Pout Post: MAC X Toledo Collection

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After reading Temptalia's review on Toledo X MAC limited edition collection, I'm hooked! I need to get my paws on some of that pretty lippies. And I did! Teehee~ Although it is sooo late for this collection to arrive on MAC Indonesia's shelf, but it was here! It is crazy, because the lippies are selling out so fast. And MAC Indonesia only stock up so little, so who's fast can go home with some of them.

I ended up bought Oxblood matte lipstick, Tenor Voice matte lipstick, and Sin lipglass(because Sin matte lipstick is sold out already! GAH. I know it's in the permanent line, BUT Toledo's limited packaging is EVERYTHING! *sad face*).

Source: Temptalia

Everybody seems to hate Oxblood, because it doesn't live up to its name. Oxblood in this collection is a peachy nude in colour. 

NOTE: This is my first encounter with MAC matte lipstick. My first thought is, IT IS GOOD! Now I know the hype behind MAC lipsticks. It is great product considering the price is lower than any retail lipstick that is pigmented, and fancy. Hate the flimsy plastic packaging though. But maybe that's why it is cheap(?).

Tenor Voice
Source: Temptalia

Tenor Voice is the bomb from Toledo X MAC collection lippies, in my opinion. It is a cool tone red which is great to decorate warm faces, like mine. Formula wise, Tenor Voice is better than Oxblood. I dunno why, but maybe because it's red. Oxblood texture is more 'cakey' on the lips, and when layered up it tends to crack on fine lines. Tenor voice is my go to lippie if I need statement lips whenever I wanna go out, for now. 

Sin lipglass
Source: Temptalia

And again, this is my first time using MAC lipglass. Not bad, MAC. People always complain that MAC lipglass/gloss is too sticky. HELL NAW! It's not that bad, at least for me.

Sin lipglass is great on its own, or on top of dark lip liner. I didn't expect much from a lipgloss, so yeaaaah it's ok. Not super awesome, but just OK. It stains my lips at the end of the day.


I have another Spring collection matte red lipstick from another brand. On the next post I will do a comparison between both lippies. If you follow my Instagram/Twitter, you prolly have known what brand it is. Stay tuned, pretty readers. ^^,

Lippie: MAC Whirl lip liner
Toledo X MAC Oxblood matte lipstick

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SkinAqua BB Cream

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Hi, beautiful people.

Time sure flies! It's JUNE already. 6 months to go to close 2015. WHOA~

Now, I'm back with another product review. 

Left: Perfect Moisture BB cream,
Right: Perfect Matte BB cream.
I am a BB cream craze since 3 years ago. It is really convenient for daily use. It contains sunscreen, moisturizer, and some of them have anti-aging/whitening agents too. Was sent the new addition to SkinAqua family skincare, Perfect Moisture BB cream, and Perfect Matte BB cream. To compare them, I applied halves of my face with each BB cream to show the differences.

Left: Perfect Matte BB cream,
Right: Perfect Moisture BB cream.
Perfect Moisture BB cream is designated for Normal - Dry skin people. But I found that it's too thick as a moisturizing cream, and not hydrating so much(if not at all). It exaggerates some dry patches, and fine lines. Has medium coverage, and will be patchy/cakey if built into higher coverage. With the heavier texture, it covers redness/blemishes nicely.

Perfect Matte BB cream is more for oily skin people. To cut off oiliness, the texture is more watery, not heavy, and gives light-medium coverage. As it's so light, it gives the perfect matte finish without looking cakey. It sinks into the fine lines though.

Overall, they are great alternative for a newcomers in drugstore range of BB cream. They are affordable as well! Rp 55.000,- for 20g of products(that is less than $5 US dollar). It won't oxidize crazily like another drugstore BB cream that turned into ashy or orange hue on the skin. It's yellow based product, it will cancel out redness, and fatigue signs that show up on the skin(paleness, or unevenness).

What I dislike from them is the smell, and they only have 1 shade for all. It will not look cute on you whose skintone are lighter, or darker than me. I am M.A.C. NC 30-35. 
SkinAqua is Rohto's babies. Like their philosophy in skincare(i.e: Hadalabo), they will not include unnecessary chems like fragrance, hence the unpleasant smell. It doesn't linger though, vanish when blended into skin. Be noted that these BB creams contain paraben. Make sure you take it off thoroughly after you're done with your day, as parabens will cause premature aging if exposed to the sun. I suggest double cleansing to make sure they are shasay away.

So, have you try them out?
Leave comment below to let me know.

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