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Hi, everybody..!

I'm back!
Here's a makeup collaboration with 2 of my tweefellas @CatraSamoedro and @aulliauuuul

I was contemplating about my next makeup challenge. I thought about it for a week!
Then Catra said that she wanted to try get involved in a makeup collaboration. LOL
I know, it sounds silly, but IDEA(s) comes unexpectedly, yes?

I immediately came up with the idea recreating Pat McGrath's work in runway 2013.
I stalked her Instagram account to get the inspiration.  >_<

Here's Catra Samoedro with her Anna Sui Fall/Winter 2013 look

pic from: http://instagram.com/patmcgrathreal

Sha Aulia's Chanel Haute Couture Spring Summer 2013

I choose the look from Givenchy Fall/Winter 2013

Pic from: http://instagram.com/patmcgrathreal

I look like I'm wearing mask. Gyaaa~

I know it's far from 'portraying' the makeup, but let's say it was inspired by the Givenchy Fall/Winter 2013 runway look. LOL  >_<
If you search it through google, Givenchy F/W '13 look is about brick orangey eye makeup, minimal lash product, heavy coloured clay/powder hair which relating to vintage swimming cap, and the hair, eye, lips are matching colour!
I don't have any skill in digital photo editing, and those pictures above are taken with my Samsung Galaxy S2 front camera.  Sorry about the low quality photos, FOR NOW!
I'm hunting a good camera at the moment, with a friendly price. HAHA


So, beside the makeup collaboration, IT'S TIME FOR ANOTHER MAKEUP CHALLENGE!
Not just only me holding this makeup challenge, Sha Aulia and Catra Samoedro are holding the same makeup challenge as well!

Makeup challenge hunters, you got more chance to win this makeup challenge by entering NOW!
We are choosing 3[YES! THREE!] winners for this MUC.
Winners will be chosen by me, Catra, and Aulia in the end.
Each of the winners will get prizes from us.

For the prizes from Aulia, and Catra, simply go to their blog post regarding to this MUC:


And here's my prizes sponsored by www.makeuptoolshop.com
Brush Guard worth Rp 50,000.-

Brush Cleanser 50ml worth Rp 35,000.-

And an additional prize sponsored by the lovely Josephine, author of @lalaluna_beauty

PINK Patchwork Travel Make Up Bag worth Rp 150,000.-
Like mine, BUT ONLY IN PINK!  YAY!!

AND SAMPLES from me!


  1. Follow @endi_feng@CatraSamoedro and @aulliauuuul
  2. PLEASE! Submission by twitter only.  And once is enough! Choose your cameo carefully.
  3. NO LIMITATION! You can choose your runway look inspiration from any era, and any fashion house. MAKE SURE YOU LET ME KNOW ON YOUR TWITPIC CAPTION.
  4. FORMAT TWEET:  "MY [fashion house-season-year] LOOK #RunwayMadness @endi_feng @CatraSamoedro @aulliauuuul" [i.e.: "MY GIVENCHY F/W 2013 LOOK #RunwayMadness @endi_feng @CatraSamoedro @aulliauuuul"].
  5. Pretty please, include a piece of paper written with your twitter username on it.  Just like my previous makeup challenges, OK? ^_^
  6. Period: 26th of August until 14th of September!

That's it for now
Get your make up ready, and do your faces, makeup junkies!


And, this is Ashley Meyer's takeover on this makeup mashup!
Introducing, my alter-ego, ASHLEY MEYER!!

" I don't care about what people say, I'm fiercely real! So, bitch please." - Ashley Meyer




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Hold up..

How can I challenge y'all into doing somethin' cray, N ya ain't into it?!

 Imma post about the winner of my #CHOLA makeup challenge..
Here ya go, my cray betches in da hood~














I got 2 winners!

Conietta, girl, you crazy.. That's for sure!
That Endi Feng tattoo on your collar bone? I AM SOLD!


