[REVIEW] Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color SPF12 in Bikini Pink

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Hi, guys..

Before you read further, I want to inform to y'all, this review is sponsored by MOPORIE.
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So, I was sent a lovely color lipstick in Pink by MOPORIE.
It's Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color SPF12 in Bikini Pink!
Not so sure about why it's called Bikini Pink, HAHAHA..
But, I will tell you why according to my experience using this rich-but-still-moisturizing lipstick for over 2 weeks!

First trial using the lippenstift (2 layers)

As you can see on the picture above, the color is kinda sheer on my lips, still with the hint of a very lovely pinkish blast.

The Bobbi Brown's cosmetics are based on her philosophy, "I believe that all women are pretty, without makeup. But with right makeup, can be pretty powerful."

Bobbi's believing that au naturel makeup is the best one for all of us. If you visit Bobbi Brown cosmetics counter, you'll find all the makeup is there to enhance or complimenting your beauty, not to create a whole another you.

Okay, let's take a closer look of my lips using "Bikini Pink" Rich Lip Color..

using Bobbi Brown's "Bikini Pink" Rich Lip Color (1 layer)
This pink lippenstift really enhancing my natural lip color.
My upper lip has that darky-dark tint. With a swipe of the lipstick, it's all gone, turning to a very lovely pink.
My theory of why it's called Bikini Pink is that it fits my natural lip color very nicely, like a bikini should be as fitting a body. LOL *silly theory*

Okay, endurance test..
On my lips, it lasted for 3 hours without eating/drinking. Reapply is needed for richer color.
As it's a moisturizing lipstick, it won't hurt for reapplyings.
I can totally ditch lipbalm for this lipstick. But of course you need to hydrate yourself by drinking water, and exfoliate your lips frequently[twice a week, I suggest] so that the lipstick won't crack on your lips.
For reappliance, don't forget to blot your lips first with tissue paper, so dirts and the previous appliance of lipstick won't budge your reappliance.


Alright, that's my review of the lipstick.
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