Estee Lauder Indonesia - The Newest Store Concept

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Hi, everyone..

Last Saturday, February 15th, I was invited by Estee Lauder Indonesia to visit their new store in LOTTE Shopping Evenue, Jakarta.

The consultation counter

I did notice the changes in this store, compared to the old one's in Plaza Senayan. It's more brighter[bold, & elegant], more spacious looking with clean choices of colour palette[core gold, silver mirror surface, unique motif], and placement of counters.
It has a sense of beauty, modernity, quality, and confidence in them design.

Why changed the concept?
Estee Lauder International wants to strive the concept of "High Touch" innovations to meet their customers' ever changing needs.
"High Touch" is a service model that deliver true fit, and value to customers. 

This concept was invented by Mrs. Estee Lauder herself over 60 years ago, she believe that women should touch, and experience her products first hand.

By this method of approach, Mrs. Lauder instinctively knew that her personal interaction, instruction, & connection would create a lasting bond.

The makeup demo counter/stage

Estee Lauder's brand philosophy is "EVERY WOMEN CAN BE BEAUTIFUL".
It's a very powerful words, I think. It's reflected on products, and service that Estee Lauder offers. They use the best ingredients, latest tech to create the most exciting products, even they got secret ingredient that truly distinguished them.

The design of the interior is very unique! It has 360-degrees testers all around to discover, and play freely.
I every corner, aspiring quality fixture definitions are developed to visually, and emotionally customers with our diverse range of products.

Full Skincare Regime tester bar

Re-Nutriv line is the most popular age defying line of Estee Lauder

Color, and complexion bar

I experienced the new tech of iMatch device too! It's a tool to match your skintone to their complexion products digitally.

me with the BA, and iMatch device

It was placed on my forehead, cheek, and chin, so that if there's any discoloration between those 3 major areas, iMatch can find the perfect match for you!
Amazing, yes?
I got Tawny result for the DoubleWear Liquid foundation's shade. ^^

Parfume tester bar

The Lounge

Limited Edition beauty package!
Only for Rp 1,700,000.-

A corner full of travel sizes

Not only Estee Lauder upgrade their appearance of the store, but they unveil ultrachic uniforms, custom made & created by Opening Ceremony!
Opening Ceremony is Manhattan's hippest fashion retailer.
The founders of Opening Ceremony, Carol Lim & Humberto Leon, explained that it was an action to updating the Beauty Advisors' look.
"It's the same girl, but she's kind of grown up, and become a little more modern", said the duo.

The moodboard by Opening Ceremony for Estee Lauder

The textured jacquard hand picked by Opening Ceremony designers

The colour swatches for the new uniforms

Opening Ceremony for Estee Lauder

Peplum blouse, pleated skirt, slim pant, and blazer. It captures a modern take on retro uniforms (similar to the amazing retro airline uniforms).
LOOOVE the skirt. If it comes in my size, I would buy it!

Wenny, Iva, and me

with fellow Indonesia Beauty Bloggers

Visit the new Estee Lauder store to meet BAs with the brand new uniform, and to try out their iMatch device! I promise you, you won't regret it!

What do you think about the new store concept, and the new BAs' uniform?


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