FLAWLESS - DRAMATIC Makeup Class - December 2013

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Hi, everyone..

I'm hosting a makeup class next week!

Want to join me?
Only 5 seats available..!

Friday, 27th of December 2013
Time: 11.00 am - 03.00 pm WIB
Venue: Sabang16, Sabang (near Sarinah, Central Jakarta)
Fee: Rp 300.000,- includes lunch, goodie bag, and Sari Ayu makeup palette worth Rp 150.000,-

For registration, and more info, please email me



L'Occitane Year End Provencal Party

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Hi, guys..

Last saturday there was a festive-ful Provencal Year End Party by L'Occitane Indonesia.
Was attending the party with the lovely Phanie Nangoi from www.diaryofaproductjunkie.com

with Phanie from www.diaryofaproductjunkie.com

The party was so christmas-esque, and you can feel the holiday spirit in it as the year of 2013 is ending.
Standing ovation for L'Occitane Indonesia's team! They threw great parties for bloggers since 2012!

As I stepped in the venue, I was offered to get a hand massage. I immediately agreed to get one. LOL!
How can I supposed to reject a hand massage, using ALL OF L'OCCITANE HAND CARE?!
[Can not. I must get one! ^^]
There's a lovely display of various handcreams, hand & nail/cuticle cream, hand scrub, and hand lotion.
My favorites are the 4 Reins Rose hand cream, Shea Butter hand scrub, and Shea Butter nail & cuticle cream.

Breakfast platter @ Mama Goose, Panglima Polim 9

Before the event began, we had brunch together. Yum~

with the Fragrance Merchant
There was a fragrance merchant at the event. ^^
A fragrance merchant is a person who collect bases of fragrances, and create wonderful scents!

At the venue, bloggers were guided for a tour on the stations of L'Occitane collection.

Immortale Brightening series [whitening & anti-aging]
Angelica series [lemon: for oily combination, iris: for normal-combination, angelica: for normal-dry]
Immortale Divine series [richly moisturizing, & anti-aging]
Source: http://www.diaryofaproductjunkie.com/2013/12/lets-light-up-season-with-loccitane.html
source: http://www.diaryofaproductjunkie.com/2013/12/lets-light-up-season-with-loccitane.html
Source: http://www.diaryofaproductjunkie.com/2013/12/lets-light-up-season-with-loccitane.html
Shea Butter lip, and nail care products. And the Pure Shea Butter pot.
Source: http://www.diaryofaproductjunkie.com/2013/12/lets-light-up-season-with-loccitane.html
Men care and grooming products [love the Cedar X Oranger one!]
Premium boxes for premium gift wrapping for your loved ones

So.. L'Occitane as Premium Gift Station, they have a wide range of top-to-toe body care products.
They have baby & mom products, teenagers, young adults, adults, and men products.
They even have scented candles as well for your room!

After touring to the stations of L'Occitane en Provence collection, that was time for Gift Wrapping game. All of the bloggers are very busy with their wrapping activity. LOL
Messy as mechikaboolaaahhhh~ HAHAHA

messy table 

Anyway, check out the nearest L'Occitane boutique now!
They are having lots of interesting gift ideas for your loved ones as year of 2013 is ending. Christmas, and Hari Ibu are coming up soon!
Follow my twitter @endi_feng as for this week I am giving my gift idea of L'Occitane as well!
All of my gift idea are products that I've tested, and used in my daily life.

Alright, that's it for now..

Have a joyful year end, you guys..! (((SMOOCHES)))



Let's Join B Blog Indonesia

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B Blog hadir di Indonesia..!

Ada yang disebut selebtwit, nah, kita bisa juga jadi selebblog.
Dengan bantuan dari B Blog, jadi selebblog bisa lebih mudah~ ^^

Sebenarnya, arti dari selebtwit/selebblog sangatlah semu. Mereka bukanlah selebriti beneran, akan tetapi pengaruh mereka di sosial media dibilang cukup besar dalam mengkampanyekan/memperbincangkan suatu topik.