Rifka, Rifka, Rifka..
You is sweet, and crazy enough to put up some act!
LOVE the effort of that fake snake tattoo you got there.
For you sweety, YOU GOT THIS!


Alright, that's it for now..
There gonna be another makeup challenge soon, so don't miss out!
More great prizes for next one!

Follow my twitter for more fun:



REVIEW - Beauty Sublime by L'Occitane en Provence

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Hi, everyone..

When I was excited in trying out new product, and urge to do a review on them, I usually tried it out for 2 weeks first, then determine what to talk about them in a post.

Now, it's time for the newest addition of Angelica range by L'Occitane en Provence,

photo: L'Occitane Indonesia


First stop, Sublime Beauty Cream..

Rp 440.000,-
photo: L'Occitane Indonesia
I got this beauty cream in Medium shade. The shade is slightly darker than my skintone, so if you are 2-3 shades darker than me, then it's perfect for you! The finish look is not ashy, or overly white, it's pinky undertone resulting warm Medium shade.

After 2 weeks of using this BBcream every morning, here's my verdict..

  1. Smell fresh. All of Angelica range by L'Occitane smelling so fresh,
  2. Light weight. It didn't feel anything when put on face,
  3. SPF 30. Protect my face from the excruciating UV rays,
  4. Very moisturizing. You might skip your moisturizing routine in the morning, and just whip this on alone, 
  5. Velvety finish. Kinda matte, but still dewy finish, it's good for a healthy looking skin, &
  6. 40 ML of product. 40 effing millilitre of product, that is so much of it!


  1. Set quickly. Some people might find it's an advantage, but it makes me hard to blend them on my face, it doesn't give me much time, and it staining on my fingers if I pat it on,
  2. NOT waterproof. If you're sweating alot type of guy, then forget it. It melt down easily when I'm sweating,
  3. Poor oil control. Since it's very moisturizing, for you who got oily/combination skin, put on matte makeup primer beforehand, &
  4. Limited range of shade. It's just giving you 2 shades to choose. Light? or Medium?


It's Essence Sublime..

Rp 615.000,- for 30 ML of product
photo: L'Occitane Indonesia
I got this in a travel size, but works wonder like the fullsize one nonetheless.

After 2 weeks usage of this every morning, and evening, here's my verdict..

  1. Instantly refreshing. It relieves the heat, and redness of scrub bumps on my face after exfoliating,
  2. Smoothen skin. Smooth out the top layer of facial skin after 7-8 days of usage,
  3. Quick absorbance. Quickly sink into skin, and leaving a velvety feels, &
  4. Calms blemish irritation. Instead of giving me breakouts, this serum liberate me from obnoxious acnes!


  1. Strong scent. Although the scent is lovely, but it's kinda strong in this essence.


That's it.  
That's my final verdict of Beauty Sublime range, additionals for Angelica range of L'Occitane en Provence.

My collection of Angelica range, and currently using them all.

For more information, you can go to LOCCITANE.CO.ID 
Or go to the nearest L'Occitane en Provence counter/boutique in town!

And here's me using the Beauty Sublime Cream..

from my Instagram #NoFilter



Simple Ulzzang Look - Pictorial

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Annyeong hasaeyo, makeup enthusiasts!

I'm back with another makeup pictorial..

photo from my Instagram

Let's go!

First, cleanse your face thoroughly.
Then apply your moisturizing makeup primer if you have dry skin, or matte makeup primer if you have oily/combination skin.

*Note: Skip your skincare regime when you're about putting any makeup on whenever you're in Indonesia/tropical places. The humidity and the heat will meltdown your makeup if you pile up your moisturizers.

Using MakeOver Camouflage Cream palette

Put on your correctors, people..
It neutralize any discoloration area before you blend in your foundation on your face.
(I just figure out this technique in last 4 months, I'm still learning about corrective complexion makeup!)

Green: reddish blemishes/rosacea.
Orange: eyebags/heavy scars/'aging' hollows.
Lilac/purple: beamer for enhancing the prominent area of the face, it works wonder on the 'aging' hollows and not-too-heavy freckles too to achieve a flawless canvas.

