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On 16th February, I got an opportunity to attend the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter launching in Jakarta.  By the way, Indonesia(Jakarta) is the first country in Southeast Asia that chosen by Revlon headquarter in US to launch this lip butter. OMG! I was so excited!

Thanks to @rahneputri because of her, I can get into the "Candylicious" event.. (^x^)

Me and @rahneputri

Okay. So, the event is attended by fashion & beauty bloggers in Jakarta. I got 2 vanilla scented Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter from the event. I got the 'cupcake', and the 'creme brulee'. Schveet!!

Basically, lip butter is used when you got a really dry/chapped lips. Even on the cheeks if the skin is sun/wind burned.
This Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter comes with a cute packing. The markets introduce you lip butters with pot/jar packaging, but this one is a stick! Shall we call it, lip-butter stick? LOL
And Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter contains:  Mango Butter,  Shea Butter,  Coconut Oil,  & Jojoba Oil. The oils & butters that we need if dryness attacks our face/lips.

Let's get started with the review, makeup junkies!

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter:  Cupcake
Cupcake.  1 ply, un-blotted.
Cupcake.  1st ply, blotted, powdered, 2nd ply, blotted.
Cupcake is soft pink color. But on my lips, it appears slightly purple/fuchsia. Anyway, it really reminds me of sweet strawberry buttercream cupcake frosting on the lips! It's glossy before blotted with tissue paper.
As you can see, the color of cupcake on first picture doesn't appear so vibrant. That's why I use blot-powder-reapply-blot trick(the result is on the 2nd picture). If we blot this lip butter, we get rid of the excess oil that can cause over-moisturizing, but leave the pigments, which is pink in cupcake, on the lips.

The second one is Creme Brulee.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter:  Creme Brulee.

Creme Brulee.  1 ply, un-blotted.
Creme Brulee.  1st ply-blotted-powdered-2nd ply-blotted.
This creme brulee is a caramel color on my lips. It compliments my natural lip color. On the packaging, the color is really portraying the crispy baked sugar on top of the creamy delish dessert. LOVE IT ALREADY!
It's my favorite lip color so far.

Well, lipbutter contains of moisturizing agents. Don't over moisturize your lips, otherwise it'll shrink in a bad way.

As I haven't been get rid of my dead skins on my lips these few months, and I frequently too lazy to put on vaseline/lip balm at night before I go to sleep, my lips became dry. AND, this lip butter does the magic, no kidding! As I removed it from my lips with makeup remover, the dead skins got ridden off of my lips as well. And it really leaves the lips as soft as the lips been scrubbed. WOW!
This product is as irresistible as you are, indeed! I've proven it. Now I can't go out without my creme brulee.

So, have you got your own sweet, makeup junkies? My advice: YOU SHOULD get one of these Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter!
Let me know if you have one, okay? Let me know what you think of it.  TWEET ME!


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Fashionese Daily's 5th Anniversary #FOTD Contest

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Fashionese Daily is holding a makeup(Face Of The Day) contest(13th - 22nd February 2012) in the spirit of celebrating its 5th Anniversary this month, with a theme: COLORFUL

You know me.. I always play with colorful makeup, especially when I'm challenged! HAHAHA

Here we go...

inspired by Vivienne Westwood's Red Label show

Rainbow Acha-Nehi

modern cat eyes
And I post some of my previous artwork that are not deserved to be called 'face of the day', so I'm not gonna post it in here. LOL

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HOW-TO Prep Your Eyes

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Lotsa girls tell me(even myself) that they got problem with mascara smudging on the lids, and eyeliner tore off because the greasy eyelid! YES, eyelids can get greasy too.  I want to show you guys how to apply mascara and eyeliner on myself, even on my clients.

prep with eyebase and foundation
  • Step 1:  Clean your face! You can use your choice of cleanser, and use your toner/astringent. Make sure your eyelids is out of dirt.
  • Step 2:  Apply your favorite eyebase on the lids, apply it sparingly, just so your makeup you put on won't crease.
  • Step 3:  Okay, some people think that apply foundation on the eyelids is wrong or unnecessary. TELL YOU WHAT? There's even discoloration between your eyelids and the area around brow bone, and some people have that reddish/blue-ish vein appear on the eyelids. Beside, the foundation give you the nice canvas you need to color your eyes.

