3rd Week Of School - Puspita Martha

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3 weeks had passed.

This week, and next week are not my forte at all!
It's hairdo week.


On the 3rd week, I learnt to teasing hair, and style it to be 'faux mohawk'.
Not only doing faux mohawk, I also learnt how to 'french twist'.
We can look for hair tutorials in youtube or where else. But I cannot touch JUST anybody's hair.
I just can't touch a model's hair that is dirty/sweaty or worse, hair which being bugs' lair[kutuan]. EWWW!

So glad that my models had the intentions to wash their hair before my class began. So I just have to blow dry their hair, and proceed to tease them.
But on Friday, I got a model which hadn't wash her hair since yesterday!
EWWW! I can't.. I just can't describe my feeling at that time.
And I don't want to waste my dry shampoo on them either. HAHAHAHA

I didn't take photo that much for the 3rd week. Because I knew that I'm not that great of a hairstylist. >_<
So here you go..

French Twist

Although I'm not that great in hair department, at least I had lotsa fun in class! HAHAHA. Had lotta laugh too.. ^^,

And next week is hair curling session. I hope I don't burn anybody's head/ears/hair. LOL



6 HEARTS PRINCESS - Takashi Murakami X Shu Uemura

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I was invited last Saturday by Shu Uemura Indonesia for their bloggers gathering at LOTTE Shopping Avenue to show the bloggers its newest store concept, and as in the spirit of launching their latest HOLIDAY COLLECTION's products.

6 HEARTS PRINCESS by Takashi Murakami for Shu Uemura

Did you know that those 2 women on the photo above is THE SAME person?
Source: http://www.shuuemura.com/xmas/indonesia/

After experienced last year Xmas holiday collection of Shu Uemura in MonShu by Karl Lagerfeld, I'm curious & probably addicted to their next ones.
Was so excited about this new line. Because the palette not only containing eyeshadows, but it has one of the Shu Uemura's glow on[blushers] also!
Not just palettes, but there are also cleansing oil, eyeliner, UVUB, and others.

Source: http://www.shuuemura.com/xmas/indonesia/

Source: http://www.shuuemura.com/xmas/indonesia/

Source: http://www.shuuemura.com/xmas/indonesia/

Source: http://www.shuuemura.com/xmas/indonesia/

The concept of 6 HEARTS Princess
source: http://www.shuuemura.com/xmas/indonesia/

Let's talk about the new Shu Uemura store concept in Jakarta.
In Shu Uemura, they always say that: "Beautiful makeup starts from beautiful skin."
The highlight if we went to the store is their cleansing oil, and the famous UV Under Base. Then you'll find the face complexion products such as foundations, concealers, powders..

Next is the color bar. Eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushers, lip glosses, palettes, eyebrow pencils, and eyebrow mascara.

If we step into their counter, there's another color bar.

In the middle of the counter, a stall of 10 boxes displaying their 10 most famous products in the world!
  1. Cleansing oil,
  2. Tsuya Skin Essence,
  3. UV Under Base,
  4. Eyelash curler,
  5. Loose Powder,
  6. Face Architect Liquid Foundation,
  7. Eyeshadow,
  8. Glow On[blushers],
  9. Gel/Cream eye color(I forgot! >_<), and
  10. Unlimited Rouge Lipstick.

The highlight of the day were their latest collection.
6 HEARTS Princess by Takashi Murakami for Shu Uemura.

The event last weekend has a dresscode: PINK or BLACK princess.
I went for Black princess. HAHAHA..
And I won 1 of 2 prizes for the best dress contest. >_<

Ashley, and Nita as winners of Best Dress of the day.
Me, and Nita are hi-school friends! LOL

Via, Tia, and Ashley

with Dea[representative from Shu Uemura Indonesia]

Indonesian Beauty Bloggers

HAHAHA I was experiencing to be a girl in the real life.
5 inches of heels, tube dress, bra(and the stuffings), makeup, pantyhose, and wig. >_<
My appearance got people around me convinced that I was a girl. Even the security guards, and the taxi driver flirted with me! WTF..?!
I will immediately say NO for dressing up as woman, again. It's awful!
My feet hurt, and the wig! God, it's heavy, and hot.
But doing girl's makeup, definitely I'll say yes! LOL


That's it for now..
Will do a review soon for my 6 HEARTS Princess products.




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2 weeks have past since I got into Puspita Martha Beauty School..

The second week, we did makeup on models EVERYDAY!
We, students, have to pay for models(not professional ones of course) around Rp 50,000.- and the model stay from 9am to 4pm.
But, if we wanna invite our friends/family to be our model, we're allowed to. But talked to our teachers the day before.

A week full(well, got a day off on Tuesday) we were practicing Day makeup for 2 days, and Evening makeup for 2 days as well.
In Day makeup, we were only using 2 shades of eyeshadows to create a fresh natural look, only for the entire eyelids, and highlights.
For Evening makeup, we were using 3 shade of eyeshadow. For the eyelids, crease, and highlights.
It was all about learning to blend colors, and how to harmonize colors between eyes, cheeks, & lips.