Foundation is mixing of Illamasqua light liquid , MUFE HD, and MakeOver Ultra Matte foundation.
Concealer: MakeOver camouflage palette, MUFE HD, and Illamasqua undereyes concealer.

Next step is to blend your foundation with those correctors on your face using a stippling brush with buffing technique, not stippling.
Then concealing imperfections if needed, like heavy scars/acnes/dark spots or circles, don't forget the corner of your nose, and lips, so it won't appear reddish/blacky on photo.

using BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector

The important thing of ulzzang is the healthy skin, oily-like face.
Apply liquid shimmer/highlighter on the foreheads, nose bridge, C-section(browbone to upper cheeks), cupidbows of the lips, and the chin.  I'm here using foundation brush to pat that liquid shimmer on my face. I think by patting face, not only gives you even spread of product, but also boost blood circulation on your face! Talk about naturally radiance of the face!

Why highlighting your face? Isn't it more logical if fair skinned people to contour more than highlighting?
I don't recommend too much contouring in ulzzang look. Besides, contouring consume much more time in blending it to look neatly gradual!  Instead, highlighter pop out your prominent area of the face on photo, or whenever your face hitting lightings. 
People of South Korea are actually enhancing their not-so prominent area of the face by grafting fats under the skin (last temporarily!). Not crazy, but, KREZZEEEH..!
I'd do anything to get liposuction on my facial fats! LOL

Brow: Shu Uemura hard formula pencil no.9
eyeshadow: Shu Uemura 'MonShu' wine palette
eyeliner: Maybelline eye pencil in brown

Next is your eye makeup.
Stick to the natural 'no makeup' look. Don't be triggered by those ridiculous South Korean celebs eye makeup. They put on eye makeup like that to perform, to act for your entertainment, and to sell their sponsor's product also! LOL
Ulzzang makeup is known for that volumed eyebrows, earthtone eyeshadows, and brown/black eyeliner.  Suit your eye makeup with your eye shape, or your desire.

Be playful on eyelashes. You can put on natural ones, or decorative ones..

it's Edward Bess Compact Rouge for lips & cheeks in Love Affair

As for the lips, please stick to classic simple makeup.
You can tint your lips, just apply your lipbalm, or if you gonna put lipstick on, choose 'stained lips' colour.  What's a stained lips?  It's the colour when we were baby. 

Dab some shimmering eyeshadow on your cupid bows, and then you're DONE!


fakelashes: D'Eyeko Natural Volume no. 110

I hope you enjoy this pictorial as much as I was putting makeup on this way..
Ulzzang style makeup really make my face looks more healthier, and natural.
For all this time, simple makeup tutorial that I read around Indonesian beauty blogging, has not really inspire me to follow them, because it's kinda not suitable for my face, and eyes shape.

ROSE paperlashes from makeuptoolshop.com

If you find this pictorial is helping you out, please leave a comment, or email me for the shy ones.
*wink wink*   Gomawo, annyeong~

::x::  Disclaimer:  all of the photos above are not filtered, edited. They are raw photos taken using my phone, Samsung Galaxy S2. Except the first photo from my Instagram, it's filtered in Valencia.




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Olla, beauty junkie!

Indonesia has been introduced with beauty boxes, where you buy/subscribe on their web, then you'll receive your beauty box every month full of cosmetic samples/fullsizes, the content may be different(not by much) for each individual depending on their beauty profile on the web.

