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I'm so lucky, got lots of makeup lately. Well, I bought most of them, and got some for free from my friends. So, here I am, hauling the cosmetics that I got.


CHANEL Bronzing Gel  -  ILLAMASQUA Light Liquid Foundaation

CHANEL tinted bronzing gel in Bronze.  This gel is watery, light, and gives me a luminous bronze on my face instantly. All I gotta do is just apply my foundation on, and blend a pea size of this product on the cheeks, jaws, foreheads, temples, ears, and neck.  BUT it kinda contain fumes, so if you're allergic to fragrance, you better skip this. The fumes don't sting though.

ILLAMASQUA light liquid foundation in LF 233.  Light weight, blend effort-not so less-ly, sheer to medium coverage[well, actually you can build it up until to full coverage, in case you want a cakey look in the end of the day]. It's scented with a mild milky smell. LOVE IT! The only foundation that actually match my skin tone. Satin finished touch, but become oily at the end of the day. I better prime my face beforehand next time.  AND a huge THANK to Shelley Suryadarma for the personal purchase. *SMOOCHES*


swatches [OH SO SPECIAL]

SLEEK i-divine "CHAOS"
swatches [CHAOS]

I already said 'au revoir/adios/sayonara/good bye' to my pre-loved Sari Ayu eyeshadows. :')  SO, I bought another eyeshadow palettes! I choose SLEEK, because the eyeshadows are sooo pigmented, with the price range around 150,000 - 170,000 rupiahs.  ANY EYESHADOWS-CRAZE SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST 2 'SLEEK' PALETTES!

OH! SO SPECIAL:  an eyeshadow palette which is BRAVE enough to contain colors from "bare/nude makeup"  to  "glamor night makeup".  The shimmers are subtle, the matte are satin-ly insane, and the black color is like CARBON!

CHAOS:  imagine you're having a chaos colors[like jammed printer] on your eyes. That's what will you get from this palette. It's an all matte eyeshadow, from velvety to satin finish look.  They are pigmented like crazy. You think I'm exaggerating? LOOK at the swatches! I don't even apply eyeshadow primer/foundation on my hands before I swatch them.

SHOULD I give any reason NOT to LOVE these palette? Umm.. Nah.. Don't have any. 


URBAN DECAY(Score), NYX Mosaic Powder(Hi-lighter), MULTI CHEEK, SILKYGIRL(Sunny Glow), UD Afterglow(Quickie), ILLAMASQUA(Hussy)

NYX, Multi Cheek, Hussy, Quickie, Score, SilkyGirl duo shimmering blush

NYX Mosaic Powder, hi-lighter.  Since the first time I lay my eyes on this product, I was like: "WHOA! What a nice hi-lighter IF I got fair skin with cool undertone."  SO, my advise, runaway from this if you got warm skintone, because it can cause ashy effect on your cheeks.

Multi Cheek blushes. Got it from my tweefellas, @moonlichan. Well, actually she sent me A LOT of her pre-loved makeups(the NYX, Multi Cheek, UD Afterglow are from her). And I adopt 'em like my babies. Thank you, Lidia.. *HUGS n KISSES*  This Multi Cheek blush are shimmering brown. Love it to accentuate more glow/dimension after I apply my CHANEL bronzing gel.

ILLAMASQUA Powder Blush in Hussy.  It's matte bright PINK blush. It's a pretty pink! It stays put for a looong time like OMAIGAAAAT!  Other blushes prolly stays on my cheeks for 3-4 hours, and fade out. But this one, it can last for 6-8 hours on me before it fade out.  MAGIC!

Urban Decay Afterglow Glide-on Cheek Tint in QUICKIE.  OOOH, I love the name of this blush already! LOL  It's a long lasting cheek tint, with a subtle neon-pink color.  Not a huge fan of bright pink blushes, but this one is an exceptional. TOTALLY!

Urban Decay Powder Blush in Score.  Goldish peach color, with a hint of pink. I really love this on my cheeks when I apply bronzer on my face. It gives a natural glow on the cheeks, temples, and chin IF you have a tan/bronze skin.  And I still got the theory where tan/bronze skin are best hi-light with golden blush or hi-lighter.

SILKYGIRL Duo Shimmering Blush in Sunny Glow.  Well, the colors are not so sunny. BUT if you apply it on your tan/bronze skin, it appears as nice glowing pink color. If you apply it on your fair skin, it appears as peachy pink color. It fades quite quick, around 2-3 hours. And it can be a nice hi-light on any skin tone[well, not ebony skintone, it'll become ashy].  I got this from Catra Samoedro. Thank you, Catra...

So, girls. Those are my new members of my beauty case.  If you guys want to know where I got my SLEEK eyeshadow palettes, GO TO WWW.MAKEUPTOOLSHOP.COM
OK, bye now.  See you pretties on the next post, maybe?  *kuss kuss*


  1. love them all!! ^^
    ehm, kalau udah ada yang bosen, boleh dilempar kesini, siap menampung loh! hehehe.. :P

  2. woooow banyak banget endiiii!! itu si chanel gel bronzer sama sleek palettenya menggoda sekali. udah lama pengen beli sleek juga tapi eyeshadow masih banyaaak... *istrimudaharushemat XD

  3. Ceecile: *ngikik* tunggu akuh bosan yaaa.. >_<

    Monica: iyaaa yaaa.. sini sini, aku pakein. hihihi

    Carryn: *istrimudaharushemat* LOL eniwei, Sleek is a must have lah, Carryn. Yang lama dikasih ke teman sahahahaja...