AQUA SHADOW by Make Up For Ever (quick review)

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You just gotta igniiite the liiight
And leeet it shiiine
Just ooown the niiight 
like the Fooourth of July
'Cause baby you're a fiiiiirework!
Come on show 'em whaaat you're wooorth!


(clear throat) EHEM!  Hai, makeup junkies.. It's July alreadeeeh!  Another semester passed by, which means, SUMMER IS HERE!  Woot! 
What's a SUMMER in your head?  Bikinis? [TSK! Boys!],  Sun Bathing? [yes! I'm preparing my tanning oil now!],  Lipstick bleeding? [vampire much?! It cry nightmare!],  Eyeshadow smudging/melting? [NOW you're talking about DISASTER! Unbelievable..],   BEACH? [do I hear: HELL YEAH?]..

Those all are classic Summer.  SO?  What's NEW?!

Here's  "What's NEW"!

AQUA SHADOW  by  Make Up For Ever
Make Up For Ever Indonesia has just launch the newest Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil "AQUA SHADOW".  As an additional item in AQUA family, it gives smudge proof, water proof, and long-lasting formula. BUT!  Dany Sanz gave birth to her Aqua Shadow baby with another benefits:
  • STAYS in extreme conditions!  Before it's sold publicly, MUFE had took its test during Miami fashion week, which we know, Miami with its heat, and humid conditions.
  • RESIST SEA-WATER!  Great news for you beach goers, who still wanna look pretty without too much makeup, just a little touch of this pencil on the eyelids, glide on the apples of the cheeks to give a hint of shine, and to hi-light the cupid bows for beach photoshoot.
  • RESIST CHLORINATED WATER!  Dayuuum~  Swimming pool photoshoot anyone?
  • COMES within 5 MATTE SHADE [Brown, Black, Green, Navy Blue, Taupe Grey],  AND  7 PEARLY SHADE [White, Pink Beige, Taupe, Copper, Pink, Peach, Beige].  -  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE COLLECTION

By this post, I wanna give you a quick review.. Check this out!

Freshly applied [3-swipes back and forth]
SEE..?  Very high pigmented!  I got the number 24E. It's pearly pink, sheen pink colour.  And you can build the colour up as you like!   AND, it's very creamy..

Smudge/rubbing test
After a few second, I rubbed it hard..  And the colour still, INTENSE!  :-O   OK, hold you jaws, wait for it..

After once rinsing, and 1 ply of hand sanitizer
I try to test the waterproof, and it's CHECKED!  And I apply my hand sanitizer, and well, it faded out.  But still you can see the hint of the pearly pink, yes?  SUPER!

(at the end of the day)  about 5 hours after being rubbed hard, twice rinsing hand, numerous plies of hand sanitizer
If Syahrini (one of the famous Indonesian singer) own this Aqua Shadow, all that I could imagine is her: "SE-SU-A-TU!" which means: "SOMETHING!",  or in other word "AH-MAZE-ZING!".

How could this Aqua Shadow isn't amazing?  By the end of the day, I still get the shine on my hand. Well, not that obvious shine, but you can see it right?  The picture was taken using flash-light from my phone though.  BUT STILL kinda impressing.. (*o*)

Last words?  Advice?

It can be blend easily with finger or dome eye brush.  And it says on the leaflet: LET IT set to the lids for a moment before BLINK to avoid creasing, and why?  Because when the product has set on the eyes, it's hard to get rid of it (TRUE THAT!), unless you use waterproof makeup remover to wipe it off.

And, because it's a waterproof makeup, make sure you prep your eyes beforehand, so the product can adhere on the eyelid, and last longer than you thought it would be. An oily lid isn't Aqua Shadow and any other waterproof products' best friend. You can read my step-by-step 'HOW TO PREP YOUR EYES'  in HERE [click me!].