#VampyUlzzang Make Up Challenge ROUNDED UP!

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So many pretty ladies join this #VampyUlzzang makeup challenge!

OK, before I please your eyes with the submissions, I have to tell you this..

When you're into the challenges I threw, read my rules first.

There are few pretties who automatically disqualified because they didn't follow my rules on my previous post [HERE] regarding to this makeup challenge.


So, here's me camwhoring..  #shameless


And here's the QUALIFIED submissions














misspelled Vampy, but forgivable.  ^_^

OMG!  They all put so much effort for this makeup challenge!
I'm so.. moved..  :')  
*ok, don't puke.  But seriously, they did a great job to achieve #VampyUlzzang look*


And here's the DISQUALIFIED submissions

OMG! She looks so vampiry-mean-ahjumma.  >_<
She could have win this challenge(AGAIN) if she follow the rules!

No manual waterwarks on paper..
So sorry, dearie.  Next challenge, don't forget to follow the rules.  ^^,

The #VampyUlzzang on the sheet is edited by computer.  >_< Sorry Via~  Mian hae~
She's my candidate to win this challenge.  :/

Late submission..   :(

another late submission.  :'(


AFTER a very hard contemplation of choosing who's gonna win this challenge,
then here's the WINNER..



CONGRATULATION, Luna..!  Chugga-hae..!

And for YOU who didn't win this time, keep following me on Twitter, as I throw #popupquiz with makeup prizes on the random of times.  #evillaugh

OR, you can join my next makeup challenge with the prize of... hint: "EL"!   ;P

See you on the next post, guys!!



  1. Waaahhh Congrats @EunbixD !
    Now I can sleep in peace :P

    Anyway, Suka foto camwhoringmu yang kedua... XD

  2. selamat buat yg menang! >w<
    next time diusahain nggak telat lagi deh hahahaha XD

  3. congratsssss for the winner <3
    ditunggu challenge nya lagi yaa ^^

  4. cantik2 semuanya...
    salamt buat pemenang. :)

  5. congrats for the winner!


  6. baru sadar kalau aku salah eja..haha, makasih sudah dibolehin ikut kontes walau salah eja..

    selamat buat pemenang~

    next MUC kapan?ikutan lagi boleh kan ya? next hadiahnya Estee Lauder ya? asikkkk