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Disclaimer: this post is a sponsored post. I was given a free treatment by Miracle Clinic. Although it's a sponsored post, I will tell my experience honestly..


Hi, guys..
On the 5th of May, me and ci Phanie decided to visit Miracle Clinic in Kelapa Gading. Just because it was a weekday, and the traffic is more friendlier.

We got there at almost 3PM from Ancol area.
And there was Beatrix, Miracle Clinic's MarComm. waiting for us. She was so nice to accompany us through the whole process.. Thanks, Beatrix.

Registering and showing my gift voucher
After registering, I was ushered by the nurse into their treatment room.
And came dr. Larissa, consulting about my skin's needs.
Decided to go with Miracle Diamond Peel Plus, although I was asked if I want to take the biocell treatment or not, to puff up my chicken pox's scar(cacar air).
I decided not to go with it, because me and Phanie were so hungry. We just wanna get the dermabrasion done, and go eat something! LOL LOL

The treatment room I got into

Creams/masks on the trolley

Cleanser and Toner. The cleanser is really soothing, and calming. I WANT!

Also disposable gloves

Hygiene freaks don't worry to come here
The sheets of the treatment room, & hair caps are disposable ones

And of course their trash bin
It's like I was going into a hospital. The room and the equipments are so steril!
BUT FIRST, let's take a selfie~ :D

The process was started by cleansing our face first by the nurse, then the diamond peeling(dermabrasion) done by dr. Larissa after the machine was prepared, and made sure that the diamond tip was replaced with a sterilized one.

My last time went to the other aesthetic house was not very pleasant. It was hurting my face!
But when I step into Miracle Clinic, I just trusted them to do my face. The surrounding was so professional. The staffs, nurses, and doctors are well-trained ones. So my doubt went wooosh~

Miracle Clinic only use disposable sponges to cleanse our face
So you won't get a pre-cleansed used sponges

Cleansed face

Diamond peeling machine
Bottles from the left: facial serum, disinfectant, wastage from the vacuum

Orange cord for the serum infusion
The yellow cord is the vacuum

The diamond peeling pen without its tip

The diamond tip, and it's protectant/vacuum cap
The brassy diamond tip is where the magic works(dermabrasion)


The video above is the beginning of the dermabrasion process.
Pain-less, yes. Hurt a little, but nothing I can't bear.
If you have a very sensitive skin, tell the doctor, so she/he will get the diamond tip that designated for sensitive skin.

Because my comedo are hard to get rid of, the usage of extractor was needed
IT HURTS! Hahaha. Beauty is pain indeed.

Fyuh~ The peeling and extracting process was over!
Look at my so relieved face. LOL
Soothing cream was applied afterwards

Hahaha.. It doesn't hurt much, just a bit.
So, the idea of diamond peel plus is infusing facial serum(that suit your skin concerns) while scraping your outer skin by the diamond tip so the serum can get in with ease, and vacuum to make sure the serum don't spill everywhere.

Did you notice my very cleansed face on the after picture above(with cream dots)?
The skintone is just insane! I can't spot any significant discoloration by dead skin cells. Whoa~

6th of May - dunno where that scratches came from

9th of May - skin is more supple, smooth, and makeup easily adhere on it

14th of May - looking good, yes?

17th of May - I applied skin volumer only.  Looking great, no?

My only problem was on the day after diamond peeling. My skin became sensitive, I can't put any BBcream on, or it'll get itchy. I spray facial mist on my face every 2 hour. LOL

After a week of treatment, everything was looking good up until now. Everytime I wash my face, and touch my nose, there's no comedo bumps anymore. Everything is so smooth, and plumpy.

Friends were asking if this treatment can ease up their acne prone skin?
I don't know. You guys prolly gotta consult with their doctor there.

Minimizing pore appearance?
Definitely. When the dead skin cells were gotten rid of, the pores unclogged, and pore looking smaller.
If frequently get this diamond peel plus treatment, the collagen stimulated, and new skin cell will make your face looking more radiant, I assume.
Planning to get this treatment every month.. But let's see. HAHA

It costs around Rp 800.000,-/session if I'm not mistaken.

So, what do you think?
Is it worth the money?

Well, I'd say, IT IS!

Ci Phanie, Beatrix, and me after Miracle Diamond Peel Plus

Start to taking a good care of your skin, and your skin will thanking you back by being pretty. ^^
Afterall, great makeup starts from great skin, no?

Check out Miracle clinic near your place by clicking HERE.
Or simply visit www.miracle-clinic.com

See you on the next post, guys..


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