Etude House SKIN MAL-GEUM in Fresh

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Annyong Haseyo..?  Oren Maniya..
(HI, howdy? It's been a while..)

OK.. Imma review about Etude House's Skin Mal-Geum, which is a skincare line consist of toner, and moisturizer.  Didn't buy the moisturizer though. Had tried the moisturizer in sample size. Well, it's nothing to compared with the cheap-ass Hada Labo moisturizing lotion.  HAH!

So, I go for this Oil Control toner, Skin Mal-Geum in Fresh.
In Korean, it's called Se-Khin Mal-Geum Phi-Ji Khon-The-Rol(oil control).
HAHA I knooow.. Sounds funny. But I love speaking in Korean. It's.. Arousing. LOL *weird*

I bought this, because I'm tempted by Phanie's post about it.  
CLICK HERE to read what she said about another variant of Skin Mal-Geum.

Etude House Skin Mal-Geum in Fresh
When the first time I tried the sample, I've fallen for the smell.. It smells so good!
I'm not a skincare junkie or something. And I'm kinda LAZY to put on some products on my face.

This toner helps me to minimized my pores, clean those oil on T-zone, and moisturizing (a little) at the same time.
Well, in other words, generally, toner preps your skin before you put on any face product.

"Mal-Geum" is the Korean word for cleanness, clarity, and pureness(or purity? is there such word? mmkay..)

I usually use this toner to prep my skin before makeup, works on my oily eyelids as well.
Most of the times, I use this toner to wipe off the excess mask when I'm using my L'Occitane Angelica Instant Hydration mask.

OK. So..


I AM..
*Angelic pose*



  1. Endiiii, always love your short and to the point reviews~ Btw, kapan2 bikin video bareng yuks.. ^_^

  2. Endiii.. Kemarin beli berapa harganya ya?
    Dibanding Hada Labo gimana?

  3. Phanie: ci Phanie.. looking back at it, it's more like a report rather than a review. HAHA it's too short.. HAYUUUK! Kita bikin pidio bareeng.. Nanti kita LINE buat cocokin jadwal yaaak~ >_<

    Cilla: ci Cilla.. Maren akuh beli kalo ga salah >200rb. Lupa tepatnya berapa. Hada Labo ga coba toner-nya sih. Cuma kan Skin Mal-Geum ada moisturizer-nya, aku lebih prefer moisturising lotion HL dr moist si SM.