I CHALLENGE YOU! -- #wingNwink

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HOLLA makeup junkies..!

As you know, April is my birthday month.
So, to close this lovely month, I CHALLENGE YOU once again..!

The theme this time is

OK, my partner in crime for the makeup challenge this time is

And here's the rules (if don't follow all of them, you're submitted into the DISQUALIFIED section):
  1. Make sure your twitter account isn't in locked mode,
  2. Follow me on twitter  @endi_feng,
  3. Follow my partner in crime on twitter as well  @lalaluna_beauty,
  4. Twitpic your makeup photo, mentioning @endi_feng  @lalaluna_beauty  #wingNwink ,
  5. On your photo, I can only relate to the most recent makeup work, so please include a piece of paper with handwritten of your twitter account name with the hashtag #wingNwink (like my picture above),
  6. Not only do the makeup, BUT YOU HAVE TO APPLY YOUR NAIL LACQUER (kutex)!  The more vivid color of them, the better!
This challenge ends on 10 - MAY - 2013!!

Ok, those were my NON-edited pictures, took with my iPhone 4 cam, with flash on.
I just wanna show you guys what it looks like up close..

If you are wondering, I used Au Beau liquid eyeliner.
The color is not too pitch black, the built-in brush is not that precise, so I went crazy when it didn't give me a clean eye wings..  Errr~

For the eyeshadow, go for neutral color..  Maybe a little glitters, to make it shine more!!!   ^.~
I was using Shu Uemura MonShu eyeshadow palette in Wine.


Estee Lauder PURE COLOR Eye Shadow Duo no. 10 Amethysts
The Body Shop BORN LIPPY Strawberry Lipbalm Stick


Check Josephine's post [CLICK HERE] to discover what she has for YOU WINNER!

Yes, winner, because there's only ONE winner for this challenge..

And if you are confused how to get a winged eyeliner, here's me [CLICK HERE]  giving you an easy step-by-step pictorial to achieve a winged cat eyes..

INSPIRATIONS (pic searched through Google.com)

OK, that's it for now..

And here's me camwhoring for your pleasures!




Kiehl's Correcting & Beautifying BBcream

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Have been raved about this Kiehl's BBcream on Twitter and Instagram for a month.
But, I just like really been using it for 2 weeks in a row every morning.

And I think a 2 weeks experience with this product would give me a legit points for me to do this review(?)..
>_<~   jeongmal moolla!  kyaaa~

There's a focal different between Asian BBcreams, and the Western BBcreams.
The Asian ones tend to produce whitey/ashy finish when they oxidized. The texture is more thick/creamy, thus it gives medium coverage..
The Western ones tend to be sheer, more like a tinted moisturizer, packed in a BBcream body. The texture is watery, well, like tinted moisturizer.  Nuff said..
Both give moisture, sun screen, and other 'benefits' depends on the variant or brand(i.e.: anti-aging agents, vit C, snail extract, and blahs)..


OK, back to this Kiehl's BBcream..

I got this BBcream for  350,000.- rupiahs at SEIBU, Grand Indonesia.
Worth to buy?  I would say, it's worth to try..
Because I was using the Asian BBcreams before this, but none of those match my skintone better than this one.
I was intrigued to tried this one out because fellow bloggers are raving about it in the past (give or take) 50 days.
So, I just gave it a go.   HAHAHAHA
*impulsive buyer alert!*

My bare face
After using Kiehl's BBcream

As you can see on my pictures above.
The BBcream didn't give a full coverage on my blemishes/black spots.
But it made my face look brighter, and gave a dewy finish.
It didn't look like I whip on any product on my face either.
That's what really matter!  I LOVE IT!!

And it didn't produce those overly whitecast on photos with its SPF 50!
CRAZY!  I know..!
FYI, I just applied 1 ply of the BBcream.
You can build it up unto medium coverage.
Don't over piled it up though, because for those with very sensitive skin, it can cause breakouts.
It contains alcohol.. So, be cautious.

For 2 weeks after using it daily, I find my face becoming more supple, brighter, and BRIGHTER!
I think it's because of the Vitamin C in it.

