Texture Tuesday: No Powder Makeup

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Hi, guys..

Sorry for the late post of Texture Tuesday this week. Been a crazy week. Hope nobody is arrested.. 

Anyway, for those who are following my Texture Tuesday, thank you. For first timers, welcome! :D

edited and filtered photo

Anyway, I tried to do makeup without any powder products. It's all liquid, creams, pencils, gel, anything but powder form. I love the result, but not on oily face though(I've learn the hard way!).
It will give our face that glorious glow, and make it look like you didn't put too much effort into it.
The only downside for this makeup is, it only last for several hours on my face. Although I have put on my mattifying primer, it only last me 3-4 hours before my face turned into grease factory.
If you don't mind that overly glow, then you might dig this look.

Bare Face

1 layer foundation
Dots & specks are lighter color of concealer for highlighting


  1. Choose your choice of foundation. There are tons of liquid foundation out there. Choose the one that suits your style. Matte, hydrating, illuminating, velvet, satin, etc. All you gotta do is watch more youtube gurus' videos for reviews. HAHA. My fave is itsjudytime. She is a foundation junkie, gives pretty much accurate reviews or impressions for foundations[P.S.: Judy and I have oily combination skin type]. Check her channel out!
  2. Prep, Prime, Set! Prep your skin by cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize it. If you have really oily skin, wipe some astringent after cleansing, skip your moisturizer, jump into mattifying face primer. Primers, foundations, and setting sprays have moisturizing agents. If you have an easily oil up face, that's all the moisture you need. Nothing is prettier than nice makeup on a nice skin(face). Set and seal it all up using setting spray. Use your airbrush gun for a better product distribution.
  3. Highlight considerately. Most liquid highlighters have titanium dioxide in them to reflect lights. So, less is more, otherwise it will give you whitey patches on the highlight points. If your skin type is oily - really oily, skip highlighters to avoid looking greasy.

I think that's all. The other tips and tricks are pretty much covered on previous Texture Tuesday, GO CHECK 'EM OUT!

Products break down:
- Face Atelier Ultra Foundation in 'Honey'.
- L'Oreal True Match concealer in 'Fair Light'.
- Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in 'Opal'.
- E.L.F. Mist and Set.
- 3CE Pore Silky Balm.
- MAC Natural Keepsakes palette lipstick in 'Sass'.

So sorry, once more, that Texture Tuesday is a texture Friday for this week. I dunno, I came up with this idea, and I just feel am obliged to blog it up on time. On the other hand, blogging keeps me sane and improve my English(if not by much. ehehehe). And I feel good by sharing my tips and tricks to you all. 

Ok, guys.. Comment and share if you find this help you out in any way. If you have questions, ideas, or suggestions, tweet me! @endi_feng or click the social icons at the bottom of the page. 

See you on the next post.. It may be an Ashley's take over, maybe NOT! HAHA I don't know, but the bitch is nuts!

Endi Feng