powder the eyelids
  • Step 4:  Lightly powder your eyelids. Here I'm using my blending brush to do it. But you can also use your 4th finger lightly swipe over the lids.

apply eyeshadow
  • Step 5:  Put on your favorite eyeshadow. But on daily basis, I love this soft washed out color. With the eyeshadow on my eyes, you can see that I got a flat eyelids, and now I got pop from the eyeshadow.

put on the mascara
  • Step 6:  Put on your favorite mascara, girls! I love mascara, it makes my eyes appear alive.  Remember, the way to put on the mascara is WIGGLE-FLICK OUTWARD.

comb your lashes
  • Step 7:  COMB YOUR LASHES!  After every single application of mascara, make sure you comb your lashes to avoid clumps. So, after combing your lashes, you can always put some more coat of mascara on the lashes. Just remember to comb your lashes after every application!

  • Step 8:  Put on the eyeliner. As you can see, mascara just give you what your eyelashes can do to define your eyes. But with eyeliner, you'll get the dramatic look instantly. (BTW, you don't have to apply eyeliner that thick. LOL it's just a demo for you to see the difference of mascara alone, and with the eyeliner on.)
  • Step 9:  Wipe of the dirt from your face with face wipes/baby wipes.
  • Step 10:  Finish up your look with the face makeup as you always do(foundation, powder, contouring, blush, lip colors)

finish look

I hope it helps you girls with eye makeup smudging from mascara and eyeliner. Let me know if you find it helps you out!


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Have A Lovely Valentine's Day!

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So, as we all know, when the Valentine's day come, malls, billboards, even people will dressed in PINK!
Not that I hate pink color, but it's kinda tricky if it comes to makeup(eyeshadow as an example). If you don't know about what shade to mix/compliment it with, you'll ended up looking sick. YOU DON'T WANT IT THAT WAY, RIGHT?!

So, here we go, as I will give you some tips on HOW-TO-MAKEUP-FOR-VALENTINE's-DINNER-DATE!  I decided to take some retro 'socket lining' in it. 

 I apply Vaseline Man oil control moisturizer on my face, Banana Boat lipbalm before I put on any makeup.
Then, I prep my eyes with Au Beau eyebase, & Sari Ayu liquid foundation in Sawo Matang.

Heavily apply creamy eye pencil/kohl in your inner rim of your upper lashes, and  SMUDGE OUT!
Then, from now on, you have to imagine what I'm telling you right now. HAHA

  1. Take shimmering washed pink eyeshadow, apply it ALL over your eyelids to the under brow bones,
  2. To compliment my green eyes(I'm using contact lenses), I put on shimmering grey-lilac on the center of the lid, then blend out,
  3. To draw socket line, and create crease, I'm using small dome brush apply glittery midnight black on the outer-V area, and blend in.
  4. I apply 2 coats of mascara on my upper lashes, and put on the lash extender cils(small fibers to make lashes look longer and thicker), TO SET the cils, I put on a loyal amount of 2 coat mascara again,
  5. Wipe away fall out cils on the cheek with face wipes, or you can use your fan brush to brush it away,
  6. Put on eyeliner(I'm using gel eyeliner, liquid will do just fine too), remember, start with thin line in the inner corner, then thicker towards the outer corner of the eyes(in my case: hooded eyelids, I have to put thicker in the inner corner to make it look alive),
  7. I put on foundation on my face using stippling-buffing brush, I'm wearing Sari Ayu liquid foundation in Sawo Matang, mixed with Revlon PhotoReady liquid foundation in Golden Beige,
  8. For the under eyes dark circles, Maybelline concealer in sand, set with clear smooth compact powder in natural, 
  9. For contour my cheek bones, temples, and the half moon forehead area, I use Bobbi Brown bronze powder, apply with angled blush brush,
  10. Subtly put on NARS 'desire' blush on the cheeks,
  11. Apply nude lipstick of your choice, don't wear a bright lips on it, as we want to create a lovely evening, NOT for a show. Beside, if I were you, I won't wear red lips on a dinner date. As it will smear all over your partner's lips as you both kiss!
    washed shimmering pink, STILA

    Armando Caruso foundation brush
    grey-ish lilac, DIOR
    glittery midnight black, DIOR


