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2 weeks have past since I got into Puspita Martha Beauty School..

The second week, we did makeup on models EVERYDAY!
We, students, have to pay for models(not professional ones of course) around Rp 50,000.- and the model stay from 9am to 4pm.
But, if we wanna invite our friends/family to be our model, we're allowed to. But talked to our teachers the day before.

A week full(well, got a day off on Tuesday) we were practicing Day makeup for 2 days, and Evening makeup for 2 days as well.
In Day makeup, we were only using 2 shades of eyeshadows to create a fresh natural look, only for the entire eyelids, and highlights.
For Evening makeup, we were using 3 shade of eyeshadow. For the eyelids, crease, and highlights.
It was all about learning to blend colors, and how to harmonize colors between eyes, cheeks, & lips.

For warm shades, such as bronze, copper, black, brownish yellow, yellow on the eyes, go for warm cheeks & lips as well (coral, beige, plumish bronze, nude brown).
Cool shades, such as blue, turquoise, emerald, purple, silvery pink, pink on the eyes, go for cool cheeks & lips i.e. pink, pinkish coral, peach, nude pink, sugar rose.

But, since I'm easily get hungry, after doing the makeup, I tend to forget took pictures of the results.
The pictures that I uploaded in this post are those that I snapped briefly before I fled to the canteen. HAHAHA

My fellow beauty blogger, Mukti Lim

My blog's silent reader, Anita Anisyah

So, if you girls want to join me in the class, and play with makeup, or hairdo, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
For next 2 weeks, it's hairstyling weeks!
From 11th - 15th of November, it's about teasing, and style the hair with french twists.
As for 18th - 22nd of November, we will be curling, and hot rolling the hair!
Be my model, learn the techniques, and enjoy the class!  IT'S GETTING MORE FUN EVERYDAY!

Let me know through email if you wanna join me in class:
Subject: "Model is ME!"
Attachment: photo of your current hair condition, and your present photo of the face. So I can determine weather you are suitable for the class or not.

Do not hesitate to visit the school!
Meet me at Puspita Martha, tour the classes, and join the big family of Puspita Martha International Beauty School.
Check out: www.puspitamartha.ac.id for the programes you want to choose.
Or call miss Kiky beforehand to make an appointment: +62838-9555-7232.




  1. endiii super flawless!! *hobahhobahhh* #angkattangan :p

  2. pengen tapi ga punya kelopak mata & rambutku biruuuu HAHAHA

  3. CHERYL RAISSA ALFARUQI : >_< lumayan tebel itu mekapnya..

    THEA ILONA : THEAAA hahaha.. Pas kelas curling atau hot rolling. hihi

    TURISCANTIK : Heyyy.. siniiii.. Email ke aku aja, kamu mau jadi model kelas apa yah.