Hair Care Products (circa October - Now)

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First of all,   MERRY CHRISTMAS...!

Merry Christmas!
I hope you had a happy one.. :-D

OK, now I wanna share what products I've been using since I dyed my hair..
Not to mention my weaken hair after I bleached them once per two weeks, just so I can sport a real blonde head.  LOL  (and also to support my role in a musical that I currently still rehearsing!)

clockwise: 1)TheBodyShop Rain Forest Shampoo & Conditioner for colored hair,  2)L'Oreal Color Vive Protecting Shampoo & Daily Rinse-Out Treatment,  3)Elastine Advanced Intensive Damage Care Treatment with Shea Butter,  4)TheBodyShop Rain Forest Hair Detangling Spray,  5)Etude House Silk Scarf Hologram Hair Serum

1)  The Body Shop Rain Forest Shampoo & Conditioner for Colored Hair

This shampoo is kinda pain in the ass for the early 2 weeks since I tried it out.. WHY?
Well, its formulation is silicone-free, sulphate-free, colorant-free, and paraben-free.
Without silicone, my hair tangled like it's been glued together when I'm washing it.. And yes, it doesn't have the "after salon treatment" feel because of the silicone-free formula. Go figure~
Without sulphate, my hair and scalp feel like not being washed properly, because it didn't produce foam like those shampoo with sulphate. But actually, it's cleaned already!
And because for all these time I've been using shampoo/conditioner/hair products with silicone(or well known as dimethicone), my hair and scalp have to manage so hard to fit in with this product.
For the early 2 weeks, my scalp became itchy, and produced dandruff.
The SUNNY side of this product: limp[lepek]-free, and greasy-free hair for almost 48hours!!  The sulphate-free formula also benefit the colored hair, because it lessen the fading process.


2) L'Oreal Color Vive Protecting Shampoo and Daily Rinse-Out Treatment

It's my shampoo since the first time I dyed my hair.  And because the silicone-free hair product that I have(which now I'm using as clarifying shampoo, 5 days a week) doesn't give the silky smooth effect, it's my resort to comfort my ego to achieve shiny, detangled, and silky hair. >_<
The Daily Rinse-Out Treatment works like magic!  It deeply condition, and effectively detangle the hair.. Just remember, always work just on the hair, avoid the scalp because it can cause the hair grease, and look limp in less than 12 hours! Trust me..


3) Elastine Advanced Intensive Damage Care Treatment with Shea Butter

I got this hair butter from Stella Lee.  She bought it from her trip in Korea.
I gotta tell you, when I got it from Stella, I was like, ajksjdl?!
I don't understand Korean! LOL  the instruction, and stuff are in Korean.  Yes, I can read them, but I can't understand it. [ooh, look a dumb-blonde guy alert!]   >_<
BUT, this stuff, this hair butter, really really help me after the bleaching process..  It makes the hair less crisp, and manageable.  And also, smelling nice!
Again, avoid the scalp when using hair butter, or any deep conditioning hair products, it can cause acnes on the scalp, even worse, dandruff. Yike~


4) The Body Shop Rain Forest Hair Detangling Spray

Remember the shampoo that feels like gluing my hair together when washing?
Here's the remedy after the cleansing fiasco..
Just spray it on cleaned dry hair, and comb it.  Although it has the same scent with the shampoo, sometimes the smell of this spray bother me. EEEK~


5) Etude House Silk Scarf Hologram Hair Serum

This is my second Korean hair product..  I've fallen in love with Etude House after Dara 2NE1 became the brand icon.  I love 2NE1..! [WHO DOESN'T, REALLY..?!]
I was looking for hair serum one day, and Etude House Indonesia was on sale, so I went into the booth.
On one stack of displays, there were hair products from hair bubble, hair essence, etc..
I choose the hair serum, and ask the BA if it's on sale too, and she said NO..
I was like, [screaming inside: BIIITCH!]  OH, OK, I want this one..  LOL
How can I not buy it when I've asked the price? [ceritanya gengsi bok!]
OK, it has a mild floral scent, and great to cover the hair ends to keep them soft, and also protect them from splitting..  
If you've been using hair serum, and still facing split-ends problems, you should start questioning your hair health, and seek for professional helps..
The DOWN side of this product: containing DIMETHICONE, so I have to be wise enough to spread it on my hair, otherwise I'll just gonna have a fluffy hair for like 10-14 hours before it became greasy.


That's it for now..


See you on the next post..



  1. whoa, I'm going to purchase the rainforest shampoo once my Pantene runs out.

    anyway Endi, have you try Pantene's silicon free shampoo? :p Just wondering since it's muuuuch more affordable compared to The Body Shop

    I also used it once in a while (mine is once a week) for clarifying purpose :D

  2. Rini: SPRING AWAKENING, Rini.. >_<

    Tia: PANTENE has that kind of awesome shampoo? Heard of it,but never tried it out.. But right now, I kinda wanna avoid in any cost to use shampoo with sulphate in it, just to lessen the blonde fading from my head.. Hyaaaa~
    Miss you already! We should meet up again before 2013 approached us! :D