1 Brand Look: M.A.C.

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Hi, y'all..

KUNG HEI FAT CHOI! Happy Chinese New Year!

I am back after 2 weeks of holiday. Let's embrace the new days with a ONE BRAND makeup look. For now, it's featuring M.A.C.(Make-up Art Cosmetics).
PS: I am NOT sponsored by M.A.C for doing this look. I wish~


Actually to achieve this look, I cheated a little. I do not have any M.A.C. mascara and false lashes. LOL
In my defense, I was still using the same company mascara, Estee Lauder sumptuous volume mascara. 
And faux lashes are from trusty online shop www.makeuptoolshop.com number 031.

The greenish brown lenses are NOBLUK lenses. Got it from @kawaigankyu[click here to visit page] on Instagram.


FACE: Face & Body foundation N5 all over the face, C3 on the center perimeter of the face. Let it set into satin finish, no setting powder. Mineralize Skin Finish in 'Soft & Gentle' to highlight the face. No concealers needed, I had my beauty sleep. Teehee~

EYES: Eyebrow crayon in 'Lingering'. Eyeshadows are from Keepsake Natural face palette. Estee Lauder sumptuous volume mascara, as I don't wanna shop for another mascara, I got tons already! Fluidline eyeliner gel in 'Macro Violet'.

LIPS: Keepsake Natural face palette has 2 lipsticks in it. Eloquence[light cool tone pink] all over the lips, Sass[plum-ish berry] pushed on the center part of the lips(best to pout, push the colour using ring finger). Finish off by pat some Sparkling Rose iridescent powder[from the palette] to give more volume.

source: http://www.beautycloud.nl/2014/11/mac-keepsakes-collectie/

Alrighty.. I hope you enjoy this look. I enjoy doing makeup using some M.A.C. that I have. Love their face and body foundation so much! I will keep using M.A.C. cosmetics because they are the cheapest among high end brand in Jakarta. BUT, I got my eyes on Illamasqua too, because their price range in Jakarta is really similar!

After this one, I will do another One Brand look using more affordable cosmetics. Or maybe a local brand? Stay tuned..
See you on the next post, people. *kiss*

Endi Feng


Ashley's Take: My Valentine

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Hello everybodeeeh~

I am back! So, after arguing with Endi for sometimes, we came to a decision where Ashley gonna take over this blog on every Monday.

Flash news: because Endi is out of ideas and inspiration for Texture Tuesday, he let me to take over giving tips and tricks in here. But do not frown, he might be back to his senses about it, and he will keep sharing other information about beauty in Jakarta.

Valentine's day is on the weekend this year. Have a date yet? Maybe you don't. Who cares. Boys are not sweeter and more satisfying than a box of chocolate anyway. #ForeverAlone #JombloTalk

Edited & filtered
No filter

No filter, no edit

A'ight.. Imma give you some tips to do a "Kawaii Glam" look. You can wear it for your Valentine's night out, dates, or to the grocery store if you're feeling fancy.

  1. Highlights placing. For eyeshadow, placing glitter/shimmery highlights only at the center of eyelid, inner corner, and the center of bottom lid. It will give illusion of bigger & round eyes. Apply shimmery lipgloss only at the center part of the lips, blend lightly. For face highlights, look for Endi's previous Texture Tuesday[click here].
  2. Harmony. If we are going for smoky eyes, keep the lips, brows, and cheeks to the minimal/neutral color. 
  3. Faux lashes. Wear false lashes can make or break your look. Only use the ones that we are comfortable to put on. Not too thick, not too long either. Note this: faux lashes needs support from our real lashes. If we have thin real lashes, it is wise to wear thin/lightweight faux lashes.
  4. Light makeup base. Use hydrating or illuminating primer, light to medium coverage foundation, and powder the T-zone. If we are going to a date, make sure your makeup looking as 'real' as possible. Caked up makeup is not meant for a night out, or a date. Full coverage makeup is only needed if you have skin problems.

