REVLON AGE DEFYING Cream Makeup ft. ORIFLAME Perfecting Face Primer

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Do you know what aged you? OXYGEN.  

Do you know why you got those fine lines on the eyes? Prolly too much smiling/laughing, or wrong finger movements on placing/removing contact lenses.

Everybody WANT to look young.  What's so scaring are nowadays' stresses, pressures, unhealthy lifestyles/diets, and humidity can age our body out SO FAST!

That's why, all of the beauty brands are racing to invent the most sophisticated anti-aging products.  From gold, to diamond. From bird's feces, to lamb's placenta. From rice, to soy-milk extract. Most of them are invented within very high cost.


It doesn't mean there isn't any affordable anti-aging products. Let me introduce you to the latest REVLON's Age Defying makeup product in Indonesia.

REVLON Age Defying Cream Foundation
This cream foundation provides medium to full coverage, with the benefits of anti-aging agents in it that call as DNA Advantage. Containing Dimethicone[silicone like stuff], lots of glycol-something something, Cotton extract[that's why I can feel my face smoothen out after apply this foundation on], AND Titanium Dioxide[which is a SPF agent, maybe the NAY factor for some of you, because it whitecases your face on photos, but no biggy for me]. 
Obviously, when it comes to anti-aging products, it should have a creamy texture.  Cream/grease diffuse into skin, make it plumper, and slightly conceal the fine lines on the face. 
MY MOM LOVES IT!  My mom is 58 years old, pale face, with wrinkles on the face. I got the 'Honey Beige' shade, which is warm enough for my mom to look younger. TOO BAD mom doesn't want her face appear on my blog. >_<
Blend effortlessly on the face, even without primer/moisturizer beforehand.  Has micro glitters[mica] in it, but it's fine since it doesn't appear obvious.

The thing that NAGS me & my mom so much is the smell! Oh, dear god.. Never experienced any foundation with weird smell like this one. Smell like laundry that just dried after a 4-days nonstop raining/stale tap water/plastic/resin, only god knows what's that smell. 
DO NOT apply close to your eyes. Dunno why, it irritates my eyes.
Afterall, my mom loves it. What can I say? And old Chinese proverb says: LISTEN TO MOTHER'S SAYINGS.

So, to neutralize the nagging smell from the foundation, I apply Oriflame perfecting face primer.

Oriflame Beauty Perfecting Face Primer
This silicone based face primer is the new name of the old Oriflame's face primer. LOL  It's obvious because I recognize the smell. I used to use the old one[the one with the deep violet cap on it], so it's just like dating an ex with the very different outfits!  Watery-lotion-like consistency, a very small amount of it is enough to prime the face, because too much of it can cost you lots of time to wait until it dry.
It has the mild apricot smell, and giving a smooth face before applying the foundation on.  A not that bad face primer, but not a better one either. So... If you don't wanna spend big, consider this one though.

my bare cheek[notice the zits, and discoloration on my apples?]
prime my cheek with Oriflame face primer
VOILA! The cream foundie cover the redness of zits, and correct the discoloration.

Convinced to try it out?   
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The foundation is sent by @REVLONid for review purposes, by the recommendation of @stellalee92.
And the primer is given by @phanie14  as a gift.