Too bad I didn't catch the photos in between my 2 weeks experience.
Mian-hae..   I'm so sorry, I'm gonna punch my face now(using powder puffs)!  >_<

The texture of it is runny cream, moisturizer like texture.
So I just using my stippling brush to applied it on my face, because of the texture, and I don't wanna using my fingers!
I'm too lazy to wash my hand after applied my morning routines makeup.
I'm the type of "makeup-then ready to go" person..  HAHAHA

And oh!  I'm not a person who wanna hassle with powders to set my makeup every morning, so I just use it alone every day over my serum.
When I blot my sweat with tissue paper, the BBcream hardly transfer on the tissue!
Well, unless you vigorously wipe it with tissue paper, it will..  D'oh~

It disappear on my face, after like 4-5 hours on the prominent areas(T-zone, cheeks, and chin).
And don't have a great oil control in it, so my face started oiled up after a couple of hours after applied it on..
But still, the BEST BBcream I've ever tried so far..
Or should I call it a tinted moisturizer instead?
Because BBcream stands for Blemish Balm cream, where it should have treated the blemishes, and get rid of them.  And this BBcream didn't give any of those benefit for me so far.  Hmm..
I should try to use it everyday for a month then.
But I was bored already.

OK, that's it for now..
See you on the next post.



HOW-TO Achieve Flawless Face Ulzzang Style!

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I'm hooked by K-pop trend since November 2011!

At first I got looped by SNSD(Girl's Generation) - "The Boys"..
Then I became liking Super Junior as well.

BUT!  My love to K-pop more developed when I discovered  BigBang, and 2NE1!!!
VIPs, and Blackjacks out there, WE ARE AWESOME..!!!

(pics are searched through Google.com)


So, I'm kinda into ulzzang makeup style lately, because I have to look good at any occasion.
No excuses to not look good!  Besides, I got tons of make up that I need to use, or they'll ran over expiry date without me noticing..

By this post, I wanna show you my new technique(not so new, really, but I just learned this method) to achieve a flawless ulzzang face in like, 20 minutes TOP!


Apply those correctors..
Orange: cover up those dark circles, dark patches/dark spots.
Lilac: to brighten those dull skin/white-yellowish spots on the face, can act as beamer as well.
Greenish: to cover up those reddish blemishes, rosacea, any reddish area.

Blend those orange corrector using fingertip,
then apply 2-3 shades lighter concealer as shown on pictures.

Don't forget to blend gently those greenish and lilac corrector with concealer.
I'm using swirl-tapping motion to blend it all with Real Technique buffing brush in the Core Collection.

Notice some blemishes on my forehead that I didn't cover up with the greenish corrector?
Yeah, bummer..  err mah gerd!


Nae-mu yeppeo, anni?  ^^,

Because, only BBcream is not enough!
And foundation is too heavy for daily makeup.
And correctors before BBcream/foundation is such a hassle for newbie to blend if they don't do it gently..  Especially in a hurry, like me.  >_<

Any corrector palette is fine.  I'm here using MakeOver Camouflage Concealer palette. 
I got it in f(X) Sudirman, Jakarta.
CHEAP!   For only Rp 105.000,-

Share it!

And, as always..

Here's me camwhoring after I bronze up my face, and did a little eyemakeup.

See you on the next post, guys...



#VampyUlzzang Make Up Challenge ROUNDED UP!

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So many pretty ladies join this #VampyUlzzang makeup challenge!

OK, before I please your eyes with the submissions, I have to tell you this..

When you're into the challenges I threw, read my rules first.

There are few pretties who automatically disqualified because they didn't follow my rules on my previous post [HERE] regarding to this makeup challenge.


So, here's me camwhoring..  #shameless


And here's the QUALIFIED submissions














misspelled Vampy, but forgivable.  ^_^

OMG!  They all put so much effort for this makeup challenge!
I'm so.. moved..  :')  
*ok, don't puke.  But seriously, they did a great job to achieve #VampyUlzzang look*


And here's the DISQUALIFIED submissions

OMG! She looks so vampiry-mean-ahjumma.  >_<
She could have win this challenge(AGAIN) if she follow the rules!

No manual waterwarks on paper..
So sorry, dearie.  Next challenge, don't forget to follow the rules.  ^^,

The #VampyUlzzang on the sheet is edited by computer.  >_< Sorry Via~  Mian hae~
She's my candidate to win this challenge.  :/

Late submission..   :(

another late submission.  :'(


AFTER a very hard contemplation of choosing who's gonna win this challenge,
then here's the WINNER..



CONGRATULATION, Luna..!  Chugga-hae..!

And for YOU who didn't win this time, keep following me on Twitter, as I throw #popupquiz with makeup prizes on the random of times.  #evillaugh

OR, you can join my next makeup challenge with the prize of... hint: "EL"!   ;P

See you on the next post, guys!!