Free Sample from VIVA cosmetics Indonesia

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So, last week I got a package from Viva cosmetics full of FREE samples(YAY for free cosmetics!). How to get one? Click HERE and SIGN UP as a new member, fill in your address, and you'll get the free samples within 5 days or a week(I didn't remember when I signed up).

Mine are a compact powder, duo eyeshadow palette, hand & body lotion, lipstick, eye&lip makeup remover, and under makeup moisturizer(pelembab).

So far, I LOVE the hand & body lotion, and the under makeup moisturizer. They both are great on my skin. I use 'em both on my everyday skincare routine now. However, the body lotion got that funny flower smell which I'm not a big fan of.
I give the body lotion, and face moisturizer 3 outta 5 star.

I test the lipstick on my friend's lips. From the tube, the red looks, well, tacky. And smells like flower. But when applied on the lips, it appears more natural. The red is so delicate and doesn't look tacky. I give the lipstick 2 outta 5 stars.

And here's the duo eyeshadow. The eyeshadow is not so pigmented. On the package it looks like golden, and orange-peach. But when I swipe it(THRICE) on my hand, it appears shimmering yellow-brown, and shimmering coral pink. I think it's not designed for professional use. Because when you build the color, it became cakey. But if you want a cheap eyeshadow for going to school/collage/office with a washed off colors, it will be your great choice. Just don't forget to use your fave eyeshadow base before you apply it on the eyelids. I give the eyeshadows 1 outta 5 stars.

Finally, the eye&lip makeup remover. It's not working its magic that well. When I use it to get rid of my eyeshadow, I got an irritation when it gets in my eyes. I hope Viva can work on the new formula with this product. I give it 1 outta 5 stars.

I can say, that Viva cosmetic is sometimes underrated. Their skincare products can't be that great, but for me it's an alternative with a very affordable price. I love Viva cleansing milk and astringent. A C-grade cosmetic line that giving a professional service in e-commerce(online shop), and giving free sample.
With Viva as the pioneer, I wish another local makeup brand will follow to do such thing too.



Fashion Make Up Artist based in Bali island

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For some photographer fellows & lovely models who are not originally or based in Bali, they are sometimes in trouble when it comes to find experienced makeup artist.

Well, here I am, providing this exotic Bali island's fashion industry with the touch of high fashion makeup. Since 2009 I've been in makeup world, and keep growing to collecting experiments and experiences in makeup.

"Missing Scenes", model: Winny Christy

"Thai Beauty", talent: Kwan

"Fusion Tribal", model: Andrea Gunawan

"Breeze Smoked", model: Marielle Landi Carter

"Colourful Psychedelic", model: Katie Stone

"Playful Psychedelic", model: Ellen Peters

There are differences between Asian models & American/European models that make each model's canvas(face) is unique to work on. Fashion makeup is very different from beauty makeup, because when you work on it, you have to peek to some beauty trends in fashion world & embrace your creativity on the canvas you work on.


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