Benefit Cosmetics On Luxola

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Hi, lovely readers..

I got a story for you about my favourite makeup brand, and online store.

I've been a loyal customer of Luxola since the beginning. At first, they were only selling few brands of nail polishes, makeups, and basic body care products. BUT now, nail patches, bath & body, faux lashes, etc you name it.
And what Luxola selling are ready stock products. No pre-order, no waiting for your order come to you by another 30-40 days. YAY for that!

Luxola was focusing on southeast/pacific Asia. For now, they even ship to United Arab Emirates, and Australia! 
They are growing so fast, they have their own warehouse now in Jakarta. 


One of my favourite cosmetic brand. Their makeup gives instant fixes with a dose of humour. It shows on their packaging, and their visuals.
And Benefit Cosmetics for the first time, and EXCLUSIVELY available for purchase by online on LUXOLA.

Do not worry, Luxola always selling authentic cosmetics. The authenticity is assured by BPOM labels that you'll find on every cosmetics products you'll receive.
Luxola respects the brands, and their customers by selling original products. No counterfeited goods you'll get on Luxola

Label BPOM

If you are clueless of how to purchase, or got questions for Luxola, go to their FAQ page[click here]. If you are still not get it, chat with their customer service on"Chat with us!" pop up on the web, or call +622129043652.

Shopping at Luxola is always a great experience. The services are great, the delivery takes only 1-3 days for JABODETABEK area (2-6 days for another Indonesia area). Free delivery service for purchase above Rp 200.000,-!

Not only that, you can find lots of promotion going on Luxola. They will give us "Promo Code" for certain promo in a period of time. So, don't forget to subscribe to their newsletter, and get updated for their offers.

At the cart page, you can spot "PROMO CODE", and below that there is "LX POINTS BALANCE".
It is a part of Luxola loyalty programme. For every purchase of Rp 9.000,- you will get 1 point in your account. And when you review a product that you've purchased in Luxola, you'll get 10 points.

By redeeming 100 points, Rp 50.000,- will be cut on your total purchase. SO COOL, I KNOW! It makes me coming back everytime, because I'm a sucker for promotions, and rebate. Teehee~
It also feels more convenience than having to rush the traffic, and shop at the mall. Free delivery, promo code, and redeem points. Fast, no transport fee, and fuss free.

And the payment method you can choose by credit card, bank transfer, or Cash On Delivery(limited area coverage by this method).

The packaging is so neat! It came with bublewrap on the products, and the envelope to store the products also made of bublewrap! 
Any other online store on Facebook, or Instagram, it will only coming to your door wrapped up in newspaper or envelope.

I bought Benefit They're Real Mascara in colour Beyond Blue, and Benefit Blush Booster Majorette.
And I am loving them. The mascara lengthen while giving the right volume to my lashes, and the Majorette can be used on its own as a cream-to-powder blush, or as a booster for another powder blusher with a coral-orange tint.

Blue Lashes, Coral Cheeks <3
For my readers who are living outside Jakarta, you can easily buy Benefit Cosmetics on Luxola now.
Authentic products, free delivery, and lots of promotions! You can even redeem your points for next purchase. HUWAAA~

Are you a Luxola customer?
What are your thoughts for their services? 
Let me know on the comment below. And I wish you have great experience with them like I have. ^_^



Pout Post: MARC JACOBS LoveMarc "Roleplay"

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Hi, lovely readers..

Another day, another pout post.

I want to spread my love for this particular shade of Marc Jacobs Beauty LoveMarc lip gel, Roleplay.
This is a very pretty pinky nude shade.

Marc Jacobs Beauty lovemarc lip gel in the colour "Roleplay"

The packaging is sleek, all black. Classy AF!
And the cap is magnetic as well. Whenever I close it, the satisfaction & assurance that the cap won't come off is real.

As for the texture, it is moisturising. Glides like butter on the lips. And this lipstick doesn't accentuate liplines. It makes the lips look so smooth. 
The longevity is mediocre for this lipcolour. But I won't mind reapplying this fancy lipstick on public. Teehee.

Marc Jacobs Beauty lovemarc lip gel in the colour "Roleplay"

The colour is sooo pretty. It's not too pink, that make you look sick.
It is perfect in between pale pink-nude colour. 
On the swatch photo above, I outlined the lips using Make Up For ever aqua lip pencil 14C. As this lipstick bullet doesn't have the sharp edge, lipliner is needed for crisp lip swatch. :))

Have you try out any Marc Jacobs LoveMarc lip gel?
What do you think for this one? Do you love the colour? I know I do..



Pout Post: STIKS COSMETIKS Lipsticks

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Hi, lovely people..

Long time no see. How are you?
I hope you are all well. 

I am back with another lipstick review & swatches on STIKS COSMETIKS in Mauve, Burgundy, & Nude colours.

source -
I bought mine from PADUSEE on Instagram. If you are living in Jakarta, Padusee is your destination to shop hip cosmetics, with great pricings! She carries high-end brands, & US indie brands.
Because I bought the trio, I got a case which can accommodate the three lipsticks. Cute, no?

Although the packaging looks so sturdy, metal like casing, but it turns out like another cheap lipstick. The casing is made out of plastic. BLAH. With $50 for 3 lipsticks, I expect more from that. 

With price range that competing MAC's lipsticks, the formulation & colour payoff are far from it. Especially the Nude colour. It is patchy, and dry. I have to outline my lips using darker nude colour to make it look livelier, otherwise I will look ill.

Stiks Cosmeticks lipstick in 'Nude'
To get the opacity & evenness of the Nude colour, I applied more than 3 plies on the lips(maybe around 5-6 plies). The most patchy nude lipcolour I own so far. And I outlined the lips using MAC 'Whirl' lip pencil on the swatch photo above.
I don't like this one. Maybe people with lighter skintone than me can rock this kind of pale nude on the lips. I looked ill when wearing this.

BUT! The darker colours are like hidden gems!
The Mauve & Burgundy colour are gorgeous. No kidding. The formula is smoother, glides on the lips easily. Opaque in 2 or 3 plies of application.

STIKS COSMETIKS Lipstick in 'Mauve'
STIKS COSMETIKS Lipstick in 'Burgundy'
Because the lipstick bullet is slanted with sharp edges, I need no lip pencils to outline the lips for these 2 colours. My swatches may not portray the real colour, my lighting washed away the colour. 

The Mauve colour is my personal fave. I only need to apply 2-3 plies to get the opacity. Definitely the formula is better than the Nude colour. I don't know what's wrong.

Mauve & Burgundy are great for fall too! Have you try them out?
If not, you might want to grab the darker colours.