Blind Test: #RollWithIndo

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Good day, readers..

Valentine's Day, and Chinese New Year are approaching. I wish you doing good out there.

So, I was offered to do a blind test for a mysterious mascara. All that I know from the offer: this mascara is new in town, a Sephora worthy brand's product, and will be launched this March. Excited!

At first I got it, I was like, "WHAT IS THIS?! OMG so curious. The packaging is like the cheap ones in the market."
After open up, I immediately love the mascara wand, and definitely not a cheap one! LOL.
It's a silicon/rubber/plastic type which separate lashes without clumping. By this point, my guess: curling, lengthening, kinda wet(that glob of product at the end of wand), and will be a non-smudge proof.

It has a faint rose fume. And true to my word, it's a wet mascara. Not overly wet, but it takes couple of minutes for it to set. The wand really helps to separate the lashes, but the curve of it doesn't help much to reach into the inner corner lashes. *sigh*
Although I have applied 2 coats of this wet mascara, my lashes didn't clump, and not giving the lashes crazy volume either.

Freshly applied
2 coats on top lashes
1 coat on bottom lashes

After 7 hours

After trying this mysterious mascara for a week, I want to share my thought of it.

- Lengthening,
- Not clumping,
- Give a nice volume,
- Hold the curls nicely,
- Great for prep the lashes to support faux lash application,
- Easy to remove using oil base makeup remover.

- Weighing down my curls(when freshly applied),
- Not so smudge proof(sometimes it smudges, sometimes it doesn't),
- It takes time for it to set/dry,
- IT MAKES ME CURIOUS AND IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY! I wanna know what it is like right now! LOL.

I will update more about this after I found out what mascara is it, and from what brand. I have a guess, but I AM STILL CURIOUS LIKE CRAZY!!

Stay tuned for the revelation, beloved fellow makeup junkies..

Endi Feng