Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial

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Hi, everyone!

Been very busy with works, and school in January. Didn't post any update lately.. But I'm back now! ^^,


I'm gonna give you an easy peasy makeup tutorial for Valentine's day.
Actually, you can do it for any occasion, really.
Valentine's day is approching, so why not? Teehee..

First, prep your skin.
Because I got dry skin lately, I skip mattifying face primer, and stick to my usual skincare routine(toner, serum, moisturizer).

Even out skintone or any discoloration on the face using my mattifying liquid foundation, I don't cover up some of my flaws, like dark spots. I think it's what make you look attractive, flaws make us look like ourselves. LOL
Shu Uemura Face Architect #764

Brighten up under eyes, cover up eyebags, make sure we look awake/fresh when we're having a date! 
Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener in Med-Dark Bisque.

Whip on you highlighter! A touch of highlighter that contain fine milled/size of shimmerings help you shine bright on photo, in a good way though. If you decided to put on powder highlighter, you better do it after you set your foundation using powder, or it'll become blotchy. NG! Not good..
Apply it on your forehead, brow bone, just up your eyebrow, upper cheek bones, cupid bows, and chin if you have a short chin like mine.
Bobbi Brown Face Highlighter Pen in Rose.

See my face shining bright? Thanks to face highlighter! ^^
Start your makeup by framing the face, shape your eyebrows.
Lots of girls ask me of how to pluck/raze their eyebrow by their own. I don't reccomend it! Seek for a professional's help to do it! Not because of it could be an epic fail if it's done wrong, but makeup is about enhancing one's facial feature so when you see something wrong with it, then everything goes WAKWAW.. N-G!
Shu Uemura Hard Formula no. 9 serie 6.

To make your eyeshadow last longer, put on eyeshadow base first. I'm using a creamy eyeshadow pencil in a very sheer of champagne color. Apply it all over your lid, up until your eyebrows.
Because it's creamy eyeshadow, blend it quickly using finger before it sets.
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cashmere.

Get your dark eyeshadow. Don't play it safe, black is boring! HAHA.
Grab your darkest eyeshadow beside black. I used the Navy one. In this tutorial, I only using 1 color of eyeshadow(2 if the eyeshadow base count :p).
Don't take it wrong. Using only one color of eyeshadow can be tricky. Because if you blend it wrong, all hell break loose! [think panda eyes/that boy in Sadako's movie]
Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Navy.

Because I have droopy eyes, I extend my eyeshadow blendings a lil bit longer, and bleeding it out-up to give it a lifted effect.
Then take your pencil eyeliner, define your eyes. Don't forget to rim your waterline too. I swear, it'll make your eyes 'pop' more.
Urban Decay Glide-On Eye Pencil in Rockstar.

When in doubt, pinkish lips is the best choice!
Besides, plumpy pinkish lips or any other nudey color will make your lips look fuller, AND kissable. Gyaaa~ I know..
NYX soft matte lip cream in Istanbul.
Etude House Dear My Crystal Gloss 002.

Make your date focus on your eyes, and your lips.
So you don't have to slap on bright color of blusher. I use rosey lip & cheek tint just to flush up my complexion.
Be patient when you blend the eyeshadow, and when you apply your lippies.
 A good eye makeup, and a pair of lustful looking lips are the KEY for a romantic date. LOL.. JK!
For me, a good eye makeup, and a perfect lippies give power to those who sport it, effortlessly. So...
Benefit Benetint.

I always tend to use my mascara when I'm about to finish off my makeup.
It's my personal preference, I think.
I use this long mascara for the first time. Not impressed much by it.
I prefer a volumizing, and lengthening, with a formula that can hold up curls for a long time.
Dollywink Long Mascara.

Set your foundation, and any other liquid/cream product using powder.
Before I set it using my cake powder, I blot my face using blotting paper. So the face won't appear oily after powdering.
Maybelline Clear Smooth BBsilk cake powder in Natural.

Last but not least, define and lift up my chubby cheeks using a sculpting blush.
I choose that copperish peach. Apply it lightly on the lower cheekbones, from the ears, stop when reach under the outer corner of the eyes.
Coastal Scent 10 Blush Palette.

You are done! Well, not really. You gotta style your hair~
But I got no long hair.
I always quiff up my short hair for an important date.
OR put on some wigs, and choose that suit you well..

I like the middle one, the dirty blonde color. ^^
Which one you like most? TELL ME! :D


I hope it helps you girls who are still confused what to do with your makeup on Valentine's day or your date.
See you on the next post..



  1. ya ampun flawless banget bareface nya..ngiri :)

  2. the eyeshadow is very is subtle and pretty!your eyebrow is perfect~ love it!


  3. cakep banget ndi! :D happpyyy vals :*

  4. aku suka wig yang tengah kak, btw makeup tutorialnya membantu bgt, thanks ya :)

  5. Endi… bikinin alis kayak kamu doooong. Pengeeeen!!! Btw, ini Vellisa. Hehe.

  6. @Astri Sulaika : Haha.. makeup yang cantik, datang dari kulit yang cantik juga kakaaak..

    @Imelda : Thank you.. It's not perfect yet. I'm still learning. hehe. CHEERS!

    @miss Rhea : Gitaaa.. hehehe. Thanks. Happy val's day.. *hugs*

    @Mutiara Tanjung : Senang kalau tutorial singkat ini membantu kamu.. Iya, aku juga lebih suka wig yg di tengah. Lebih 'hangat' gimanaaa gitu. :)))

    @Vee Ingebrigtsen : Vellisa... Aku kangen! *hugs* ayok kapan ketemu lagi? Kita dandan bareng lagi..