Dengan bergabung bersama B Blog Indonesia, kita bisa pilih mau mengulas produk sampel, makanan/restoran, event, aplikasi/web terbaru dari brands ternama!

source: http://www.diaryofaproductjunkie.com/2013/12/ikutan-b-blog-yuk.html



Bobbi Brown Indonesia ft. Beauty Treats Indonesia "Exclusive Bloggers Gathering"

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Last friday was my first encounter with Bobbi Brown Indonesia, and Beauty Treats Indonesia's representatives.

Fellow bloggers, and BBIndo & BTI representatives
source: http://instagram.com/beautytreatsina

Was very excited to be invited by Beauty Treats Indonesia to join their Bobbi Brown beauty workshop-slash-bloggers gathering event.
At first, I've never used much of Bobbi Brown products except for their famous gel eyeliner, and their Rich Lip Color which I've reviewed HERE.

one of the color display at the event
Amanda, BB Indonesia's makeup artist/beauty trainer, has the brushes collection which is VERY LOVELY..!
I wouldn't touch them due to hygiene issue, but I bet my traincase full of makeup, that the brushes are soft, and made the makeup application with ease.

This was what I got on my table when I got into the venue. A face chart, 10-step beauty pamphlet, and Bobbi Brown note.
I thought I gotta do the face chart like I had to in school. LOL  But I got no brushes with me, and the face chart was just more-or-less an illustration what we gotta do when we are planning to do on our client's face.

The dessert, tiramisu somethin' somethin'
the main course, grilled chicken somethin' somethin'
We gotta eat before we go cray-cray with the makeup, yes?
The event took place at Rustique Restaurant in Plaza Senayan, Southern Jakarta.
Got carried away by chit-chatting between fellow bloggers, Mirna [representative of Bobbi Brown Indonesia], Amalia [representative of Beauty Treats Indonesia], and Amanda the beauty trainer of Bobbi Brown Indonesia.
I forgot the names of the food that served to me. LOL!
So sorry, Rustique restaurant.. >_<

Amanda, the BB Indonesia makeup artist/beauty trainer][ was giving beauty demo
The before - after Au Naturel makeover

"I believe all women want to look like themselves, only prettier, and more confident." - Bobbi Brown

Base on Bobbi Brown's philosophy above, the makeover is just to enhancing the model's facial features.
I love natural/daily makeup. It doesn't change who we are, but perfecting our complexion, and with just a hint here or there of correctives made up.
This method fits female, and male makeup.

By the way, there's famous 10-Step beauty by Bobbi Brown:
  1. After the skincare was applied, corrector/concealer is applied sparsely with gently pat motion using concealer brush, focus on the undereyes first.
  2. Foundation. Swatch a few shades of yellow toned foundation on the side of the face, and check the colors in natural light. The shade that disappears is the right one. Use makeup sponge for spot-apply foundation. As for all-over coverage, apply and blend using foundation brush.
  3. Powder/bronzer. Set those concealer, and foundation using powder. Loose powder for a crease-free wear. To warming up/contour face, dust some bronzer over cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin using bronzer brush.
  4. Blusher. Choose a neutral shade blusher, dust it over apple of the cheeks while smiling. Blend it towards hairline, then downwards to soften color. *tips: layer a pop of bright blusher on top the neutral shade for a longer lasting look.
  5. Lipstick. Use our natural lip color as guidance when choosing our everyday lipstick shade. The most flattering shade usually will be darker than our lips.
  6. Lip Liner. For a more defined lips, line lips with lip liner after applying lipstick. Use a lip brush to soften and blend hard edges.
  7. Brows. Use eyeshadow and eyebrow brush for a natural looking eyebrows. Begin at the inner corner of the brow, and follow its natural shape using light, feathery strokes.
  8. Eye shadow. Sweep light color eyeshadow from lashline up to browbone. A medium/darker shade on the lower lid up to the crease.
  9. Eye Liner. Dampen the eyeliner brush if you're going to line your eyes using eyeshadow, or simply use the famous Bobbi Brown's Long Wear Gel Eyeliner. If you also happen to line your lower lashline, make sure the top & bottom liner meet at the outer corner of the eye.
  10. Mascara. Curl the lashes first, guys.. Intense black mascara for a dramatic look. Brown one for softer look. *tips: for clumps free mascara, brush from base of lashes to the tips while rolling the wand to separate lashes.
*okay, after read the 10-Step Beauty, breath.. INHAAAALE.... EXHALLLLLE...*
LOL :p

"Creating your personalized beauty routine is simple. All it takes is knowledge, a few easy steps, and the right products." - Bobbi Brown

It's the end of the event report, guys!
See you on the next post..