No Filter, No Edit
That is it, for now.
Remember gurls, only allow boys to ruin your lipstick with their lips. And only ruin your mascara with happy and/or satisfying tears. Other than that, DO NOT LET YOUR BOY SCREW YOUR FACE WITHOUT BUYING YOU NEW MAKEUPS!
Seriously though. Don't mess with my face, or some serious shit gonna happen. We put makeup for ourselves, not for pleasing others. 

And if the boys say that the makeup is too much, it's time to cut back on the contours, and thick eyebrows. GEEZ! STOP THAT CRAZY CONTOURINGS!

Ashley Meyer


Blind Test: #RollWithIndo

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Good day, readers..

Valentine's Day, and Chinese New Year are approaching. I wish you doing good out there.

So, I was offered to do a blind test for a mysterious mascara. All that I know from the offer: this mascara is new in town, a Sephora worthy brand's product, and will be launched this March. Excited!

At first I got it, I was like, "WHAT IS THIS?! OMG so curious. The packaging is like the cheap ones in the market."
After open up, I immediately love the mascara wand, and definitely not a cheap one! LOL.
It's a silicon/rubber/plastic type which separate lashes without clumping. By this point, my guess: curling, lengthening, kinda wet(that glob of product at the end of wand), and will be a non-smudge proof.

It has a faint rose fume. And true to my word, it's a wet mascara. Not overly wet, but it takes couple of minutes for it to set. The wand really helps to separate the lashes, but the curve of it doesn't help much to reach into the inner corner lashes. *sigh*
Although I have applied 2 coats of this wet mascara, my lashes didn't clump, and not giving the lashes crazy volume either.

Freshly applied
2 coats on top lashes
1 coat on bottom lashes

After 7 hours

After trying this mysterious mascara for a week, I want to share my thought of it.

- Lengthening,
- Not clumping,
- Give a nice volume,
- Hold the curls nicely,
- Great for prep the lashes to support faux lash application,
- Easy to remove using oil base makeup remover.

- Weighing down my curls(when freshly applied),
- Not so smudge proof(sometimes it smudges, sometimes it doesn't),
- It takes time for it to set/dry,
- IT MAKES ME CURIOUS AND IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY! I wanna know what it is like right now! LOL.

I will update more about this after I found out what mascara is it, and from what brand. I have a guess, but I AM STILL CURIOUS LIKE CRAZY!!

Stay tuned for the revelation, beloved fellow makeup junkies..

Endi Feng


Texture Tuesday: No Powder Makeup

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Hi, guys..

Sorry for the late post of Texture Tuesday this week. Been a crazy week. Hope nobody is arrested.. 

Anyway, for those who are following my Texture Tuesday, thank you. For first timers, welcome! :D

edited and filtered photo

Anyway, I tried to do makeup without any powder products. It's all liquid, creams, pencils, gel, anything but powder form. I love the result, but not on oily face though(I've learn the hard way!).
It will give our face that glorious glow, and make it look like you didn't put too much effort into it.
The only downside for this makeup is, it only last for several hours on my face. Although I have put on my mattifying primer, it only last me 3-4 hours before my face turned into grease factory.
If you don't mind that overly glow, then you might dig this look.

Bare Face

1 layer foundation
Dots & specks are lighter color of concealer for highlighting


  1. Choose your choice of foundation. There are tons of liquid foundation out there. Choose the one that suits your style. Matte, hydrating, illuminating, velvet, satin, etc. All you gotta do is watch more youtube gurus' videos for reviews. HAHA. My fave is itsjudytime. She is a foundation junkie, gives pretty much accurate reviews or impressions for foundations[P.S.: Judy and I have oily combination skin type]. Check her channel out!
  2. Prep, Prime, Set! Prep your skin by cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize it. If you have really oily skin, wipe some astringent after cleansing, skip your moisturizer, jump into mattifying face primer. Primers, foundations, and setting sprays have moisturizing agents. If you have an easily oil up face, that's all the moisture you need. Nothing is prettier than nice makeup on a nice skin(face). Set and seal it all up using setting spray. Use your airbrush gun for a better product distribution.
  3. Highlight considerately. Most liquid highlighters have titanium dioxide in them to reflect lights. So, less is more, otherwise it will give you whitey patches on the highlight points. If your skin type is oily - really oily, skip highlighters to avoid looking greasy.

