4th Week Of School - Puspita Martha [latepost]

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Hi, guys..

Last weekend I was so busy, barely have a me time. So, let me apologize by giving you a report on my 4th week now.

Well, nothing much on the 4th week. It was still hairstyling week.
Teasing, twisting, hot-rolling, and CURLING!
I love curly hair. LOL

Posing with a heavily teased hairpiece
First day is to tease a hairpiece, smooth it into a ball of hair, and attached it on a french-twisted hair so the head look more volume.
In Indonesia, the bigger your hair, the higher your social status. [stupid judgement/stereotype, actually. But stupidly true sometimes.]

with friends on a MONROE's day
MONROE's day
Blue eyes, orange lips
Was having fun by setting makeup theme for a week in class. HAHAHA
Happy to see my friends who are keen to the idea.

End of the week, I gotta curl the model's hair! YAY..!

with the models. Mine is the taller one, Esti.
meet Bella, the one who did the left model's hair on the photo above
So glad that the basic hairstyling classes are over, as I told you before, hairdo is not my forte at all in beauty artistry. But, I keep holding on! Because it'll help me in a way or two as I grow my business in makeup artistry. ^^,

OK, that's it for the 4th week.
Stay tuned for the next report of my 5th week of school in Puspita Martha.