Best live-tweeters. Me and Jesslyn[white shirt]
Left: Mirna[Bobbi Brown Indonesia]
Right: Amalia[Beauty Treats Indonesia]
Source: http://instagram.com/beautytreatsina
Inside the goodie bag
Source: http://instagram.com/beautytreatsina



[REVIEW] Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color SPF12 in Bikini Pink

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Hi, guys..

Before you read further, I want to inform to y'all, this review is sponsored by MOPORIE.
So, if y'all haven't heard of this lovely online shop who sell ONLY authentic US cosmetics, you can visit her website on www.moporie.com or follow her instagram http://instagram.com/moporie


So, I was sent a lovely color lipstick in Pink by MOPORIE.
It's Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color SPF12 in Bikini Pink!
Not so sure about why it's called Bikini Pink, HAHAHA..
But, I will tell you why according to my experience using this rich-but-still-moisturizing lipstick for over 2 weeks!

First trial using the lippenstift (2 layers)

As you can see on the picture above, the color is kinda sheer on my lips, still with the hint of a very lovely pinkish blast.

The Bobbi Brown's cosmetics are based on her philosophy, "I believe that all women are pretty, without makeup. But with right makeup, can be pretty powerful."

Bobbi's believing that au naturel makeup is the best one for all of us. If you visit Bobbi Brown cosmetics counter, you'll find all the makeup is there to enhance or complimenting your beauty, not to create a whole another you.

Okay, let's take a closer look of my lips using "Bikini Pink" Rich Lip Color..

using Bobbi Brown's "Bikini Pink" Rich Lip Color (1 layer)
This pink lippenstift really enhancing my natural lip color.
My upper lip has that darky-dark tint. With a swipe of the lipstick, it's all gone, turning to a very lovely pink.
My theory of why it's called Bikini Pink is that it fits my natural lip color very nicely, like a bikini should be as fitting a body. LOL *silly theory*

Okay, endurance test..
On my lips, it lasted for 3 hours without eating/drinking. Reapply is needed for richer color.
As it's a moisturizing lipstick, it won't hurt for reapplyings.
I can totally ditch lipbalm for this lipstick. But of course you need to hydrate yourself by drinking water, and exfoliate your lips frequently[twice a week, I suggest] so that the lipstick won't crack on your lips.
For reappliance, don't forget to blot your lips first with tissue paper, so dirts and the previous appliance of lipstick won't budge your reappliance.


Alright, that's my review of the lipstick.
If any of you mention my name when you're purchasing on www.moporie.com in the checkout form, YOU WILL GET FREE SAMPLES!



5th & 6th Week Of School - PUSPITA MARTHA

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Hi, everyone..

Was really busy last weekend, so I had to postpone the 5th week report of my school activities.
Anyway, the 5th and the 6th week are the same anyway.
It's bridal makeup. But in the 6th week, we did the hairdo as well.. ^^
I kinda used to do other's hair now.
Although not that perfect, but I can cope with that. And I'm proud to show them to you on this post[not the details though LOL]. HAHAHA

So, here we go..

model: Nurma

Model: Lisa

model: Sheila

model: Fweegy

model: Alni

It's the end of 5th week.
Now let's take a look on the 6th week's..

model: Yuda

model: Lisa

model: Lilyana

model: Alni

model: Sari

Ok.. Those are my makeup creation during the 5th, and the 6th week of school at Puspita Martha International Beauty School.

If any of you interested to take classes, or courses at Puspita Martha, here's contacts you can call:
  • miss Kiky:  +6283895557232
  • miss Elly:  +6281219240575

See you on the next post, guys..