I think that's all. The other tips and tricks are pretty much covered on previous Texture Tuesday, GO CHECK 'EM OUT!

Products break down:
- Face Atelier Ultra Foundation in 'Honey'.
- L'Oreal True Match concealer in 'Fair Light'.
- Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in 'Opal'.
- E.L.F. Mist and Set.
- 3CE Pore Silky Balm.
- MAC Natural Keepsakes palette lipstick in 'Sass'.

So sorry, once more, that Texture Tuesday is a texture Friday for this week. I dunno, I came up with this idea, and I just feel am obliged to blog it up on time. On the other hand, blogging keeps me sane and improve my English(if not by much. ehehehe). And I feel good by sharing my tips and tricks to you all. 

Ok, guys.. Comment and share if you find this help you out in any way. If you have questions, ideas, or suggestions, tweet me! @endi_feng or click the social icons at the bottom of the page. 

See you on the next post.. It may be an Ashley's take over, maybe NOT! HAHA I don't know, but the bitch is nuts!

Endi Feng


Ashley's Take: Fashion Baby

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Hey y'all~

It's me, Ash.. Finally taking over this blog again. Endi always keep me in the down low because he is getting insecure about me being fierce and prettier than him. D'OH!!

Excuse my weave! OMG they are hideous..  *facepalm*
This one is edited and filtered.

I am here to give tips on doing makeup for photoshoot. Especially for fashion shoot.

  1. Always match your skin to your foundation! Avoid foundation or powder with any SPF in them[titanium dioxide], and silica powder[HI DEF powder]. Why? Most celebrity red carpet makeup mishaps, the ghost halo or whitey patches on face, are caused by those 2. Titanium and silica are photographed pure white in their true form. 
  2. Minimal powder! With a stand still photography, it's nicer to not put on full matte face. By doing so, it will make the face makeup appear more 'skin like'. Powder only on the center perimeter of the face, and let the rest of the face unpowdered. Please no flat matte powder for touching ups. It will cake up the face. Translucent or colorless powder is the best, and lightly dust over the T-zone to knock off any shine.
  3. Prep your skin well! Prepping the skin is essential. Clean the skin from dirts, exfoliating if needed, and moisturizing. PICK ONE! Your skin only need moisturizer, or makeup primer. Piling those two can resulting to quick makeup meltdown(unless your skin is really dry). Depending on your goal, there are tons of makeup primer to choose from. Matte finish, moisturizing, glowing finish, and color correcting ones too. With good prepping, we can cut so much time for touch ups throughout photoshoot. Prep the lips too, betchesss!
  4. Water, smudge, and crease proof. Prime the eyelids to avoid creasing. You can apply it on the under eyes too, to prevent your concealer creases. Waterproof and smudgeproof mascara is the best for photoshoot. Its waxy consistency keeps the curl more longer than regular mascaras.
  5. Setting mists! If you put too much powder on, mist some refreshing spray on to knock down the powdery look. Set using oil control setting spray at the end of makeup process. It does the job(oil control for couples of hours), and EVERY setting spray that I've tried will leave a sheen on top of makeup. That is the dewyness all we need.

Thanks gurls for keep reading. Comment below if me, ASHLEY MEYER, should do more post on this blog! Endi is cray for keeping me in closet. LET HIM KNOW!! I am prettier than him, I do better job posing on photos, and I take great fashion videos too!! RIGHT?!

Well, until next post then..

Ashley Meyer