ANGELICA Instant Hydration Mask from L'OCCITANE En Provence

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DO YOU feel your face sooo dry after scrubbing/exfoliating session?
I DO! (maybe, I DID. >_<)

DO YOUR face feel like tighten in a bad way after cleansing, and exfoliating?

OH GAWD!  Me, as a dude who care so much about my face, can't bear the unpleasant skin.  Eye-bags, rashes, wrinkles, flakes, dead skin cells, discoloration due to free radical from UV rays,  HELL NAW!!

Thanks to @LOCCITANE_id  for the latest invention of Angelica products..  Now I can keep my face hydrated for a whole day in 10 minutes DO-IT-YOURSELF-TREATMENT!

On this post I'll show you how I do the 10 minutes treatment..

Bare Face(sweat, dust, oil)
Angelica Cleansing Gel
small amount of cleansing gel is enough. See not to much foam? Because it's pH balanced!
after rinsing, followed by using Exfoliating Gel
[bad color, it's my camera, not your LCD people] the Exfoliating Gel has that micro glitter in it.
OK.. Angelica Exfoliating Gel isn't like any other exfoliator. 
Simply they're micro balls containing Angelica's water and oil, gently exfoliate our face without irritating our skin, at the same time it gives moisture to the skin also.
It has that micro glitter[pearly] too, which give radiance to the skin. 
Another benefit of this exfoliator is it boosts micro circulation.

Angelica Instant Hydration Mask
Now, it's THE BOMB!
This gel mask soothe the skin after exfoliation, and intensively hydrates my skin!
I can't believe it myself, but within 3-5 minutes, my 'just-got-exfoliate' skin feel revived and fresh.
It says on the leaflet, this mask relieve skin from stresses, induce to your skin quickly and plump it up immediately.   IF you got a dehydrated facial skin, GO FOR THIS MASK!


Oh, one more!  This mask AIN'T NEED to be rinse off of your face!!  YAY!  Time saver!  I just wipe it out by tissue paper after I spray my face with facial spray.  
AAAND this mask has the active ingredient to give skin 24-hours continuous hydration.


Angelica Hydration Cream
Finish off by applying Hydration cream.  VOILAAAA!

All I can say from experiencing Angelica skincare for 3 days:
  • YOU WON'T GO WRONG WITH IT!  Although it's designed for normal-to-dry skin type, my combination-normal-oily skin didn't have any problem with them so far.  My skin is kinda sensitive. If I put on something doesn't suit me, it'll break out in no time.. --___--
  • EXFOLIATE TO RADIATE!   Angelica Exfoliating Gel do lots of task for your own goodness of facial deep-cleansing routine.
  • MASK FOR RELIEVE!   A thirst-quenched face mask, that no need to rinse off, and while using it we don't have to act like mannequin!  It's gel, and the function is more to relieve skin's stress after getting exfoliate/peeling/dehydrated.  
LOOK AT my latest photo!  No edit, pure radiance from Angelica skincare!
THIS IS NOT an exaggerating post.  I give my honest opinions..  Skincare new-bee's honour!

Let me know what you think,  and see you on the next post. ;)



  1. Endi, postmu baguuusss.. Ada step by step nyaaaa.. Love it!!

  2. wajahnya super bersih... *sambil bayangin supplenya kena efek angelica*

  3. Stephanie: Cici... I love your video about it more! but, thanks, cici.. *pakein eyeliner*

    Sabrina: wajahku super bersih? LOL LOL makasih lho.. iya, selama ini, kulit bersih, tapi kering di beberapa area walopun T-zone berminyak parah. Sekarang jadi lembab semuka-muka, apalagi kalo rutin exfoliating. Jadi halus.. GO GIVE IT A TRY!

  4. sangaaattt... Tampak bersih dan sehat... ^^Tanganku jd gatal pingin megang nihh *towel2* omooo... >.<
    iya yahh.. >.< nabung ah nabunggg~

  5. ASELIIII ini post kerenn bgt.. terlihat banget perbedaan sebelum dan sesudahnyaa..mukamu jadi fresh bangett... harus cobain nih, apalg maskernya tuh, secara ringkes pakenya cocok bgt klo lg buru" tp mw fresh.. .. wkwkw.. thanks for sharing..