Happy Valentine's Day!
details on eyes and lips

Anyway, do you girls know that I open a personal makeup class? For you who want to learn about Korean or Runway look..  For registration, and details, open this link: #dandanYUK




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GIRLS!  It's time for you to learn the easy way to achieve Korean look, OR Runway Look (the LV's Spring/Summer 2012). [ Saatnya buat kamu, perempuan, untuk belajar dandan bertema Korea, atau makeup Peragaan Busana (LV musim semi/panas 2012), dengan cara yang mudah. ]

my version of Korean Look

LV's S/S 2012.  source:

There are 2 modules that you can choose, because the class will be opened for 2 days! [ Ada 2 modul yang bisa kamu pilih, karena kelas akan dibuka untuk 2 hari! ]
  1. Daily makeup, AND Korean look :  basic knowledge on foundation, how-to-powder your face, tips & tricks on your daily basis skincare. [ pengetahuan dasar untuk alas bedak, cara pembedakan yang benar, tips & trik-trik untuk perawatan wajah sehari-hari ]
  2. Party makeup, AND Runway look :  basic knowledge on applying false lashes, different techniques on how-to-shade your face, all of all, it's about vamp up the runway look to be wearable at parties.  [ pengetahuan dasar untuk pemasangan bulumata palsu, beberapa teknik yg berbeda untuk shading muka, intinya, supaya dandanan peragaan busana bisa diaplikasikan untuk pesta-pesta ]

Those modules will learned by you in a fun, and perky way! Tools and cosmetics ARE NOT included in the class, I want you girls know how to do makeup with your own kits. Each class will be 3 people, and max 5 people (each person will get free lunch, free false lashes, and a chance to win a prize!)  [ Modul-modul di atas akan kamu pelajari dalam suasana yang asik, dan menyenangkan! Alat-alat dan kosmetik TIDAK termasuk dalam kelas dandan ini, saya ingin kalian tahu cara-cara mengenakan makeup dengan peralatan-perlengkapan yang kalian miliki. Tiap kelas akan ada 3 orang, dan maksimal 5 orang (tiap orang akan mendapatkan makan siang gratis, bulu mata palsu gratis, dan kesempatan untuk mendapatkan hadiah!) ]

  • WHERE?  --  as always, it'll be at @CoffeeCabins
  • MAP to @CoffeeCabins
  • WHEN?  --  the Daily & Korean Look module will be on Friday, 2nd March. [ Modul Pertama:  hari Jumat, 2 Maret ]  |  the Party & Runway Look module on Saturday, 3rd March. [ Modul Kedua: hari Sabtu, 3 Maret ]  ALL CLASSES START AT 11 AM [ kelas mulai jam 11 siang ]
  • HOW-TO-REGISTER?  --  each class charges you Rp 250,000.- and will be paid at least 2 days before the class YOU CHOOSE begins.  |  Payment will be transferred to: BCA 5295000161 a/n  TJHIN BUN MOI. [ tiap kelas dikenakan biaya Rp 250,000.- dan dibayar paling lambat 2 hari sebelum kelas yang kamu pilih mulai. | Pembayaran dilakukan dengan cara transfer BCA 5295000161 a/n  TJHIN BUN MOI. ]  
  • I NEED A CONFIRMATION, PLEASE  --  after you've done the payment, please confirm it to me by tweet me, @endi_feng with #dandanYUK hashtag on it. Or simply e-mail me: with #dandanYUK on the subject. [ saya butuh konfirmasi kamu setelah melakukan pembayaran. Bisa kamu tweet ke aku, @endi_feng dengan hashtag #dandanYUK di tweet-nya. Atau e-mail ke aku: dengan subjek #dandanYUK. ]

This class is open because I know girls want to look at their best in every occasion, and some girls are really confused on how to apply blush, eyeliner, mascara, etc in the artistic way. So, LET'S HAVE FUN WITH MAKEUP, GIRLS! [ Kelas ini dibuka karena saya tahu kalau perempuan mau tampil cantik di setiap kesempatan, dan beberapa perempuan sangat kebingungan dalam memakai perona pipi, eyeliner, maskara, dan lain-lain dengan hasil yang indah. Jadi, MARI KITA BERSENANG-SENANG DENGAN MAKEUP, YUK...! ]