HADA LABO Moisturising Lotion

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Last April, my tweefellas, Ranny, went to Thailand for a family vacation.  Her livetweets when she's in Thai were envious!  Wanna go there too!  And, she came up with a tweet that said, Hada Labo's moisturizing lotion is so cheap out there.  Shamefully, I replied to her that I want one! LOL
AND, she sent me one, as a present from Thai.  OMG! She's so nice, even though we haven't met yet.  THANK YOU, RANNY!

Hada Labo  moisturising lotion

So, I have been using this lotion for almost a month.   The changes that I can feel is my face become so moist, soft, supple, and hydrated.  On the packaging, it says this lotion, 1 sold every 4 seconds in Japan!  
What's the active ingredient in this lotion then, that makes this lotion is sooo famous?  It's  SUPER HYALURONIC ACID.  SHA keep the skin hydrated, & smooth for a long period of time.  The lotion contains Nano Hyaluronic Acid, & Hyaluronic Acid as well.  With these 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid, this lotion deeply moisturize skin, and helps preserve its optimum moisture balance.

The best part of this product is, it's pH balanced, and  free of fragrances, mineral oils, alcohol, & colorant.  With the watery texture, it absorbs into the skin easily with patting motion.  After applying this lotion, I continue applying Vaseline men moisturizer.  This lotion gives a silky smooth base for my moisturizer application.  LOOOVE!

IF you got the chance to have this product, go for it!  We still don't have any retail that sold Hada Labo skincare in Indonesia.  HERE's a tip,  deposit 7 drops on your palm,  dab it on the face [on the large areas],  rub your 2 hands,  smooth out the lotion on the face to the neck with your hands, and pat it slowly until it drys out.

GIRLS(and guys)! If any of you have had experiences with Hada Labo products, lemme know!



  1. hai endy! i love the way you write about products!!! salam kenal yahh dari Bali ;-) oh and btw visit my blog if u have time olrite.. www.deasparklingtea


  2. Octadea: Hi, Dea. Actually, I have to write it about like 6 hours for 3-5 paragraphs of reviews! LOL because I wrote it while working as cashier. I'm glad you like it. AND, HELLO BALI..! Gonna be there this August. See you when I see you then.

  3. I use SHA lotion too ^^ and I Love it very much~~
    It makes my skin supple and healthy..
    Nice review ^^

  4. nice opinion. thanks for posting.

  5. Shasha: WHOA! Event the ingredient of this product rhyme with your name. NOICE! It means it's really meant for you.. *dumb conclusion, but it works* :D

    anonymous: you're welcome. :)