For warm shades, such as bronze, copper, black, brownish yellow, yellow on the eyes, go for warm cheeks & lips as well (coral, beige, plumish bronze, nude brown).
Cool shades, such as blue, turquoise, emerald, purple, silvery pink, pink on the eyes, go for cool cheeks & lips i.e. pink, pinkish coral, peach, nude pink, sugar rose.

But, since I'm easily get hungry, after doing the makeup, I tend to forget took pictures of the results.
The pictures that I uploaded in this post are those that I snapped briefly before I fled to the canteen. HAHAHA

My fellow beauty blogger, Mukti Lim

My blog's silent reader, Anita Anisyah

So, if you girls want to join me in the class, and play with makeup, or hairdo, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
For next 2 weeks, it's hairstyling weeks!
From 11th - 15th of November, it's about teasing, and style the hair with french twists.
As for 18th - 22nd of November, we will be curling, and hot rolling the hair!
Be my model, learn the techniques, and enjoy the class!  IT'S GETTING MORE FUN EVERYDAY!

Let me know through email if you wanna join me in class:
Subject: "Model is ME!"
Attachment: photo of your current hair condition, and your present photo of the face. So I can determine weather you are suitable for the class or not.

Do not hesitate to visit the school!
Meet me at Puspita Martha, tour the classes, and join the big family of Puspita Martha International Beauty School.
Check out: www.puspitamartha.ac.id for the programes you want to choose.
Or call miss Kiky beforehand to make an appointment: +62838-9555-7232.





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So, Miss World has been chosen.
Next most anticipated beauty pageant contest is MISS UNIVERSE!


Source: www.missuniverse.com
Ms. Whulandary, contestant from Indonesia

Let's support Indonesia to be known worldwide!

Source: www.missuniverse.com

Ms. Whulandary fitting with the designer Billy Tjong

Source: www.missuniverse.com

Source: www.missuniverse.com



Beauty School - PUSPITA MARTHA

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I have been tweeting about me enrolling into a beauty school. And post photos about my daily school routine on my instagram HERE.

So, I joined PUSPITA MARTHA International MakeUp School since 28th of October 2013.
I am taking Fashion & Photography MakeUp CIBTAC Diploma programme.

source: www.puspitamartha.ac.id

The reason why I enroll into this makeup school is simple. As I going through makeup artistry business, my friends who are graduated from Puspita Martha is very neat in makeup.
I want to learn about the techniques, about the basics of makeup in a formal education.
I believe my self taught techniques have flaws, which can be perfected by guidance from the experts, and keep practicing in a school.

CIBTAC programme takes 4 months to be completed. Not too short, but not too long either.
But as this beauty school has established, and already running for 43 YEARS, I'm sure 4 months is really what it needs.

source: www.puspitamartha.ac.id
A creation of one of the teachers

I was unsure about the tuition fee. IT'S NOT CHEAP!
Rp 43,000,000.- for 4 months, it costs a fortune on tuition fee, and cosmetics, tools.
It doesn't include the daily models fee, the costume rentals fee, expat models fee for my final DIPLOMA examination, et ceteras..
But, my mom assure me, if I need it, then go for it. My parents help a lot! FINALLY..! HAHAHA
Mom, and dad were opposing me to pursue my makeup artist profession professionally.
They think I can't make it far. BUT I trust my gut.


Of course I cannot be this sure without my fellows beauty junkies!
You guys are the reason why I keep pushing myself to be better in makeup artistry/beauty industry.
Therefore, I thank you.. *bow*


If you girls want to help me out, and be a part of my journey in Puspita Martha beauty school, you can!

By be my model!

It's been a week now. Make Up school is either fun, or MORE FUN!
It keeps getting better each day.
I want you girls to be a part of my journey to the TOP! I need models, I need canvas to make it pretty.

What I am looking for:
  1. GIRLS age 17-39 years old,
  2. Willing to be at PUSPITA MARTHA MakeUp School (Jln. Kyai Haji Wahid Hasyim, belakang Sarinah, sebrang SINDO, dekat stasiun kereta GONDANGDIA) from 8.45 AM - 4 PM, and
  3. I need a nice canvas to work with, so your brows will be groomed(cukur alis) to achieve the required look.
If you are interested, and sure about the terms above, please email me  endifengmakeup@gmail.com

Subject: "Model is ME!".
PLEASE attach a clear close up RECENTLY photograph of your face, pretty please. ^^,

So, are you my model? :)

MORE FUN each day in CIBTAC October 2013 class.
Come and be a part of the fun in the class!
Trust me, you're not only be my model, but you also can learn about the tips and tricks in makeup FOR FREE from the experts!

Enough about the fun in this post.
Will update more!