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Olla, beauty junkie!

Indonesia has been introduced with beauty boxes, where you buy/subscribe on their web, then you'll receive your beauty box every month full of cosmetic samples/fullsizes, the content may be different(not by much) for each individual depending on their beauty profile on the web.

Let's say if you're interested in makeup more, they'll give you makeup.
If you're interested in skincare more, they'll give you skincare samples.
Simple? Maybe. But it's a bummer we have to choose one of them. HAHAHA
(Coz betch, yo ain't gonna get everythin'! LOL)


My favourite beauty box so far is @thelolabox.
They are fast in delivery, the contents are focusing in beauty (inner, outter, & soul. They gave me voucher to spa, and therapeutic aroma-pouch last April! Such a treatment for my mental & soul health. LOL LOL)

So, in my July @thelolabox I got:
1) Click House voucher for underarm hair removal,
2) LUXOLA.COM 15% off voucher,
3) The Face Shop Nail Cracks nail polish voucher,
4) JUARA skincare samples,
5) Birtney Spears' RADIANCE EDT sample,
6) SLEEK eyedust 'ENVY' in fullsize,
7) The Face Shop Nail Cracks in white, &
8) hair thing(I forgot the name, but it holds hair flyaways/bangs).

I'm happy with my box..
The EDT is not fave scent though. It smells really weird on me.

The JUARA eyecream is the bomb!
I tried other eyecream, but they always gave me millia(those small bumps of oil/sebum on your inner rim of eyes/on your eyebags).
But this JUARA eyecream I can say is the best of those I've ever tried.
The moisturizing feels, the texture, the scent, are just suit me very well.
2 weeks of usage resulting smooth under eyes, but didn't give any effect on my dark circle though.
I need more sleep, I guess. >_<

Love the nail cracks. My mom like it, since I don't paint my nail that mucho. It makes home manicure looks more sophisticated.   :D

Gonna do a separate review on the rest of JUARA skincare samples, and the SLEEK eyedust.