REVIEW - Beauty Sublime by L'Occitane en Provence

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Hi, everyone..

When I was excited in trying out new product, and urge to do a review on them, I usually tried it out for 2 weeks first, then determine what to talk about them in a post.

Now, it's time for the newest addition of Angelica range by L'Occitane en Provence,

photo: L'Occitane Indonesia


First stop, Sublime Beauty Cream..

Rp 440.000,-
photo: L'Occitane Indonesia
I got this beauty cream in Medium shade. The shade is slightly darker than my skintone, so if you are 2-3 shades darker than me, then it's perfect for you! The finish look is not ashy, or overly white, it's pinky undertone resulting warm Medium shade.

After 2 weeks of using this BBcream every morning, here's my verdict..

  1. Smell fresh. All of Angelica range by L'Occitane smelling so fresh,
  2. Light weight. It didn't feel anything when put on face,
  3. SPF 30. Protect my face from the excruciating UV rays,
  4. Very moisturizing. You might skip your moisturizing routine in the morning, and just whip this on alone, 
  5. Velvety finish. Kinda matte, but still dewy finish, it's good for a healthy looking skin, &
  6. 40 ML of product. 40 effing millilitre of product, that is so much of it!


  1. Set quickly. Some people might find it's an advantage, but it makes me hard to blend them on my face, it doesn't give me much time, and it staining on my fingers if I pat it on,
  2. NOT waterproof. If you're sweating alot type of guy, then forget it. It melt down easily when I'm sweating,
  3. Poor oil control. Since it's very moisturizing, for you who got oily/combination skin, put on matte makeup primer beforehand, &
  4. Limited range of shade. It's just giving you 2 shades to choose. Light? or Medium?


It's Essence Sublime..

Rp 615.000,- for 30 ML of product
photo: L'Occitane Indonesia
I got this in a travel size, but works wonder like the fullsize one nonetheless.

After 2 weeks usage of this every morning, and evening, here's my verdict..

  1. Instantly refreshing. It relieves the heat, and redness of scrub bumps on my face after exfoliating,
  2. Smoothen skin. Smooth out the top layer of facial skin after 7-8 days of usage,
  3. Quick absorbance. Quickly sink into skin, and leaving a velvety feels, &
  4. Calms blemish irritation. Instead of giving me breakouts, this serum liberate me from obnoxious acnes!


  1. Strong scent. Although the scent is lovely, but it's kinda strong in this essence.


That's it.  
That's my final verdict of Beauty Sublime range, additionals for Angelica range of L'Occitane en Provence.

My collection of Angelica range, and currently using them all.

For more information, you can go to LOCCITANE.CO.ID 
Or go to the nearest L'Occitane en Provence counter/boutique in town!

And here's me using the Beauty Sublime Cream..

from my Instagram #NoFilter



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