes, and spots where needed.

Malijiaer powder brush
I'm in love-hate condition with this brush. You know, powder brush should be dense, fluffy, & deliver the powder. But it's not that dense. Yes, it's fluffy, but did you see the bristles? It should be more hair in it to deliver the powder better. But it's great for blend the harsh contouring lines on the cheeks and jawlines.

Unbranded round and angled blush brush
Love these 2 brushes so much! The angled one can be used to contour the cheek bones, temples, & the nose. And the round one is the best to apply press powder blushes(or loose powder/mineral blush if it's damp up with glycerin).

Masami Shouko mask/concealer brush
At first, I use this to apply the concealer. But, instead of putting up the concealer, it EATS my concealer. *sigh* I'll use it for mask next time.


Malijiaer sponge tip eyeshadow brush, & Masami Shouko flat angled brush
I use this sponge tip brush to set the very first eyeshadow(usually light shimmery color) that touched the eyelid. The angled brush is my best friend when it comes to gel eyeliners.

Lyra no 1, & Malijiaer angled brush
Okay, I'm using this painting brush to smudge eye kohl into the rim of my lashes.  This angled brush I use to fill the brows with eyeshadows. These both are great with gel eyeliner too! 

Masami Shouko jumbo eyeshader
I love this brush to set concealer under eyes with powder. It's a great brush to shade the eyes to temples.
 Masami Shouko big fluffy eyeshadow brush
It's a great tool to pick up eyeshadow and put it on the eyes. Love this brush. If you want a great eyeshadow brush for a daily basis use, it'll be my recommendation.

Unbranded flat eyeshadow brush
These are my secret weapon when it comes with colors on the eyes. 
Masami Shouko medium-small dome brush
These two, these little devils, are my 2 besties! It creates depth when I use it to draw crease line. It's the best brush to create outter V as well. LOVE!
The Body Shop lash comb & brow brush
It's a tool to prevent mascara clumping, and ShinCan's brows.
Unbranded mascara comb & brow brush
These, THESE, helps me a lot on the brows department.
  Unbranded eyeliner & lip brush
I rarely use these both. But when I want to do some art work on the face, I'll find them
NARS(non-authentic) eye blending brush, & Unbranded fan brush
HAHAHAHA yes, I'm still a makeup criminal. Hope to find a great blending brush  to replace it. The fan brush I use to brush off the excess of eyeshadow that fell on the under eye.

Lyra no 4 & Malijiaer lip brush
These two do the magic so well! The painting brush is so great to build up lipcolor, while the lip brush is great to pick up pigments to hi-light the lips.
My babies in a brush belt
THESE are my brushes, for now. LOL.. Will stock up with another brush soon!


  1. i love your brushes :). MASAMI SHOUKO ones, where to buy `em?

  2. Hana: thank you.. I got it from department store in Jakarta[SOGO, STAR, Debenhams]. Or you can buy it online, search them on Facebook. ;)