La vie Rouge Artist by MAKE UP FOREVER

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On June 13th, I was invited to attend Make Up Forever INDONESIA beauty event.  In the event, MUFE representatives were telling us about their Rouge Artist lips collection, the philosophy of the company, why Dany Sanz is so creative in formulating the products, and so on.

the brushes on my table
Rouge Artist lipstick testers on my table
The Rouge Artist Intense range's stall
Rouge Artist Natural range's stall

Basicly, the Rouge Artist Intense range is on the market since 2008(if I'm not mistaken), but lately they threw another one, the Rouge Artist Natural by the mid-end of 2011. 

Rouge Artist Intense[I got the Satin Fuchsia]
Rouge Intense Natural
WHAT'S SO SPECIAL in these lipstick?  Well, as you know, Make Up Forever is here for us, makeup junkie for daily use, with the quality where it's intended for professional use!   That's why Rouge Artist is so famous, with the ingredients 50% MORE pigments than other makeup line's.  BUT there is a difference, where Rouge Artist Natural has more moisturizing ingredients than Rouge Artist Intense, that's why the Natural ones are more sheer in color.

After the introductions, and explanation by the representatives, I gotta play with those colorful makeup, yes? OF C-OURSE!  I paired up with Stephanie Nangoi..  Too bad I was too excited and forgot to take pictures.  YOU CAN CHECK HER POST ABOUT IT -- HERE!

@gabbypali  @christanath  and me
The goody from the event
the goodies that I got

To close a lovely event, we were invited to join the representatives to have some drinks at KITCHENETTE, Plaza Indonesia.  

WICKED ELIXIR cocktail, Summer-something

Phanie and I had the chance to chat with a representative, she's telling us Dany Sanz is a perfectionist, and a very humble person.  She began her career as a painter, then paint people face/body for theater, people love her work where she always work with her own methods and 'stuff'.  She always came up with new formulation 'stuff' to put on actors/actresses, where the makeup she put on "pop" at the stage, and the other makeup artists are interested in her 'stuff'.  She had a underground lab to find the right formulation of makeup.  And by many request, she began selling her own makeup line in 1980's..

The story makes me adore Dany Sanz more!  She is my 1st makeup artist idol, then Rae Morris, then Samantha Chapman, then Wayne Goss.. >_<  but my mentor still gonna be Kevyn Aucoin..  He was a genius, and true artist for me. 

That's it for now.. See you on the next post, OK?  *kuss kuss*



  1. I am so envy with u.
    Saya pencinta mufe ;)
    Hampir smua makeup ku mau aq ganti mufe neh hehehe

  2. Kattie: I see.. Well, envy as you please. LOL
    The one that I love the most is MUFE HD set that I got from Fashionese Daily. And their Aqua family, and Rouge Artist, and their brushes, and the face n body, AAARGH! STOP ME! I love them ALL! >_<