Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup Intransferable SPF10

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I was given this product by Estee Lauder Indonesia for review purpose.
I'm not getting paid by, nor affiliated to them.


Hi, y'all..

I'm back with another product review. This time is about a foundation that I was eyeing for a long time already. It's Estee Lauder Double Wear liquid foundation.

Well, it's not the first time I experience with this foundation. I tried their previous one, the old formula one, and I didn't like them because it sets on the skin like immediately! No much time for blending, that's why..
But this new formula of Double Wear, I LIKE!

The packaging, glass bottle with screw cap, no pump.

I was attending Estee Lauder Indonesia event last month. And given by them this foundation, and I've give it a go for sometimes now. I like the result, it's not dead matte, yet not shiny either.
Love this foundation to even out my male clients' skintone. I usually mix this foundation with liquid bronzer to give me that healthy glow.

It has no pump to get the product out of its bottle. So you just pour it out, not too hygienic, and when not being careful, we can overpour/spill the product all over ourselves, or worse, on clients. OMG! #knocksonwood

Warm Creme 3W0
Me and digital iMatch device from Estee Lauder Indonesia

I got the shade 'warm creme'.
As in the counter, I tried their digital iMatch device, I got Tawny 3W1.
But can't complain much, this Warm Creme is very similar to my natural skintone as well!
Just a slightly lighter, that's all.
This warm shade has yellow undertone, which I love! And it doesn't smell so bad, because it's fragrance free, so it's just smelling like foundation. HAHA

Freshly applied
(taken with iPhone 5s front cam, no filter, collaged only)
As you can see.. This foundation is very lovely! It even out my skintone in just one layer! Looking oh so natural too..
I put on this foundation using a flat foundation brush, and not setting it using any powder/spray.
The hollow of my dark circle around the eyes are vanished, as well as the redness around my nose.

I probably will stock up this foundation in another shades. LOL
The texture and finish is almost the same as my all time fave, Face Atelier Ultra Foundation.

BUT, Estee Lauder one is intransferable! Yes, when I blot my sweat using tissue paper, the foundation still stick on my face nicely. Even when I had a call, the foundation didn't licked on my phone's screen! How cool is that? And it's without setting powder, imagine if I set it with powder, and setting spray, it'll stay on your face all day! I believe its claim that says it can lasts up to 15-hours of usage, sweat-proof, and even in a humid condition.

after 6 hours

Even when my face oiling up, the sebum seeping through the foundation, it's still looking good, yes?
Only vanish around the tip, and the edges around my nose which I caress when the dust bug me.
And around the mouth which I wipe to clean it from my lunch.

Ok. Tell me.. Do you like it?
Have you tried them out?