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L'occitane[LOX-EE-TAHN] was hosting a beauty event for beauty bloggers at Cafe Aria(Panin Building, Sudirman) on 15th June 2012 in the spirit of launching the NEW "Angelica" Instant Hydration Mask, Hydration Face Mist, and Exfoliating Gel.  Actually, the range of "Angelica" skin care was launched last year by having Gel Cleanser, Face Toner, Eye Roll-On, Milky Lotion, Hydrating Cream, and UV Shield in the family.

The Complete set of ANGELICA
Milky Lotion, Hydrating Cream, Face Toner
Exfoliating Gel, Eye Roll-On, Hydrating Face Mist
Instant Hydrating Mask, UV Shield
When I arrived at the Venue, @LOCCITANE_id representative, Jihan, greeted me and @Phanie14.  With Jihan's perky and welcoming personality, I like her already.. We, bloggers, can have hand massage once we're arrived, but I, shamelessly try out the ANGELICA skin care products on the table first. >_<  I knew I was attending a skin care event. So I went bare face from home. HAH! Take note, girls.. Teehee~

Quickly I pulled out my face wipe to clean my face, then I apply Eye Roll-On, followed by Milky Lotion, Hydrating Cream, and Hydrating Face Mist.

My first impressions about ANGELICA products:
  • It smells like fresh grass, but fade away few minutes later.  It's obvious because the products are from organic Angel grass(Angelica)'s water, and essential oil. But it's not an organic product though.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT!  Even I layered those skincare, I didn't feel like piling 'em up as I usually felt with the other skin care product.  It means this skincare line can absorbed into your skin INSTANTLY! 
  • MY FACE! My face feels hydrated without feeling greasy, the suppleness is superb!  My friends even can't stop poking my cheeks because it became so moist after I put them on.

We bloggers are served with some bites-to-eat.  And while I enjoying my dessert, L'occitane Indonesia's senior marketing manager gave us bloggers a presentation about Angelica.  

The reason behind this quick absorption is based on the philosophy of Angelica's life. Angelica's root can absorb gallons of water, then its capillary system quickly distribute the water from root to the body and leaves continuously, that's why Angelica can grow until meters just by counting the days. 

The best way to moisturize skin instantly is TO ENHANCE the synthesis of Aquaporins[it's our skin water channels which can circulate one billion water molecules between skin cells in just one second!].

And the reason why L'occitane choose Angelica as their nature source for their product:  
First, its water REFRESH our skin, and its water retention structure enable to lock moisture(by sophisticated tech, L'occitane succeeded to invent skincare just like its retention structure for our facial skin).
Second, its essential oil optimize, AND increase the synthesis of AQUAPORINS by 39%.
(Ummm.. DON'T GET CONFUSED!  I AIN'T RECRUITING ANY FOLLOWERS.. I got this a whole new knowledge from the event. I know... )

Angelica plant  [source:]
At the end of the event, I got hand massage & mini facial.  It's been a week since the last time I got my face pampered, SO... >_<

Hand Massage
Mini Facial [photo by @phanie14]
Do you see my face like, SHINING?  Angelica's Exfoliating Gel does its magic so well.  LO-O-OVE!  After I'm done with the mini facial, I can't even stop caressing my face(but due to hygiene reasons, I SHOULD STOP! >_<). 

The lovely BA that gave me hand massage, and mini facial

I will give another feedback for L'occitane Angelica product.  
Especially the Angelica Instant Hydration Mask!   




  1. noted endi.. next time bare face!!! hahaha..

  2. well, eye makeup only! Good beauty bloggers must have a good skin too!

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