Purple-ish FOTD

11:36 Endi Feng 3 Comments

Hai, makeup junkies..

It's my first time to blog from my phone. *excited*

So, I wanna show you a quick makeup that I did on my face to kill time. This FOTD(Face Of The Day) is supposed to show you the love that I have towards Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense number 36 in Satin Fuchsia.

Let's go..

 All of this pictures were taken by my phone, with low light condition, and flash on. Crop using photoscape app on my netbook, and added vignetting filters.  No editing/retouch.  Can't do it. Bzzz  -___-

Anyway, look at the face. I think the foundation white-cast with flash light on.  But actually look nice on my skin on mirror..  Sorry for the under eye, forgot to put on any concealer.

-  Sari Ayu cream foundie in the darkest shade for contouring cheek bones
-  Revlon cream makeup Age Defying foundation
-  Sari Ayu compact powder in Kuning Langsat
-  Bobbi Brown bronzing powder to contour jawlines

-  Illamasqua powder blush in Hussy

-  Au Beau eye makeup base
-  MUFE aqua shadow number 24E (all over the lid)
-  Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette in Petal Pulsher
-  Cusson's baby moisturizer to foil, and mix the eyeshadow to be the eyeliner
-  NYX jumbo pencil in Black Bean for the tight lining
-  Revlon eye custom mascara
-  Wardah waterproof pencil in white
-  falshies Oris n Bilqis (I forgot the numbers)

-  Of course the MUFE Rouge Artist Intense number 36 in Satin Fuchsia.

Alright. That's it for now..  I know it's a mess. It's been a long time I did makeup on my face.. Better get some practice next time. LOL



  1. Waaah Endi, bibirnya juara deh! bagus banget warnanya, dan jadinya look mysterious gimana gitu tapi cute juga, eyeshadownya menggoda deh, tutorial dong tutorial >.<

  2. Suka banget eye make up nyaaaa!
    Iya nih, tutorial dong tutorial...

  3. Creatiia: makasiyaa... sebenernya itu berantakan. hahaha FOTD sambi terkantuk-kantuk. T_T next time FOTD, aku sekalian bikin tutorialnya juga yaaa.. Ditunggu saja. ;)

    katadynar: mari dandan..! buat tutorial, ditunggu ya.. secepatnya ntar aku bikin tutorial. hihihi :D