Let's say if you're interested in makeup more, they'll give you makeup.
If you're interested in skincare more, they'll give you skincare samples.
Simple? Maybe. But it's a bummer we have to choose one of them. HAHAHA
(Coz betch, yo ain't gonna get everythin'! LOL)


My favourite beauty box so far is @thelolabox.
They are fast in delivery, the contents are focusing in beauty (inner, outter, & soul. They gave me voucher to spa, and therapeutic aroma-pouch last April! Such a treatment for my mental & soul health. LOL LOL)

So, in my July @thelolabox I got:
1) Click House voucher for underarm hair removal,
2) LUXOLA.COM 15% off voucher,
3) The Face Shop Nail Cracks nail polish voucher,
4) JUARA skincare samples,
5) Birtney Spears' RADIANCE EDT sample,
6) SLEEK eyedust 'ENVY' in fullsize,
7) The Face Shop Nail Cracks in white, &
8) hair thing(I forgot the name, but it holds hair flyaways/bangs).

I'm happy with my box..
The EDT is not fave scent though. It smells really weird on me.

The JUARA eyecream is the bomb!
I tried other eyecream, but they always gave me millia(those small bumps of oil/sebum on your inner rim of eyes/on your eyebags).
But this JUARA eyecream I can say is the best of those I've ever tried.
The moisturizing feels, the texture, the scent, are just suit me very well.
2 weeks of usage resulting smooth under eyes, but didn't give any effect on my dark circle though.
I need more sleep, I guess. >_<

Love the nail cracks. My mom like it, since I don't paint my nail that mucho. It makes home manicure looks more sophisticated.   :D

Gonna do a separate review on the rest of JUARA skincare samples, and the SLEEK eyedust.




FIRST IMPRESSION: Beaute Sublime (IRIS - ANGELICA) by L'Occitane en Provence

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Hi, people..!

I'm back with a first impression post.

I'm in my way to be a worshipper of L'Occitane en Provence cult. And if you're following my twitter/instagram, you'll know I love them so much.
I've been using L'Occitane Angelica range for almost a year now.
Especially the mask. Love it to the bits! Even my mom love 'em too!

And now, let's welcoming new additionals of Angelica family.
IRIS ANGELICA a.k.a BEAUTY SUBLIME range from L'Occitane en Provence..

Got this on 19th of July 2013 from @LOCCITANE_ID
1) Creme de Beaute Sublime in shade Medium, it's beauty cream (BBcream, full size in 40ml! Good start with a BIG containings, L'Occitane), &
2) Essence Sublime, which is serum (travel size).

Creme de Beaute Sublime
(photo: L'Occitane Indonesia)

 Let's start with the Beauty Cream.  I choose the Medium shade one.
I'm loving it..  It has SPF 30 in it, and giving a medium coverage.  The shade is bit of darker than my natural skintone, but it's still looking great on my face!
With SPF30, it's perfect for dewy/baby skin look in the morning before you're out active under the sun.
The smell is so fresh, fusion of White Iris flower, and Angelica Plants.  Flowery, grassy scent..

The claim of texture and shade in immediate period is TRUE!
Slightly thick texture, moisturizing agents and the pigments kinda separate themselves, so SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE!  It's a French typical complexion product, we gotta shake well before use.

Because this Iris Angelica or the Angelica range is designated for Dry/Normal skin, for oily combination like me, it's tricky!
You can use your Angelica matte fluid, or any kind of your mattifying moisturizer, then the BBcream.
Or you can use your mattifying makeup primer for better oil control after 4-5 hours of using this BBcream, because my face became oily after 4-5 hours usage.
Don't pile up moisturizer and makeup primer before BBcream though, it can cause makeup meltdown in a short period after application!


Essence Sublime
(photo: L'Occitane Indonesia)

Them ain't giving any goods but breakouts. GODAMMIT!
Because I love Angelica range so much, I decided to give it a try.

You know what?
The fresh scent, the quick absorbance, and the refreshing effect.. Oh boy~
It smoothen skin instantly, so the claim of immediate velvety skin is for real.
And it calms me with the scent, and it calm my facial redness/bumps after scrubbing as well.
After 2 weeks usage, I can notice my complexion became more radiant, smooth, and the skin gets plumpier.

That's all that I can say about this BBcream, and serum.
Gonna update you about them soon in my thorough review.  ;)