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Hi, guys, and girls..

As you know that I love makeup very much. I even don't mind to spend most of my money on cosmetics, and beauty treatments.  I'm even addicted with shopping for beauty now, no matter the cosmetics are going to be used or not.

And in this post, I just realize that not all people in this world are keen to the idea boys putting makeup on. I can totally understand them, if they don't like it, and don't give a damn about it.
What hurts the most is they who are dislike 'makeup boys', and starting calling names, such: sissy, faggot, bencong, banci, and other hurtful words.

I, makeup junkie, can't help it if I want to put makeup on.  It's just giving me peace of mind, satisfy my urge, and emptying my mind kind of activity.  Like the other guys who like fishings, sports, drawings, flirtings, or even sexual activities.  You just can't help it to make you stop.  You do it because you love it, it gives you peace, it relieves stress, and whatever feel good.
But if it gets too extreme, like raping/killing/bullying people to make you feel good, DOG, YOU GOT A PROBLEM!

Not long ago, I got a comment from anonymous says: "najis lo bencong laknat! [you filthy faggot!]".  It had me shaking with rage!  Never in my entire life that other people sayings get into my nerve.  NEVER!  But at that damn moment, it had me shaking.  I feel sad, angry, but at the same time, it's hilarious!

The hilarious part is, it takes him or her THIS LONG to give me a comment like that. HAHAHAHA

I know, the idea of "makeup boy" is going to raise controversions, and nasty comments are not avoidable.  Aside of my sexual preference is my own damn business, it has nothing to do with my talent in makeup artistry!  You are not seriously thinking that every makeup artist, and hairdresser is homosexual, right?

As for my effeminate personality, it's just me.  Whatever people say, I will not change my perky personality.  I love it, and people who matter in my life, will love me as well.  As for my attitude, I've changed over and over for the sake of my future.  Not outgiving such annoying attitudes will make you live longer, and happier!  But I'm still 21 years old, what do I know about life yet, right? LOL

NO, I'm not pleading for you guys to stop giving me nasty comments.  NOOO..
Loathe me, or hate me as you want.  I won't give a damn anymore.
As for you, who are often considered as 'outcast', YOUR MOMENT TO SHINE WILL COME EVENTUALLY!
Everything is perfect in time.  Perfection won't come by shortcuts, but by hard work.
Let the narrow minded people who can only hurts your feeling by barking their way to the top.
Keep on doing makeup!
Put on your wigs, lash out those striking faux lashes!

Because, this is who I am...



  1. AGREE! no one can judge you, me or the others. WE don't need everyone to love us rite? Just be true who you are, We love youu maaak ! <3

  2. Endiii...
    Salam kenal ya dear...
    Those envious people talk bad about you simply because they're jealous of you, your life and your amazing talent.
    Tetap semangat berkarya, keep shining with ur stunning make up creations, keep inspiring! <3

  3. SHA AULIA : people judge, we're human. Let's say, we're not everyone's cup of tea. hihi.. LOVE YOU TOO!

    LAREN RENTURQUISE : iya, ini sudah sabar, Ren. hihihi. FIGHTING!!

    BLACKANCHOR : salam kenal.. I don't see them tobe jealous of me. It's just because I'm different, those brats think they're better human being. >_< Thanks for the encouragement! *smooch*

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  5. Hi, nice to meet you! :)
    I salute your attitude! You live not to please others, as long as you're happy, then you don't need to worry about anything else! :D You live an amazing life ^^
    I love your blog, you're really talented :D followed

  6. I love you Endi. You have such a strong personality. People have their own way to shine and you are great this way =) Confidence takes you higher, to another level.

    You are an inspiration <3

  7. ASTAGA NGAKAAAAKKK pas baca yang bencong laknat!! I'm so sorry I know it's very rude but just like you said it is so hilarious!! Hold your chin just up right, girlfriend. Those "manly" boys would never understand a thang about loving makeup feels like.