My CLARINS Moments

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On this post, I will tell y'all my LUMINOUS moment that I had along with @ClarinsID.

If you're following my tweets, last month I won Clarin's twitter quiz[#LuminousMoment].  They asked me, what's my the most luminous moment in my life?  And my answer is: "when my mom found out that I love make up, and she permits me to be a makeup artist."

Well, my journey to be a makeup artist isn't smooth. HAHA  Lots of critics here and there(still facing them), either it's harsh or not, I still take them as my motivation to be better next time. :)

So, 1 of my prize that I got is, a 'back relaxer with exfoliation' treatment at Clarins SkinSpa in SEIBU, Grand Indonesia.  With addition of  Rp 50,000.-  I got back whitening mask as well..  Once I got into the spa room, I'm impressed already!  The ambiance is so peaceful, with lazy-jazzy backsound.
The therapist was so nice to me.  She treated me professionally, no cockiness, no rush, and knows what she's doing.  I underestimated them all!  I was wrong! I thought they will be just gimme a massage, exfoliate my back with wash-cloth, and that's it. BUT NO, THAT'S NOT IT!

First, she asked me to get ready for the treatment session. I was confused.  What to get ready? All she handed me was a kimono-towel. My face was blank for a second. And she left me clueless like a kid with the feeling "OK-I'll-get-ready-WHATTADO?-WHATTADO?-OH GAWD-OH GAWD!".  I looked to the bathroom.  I think she was trying to tell me to get a shower, so I did.  The seaweed(I think?) liquid soap smell like sea...!  I love it!  
After shower, put on my boxer, and gave her signal to get in. I lay facing down on the massage table, while she's heating the table[it has that heating feature, people.  NOT get it on the fire].  The puff on my face smell like some relaxing herbs. I LIKE IT LIKE IT like Rihanna like to be chained n whipped. LOL

After all sessions were over, the therapist served me hot tea, and chat with her.  I asked, why all of the spa product was warm? She answered: "All body product that we put on you was heated to normal human body temperature, it makes skin won't be shocked with the temperature differences, and make it more efficient to be absorbed to your skin."  I was MORE impressed how she answered me. You'll know a sincere knowledge, or a my-boss-told-me-so knowledge from the eyes.  I'm a satisfied spa new-bee.  :-D

what you'll see once you get in to the spa room
the massage table
the wardrobe where I should put all of my belongings

Last weekend, I attend ClarinsID beauty event at Pullman Thamrin Hotel.  I was invited with the other @BeautyBloggerID members.  The event was held so us(beauty enthusiast) can get more intimate with the skin care range of "Shaping Facial Lift".  There's a demo of wrapping our face with Clarins' most famous face shaping item. And I, was picked by the chatty MC as a model.  Maybe she alert that my face needs help to be shaped/lifted. >_<

I am stunned totally by the result after the demo session.  My face got lifted, and look smaller.  In "Shaping Facial Lift" range skin care from Clarins, it has the ingredient where it slows down fat buildups on facial features(cheeks, chin, and neck).

Had some chat with Clarins Indonesia representatives.  They are so welcoming the new comers beauty bloggers, and they approach people with the manners that any beauty company representative should have, not just selling the products, but try to maintain a good relationship between them and the customers/bloggers.

Not just tried their facial wrap, I and @gabbypali  were getting hand massage afterwards before we went home.  Once again, I love Clarins' therapist!  They do their job with the excellent satisfying result.  They master about all of the products they use, how to use them, what's the active ingredients, and their hands are like machine while they gave us massage.

products which I can use on my table
I was on the demo[see the result? WHOA!]
the chatty MC
Me and @gabbypali
cleaning with wash-cloth
Hand and Nail Treatment Cream
See the differences? [left: BEFORE,  right: AFTER]

I'd like to THANK @ClarinsID to be a nice beauty company towards me as one of their random twitter followers who won their quiz, and to be a lovely event host for beauty bloggers.  

YOU BEAUTY ENTHUSIAST at least should try their hand treatment products!  They are so good!  Beauty blogger's honour..  ADVICE?  Go for the silky-smooth body lotion.  Silky until 8 hours on me!  C'mon, am a dude! It stays moisturizing for 8 hours on dude's hands?  Go figure. >_<