I Challenge You! #SEPHIA

08:30 Endi Feng 4 Comments

Hi makeup enthusiasts!

I was throwing a makeup challenge on Twitter since 28th of November until 15th of December 2012..
And I was skeptical about this challenge, as I thought no one will be participating.
But my tweefellas proved me wrong!

They're excited, and accepted my challenge.  :'3


As you can see, those makeup are my previous works.
I just added the Sephia tone on them.

See the challenge?
We have to cleverly contour the face, and do the eye makeup more dramatic to get the sensation of this challenge. HAHA
In this #SEPHIA theme makeup challenge, colors don't matter.
Just the intensity of color, hi-lights, and shadings that matter.
Looks pretty easy, yes? But, can you do it?

AAAND, here's the participants' submissions!

@cellaroberta  (well, not as Sephia as I thought. But hat dove to the Sephia tone eyeshadow!)

WOW!  So many pretty tweefellas join my makeup challenge!
I'm so grateful.. :')

If, you wanna join this makeup challenge, here's the dealio:
1)  Follow my twitter account ,
2) Post your themed makeup photo(s) on twitter,
3) After your caption, please put on hashtag #(the makeup challenge theme) so it can be easily searched by me or the others, i.e. #SEPHIA
4) Don't forget to mention me, @endi_feng, in your photo tweet(s).

Easy, right?
You can submit your photo more than one!

For next challenge, THERE WILL BE A PRIZE for my most fave submission!
And the prize will not be told on my twitter, nor my blog, until the winner received it.
The prize will be the clue for the next makeup challenge's theme..
So, you can use it to do the next makeup challenge.  YAYYY!

Also, the makeup challenge winner will be featured on my blog, as in interview, or as I recreate the submission (of course with the winner's permission, and the idea is totally credited to him/her).



For the next makeup challenge (17th-29th of December 2012), the theme is:

Missoni Spring-Summer 2012
  • Bare eyelashes. It means no colored mascara! Wait, we can cheat by applying only 1 coat of mascara, and brush it with lash brush. TEEHEE! :P
  • Flawless, and Healthy complexion. It needs time for us to really pay attention in blending the foundation on our face. And also a great practice to use concealer. If you have something like shimmer/hi-lighter, use it on the high/pointed out face areas(nose, forehead, apples of the cheeks, cupid bow, chin). LET'S REDO OUR DAILY ROUTINE MAKEUP!
  • Defined Eyebrows. For you who are lazy to define your eyebrows, lemme tell you this: IT'S CRUCIAL TO LOOK MORE YOUTHFUL!
  • Moisturized Lips. Swipe your fave lip care as the finish touch..

Looks like a piece of cake, yes?

But can you find the right complexion for yourself?




  1. aku ketinggalan! >.<
    mau ikutan juga padahal~
    bates deadline nya sampe tanggal berapa ka?

  2. Diah Fara Dilla: Hei, Diah.. Tema #BABYSKIN dari tanggal 17 Des - 29 Des 2012. hehe HAYUK IKUT!

  3. I'm so gonna try the #babyskin. Wait for me :)

  4. yowij: Hey.. Don't just try, do join me and the others in this challenge! It's a good practice to achieve a great canvas of face.. ;)