Hair Changes (NOV - DEC 2012)

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Hi fellas..

As you who are following my tweets (@endi_feng) or my instagram, you may have known that I changed my hair color lately.
Not that I'm obsessed to be blonde or something, but I just wanna experience how to sport a blonde head, and maintain it for at least 3-4 months in a row.  >_<   And yes, those K-pop stars are really gotten into my head! I want to channeling my alter ego as one of them. *ROFL~ YOU WISH, ENDI..!*

Hair Transformation

As seen on photo above, I still got that tacky faded brown hair on early of November.

The next week, I went to Shinjuku Premium salon to change my hair.

Hair changes on 11th of November
At first, I just want an ombre hair color, which I just wanna bleach the ends of hair, and lighten the whole hair color as caramel brown or some color that is more appealing than the previous tacky color.
BUT, one of the stylist did a bit of mistake.  He bleach my whole hair(but not the root, as I requested not to color until the root, because I don't want to burn my scalp again).

I think because he thought that I'm being friend with Stella Lee, he then took it as I want to be a blonde boy as well!  LOL  Every time I went to Shinjuku, they always address me as Stella's friend, and asked me: "where did Stella go? Why she didn't go to Shinjuku anymore?"..
I choked, and just replied, "I don't know.. Haven't seen her in a long time.."

Yes, I know she had a bad experience with Shinjuku salon.
But despite of the crucial mistake they did on Stella, I still recommend this salon to my tweefellas.
Their services are better than the last time I went there.  And whenever I went there on weekend (as I did my hair changes since November), the salon was always full.
Mr. Audid still doing a great job cutting my hair. And he's still my 'top of the list'  hair dresser that I can trust to do a hair-makeover on me.  Lots of my guy friend are not willingly to spend their money on hair cut.
But when my hair was done by Mr. Audid, I can sport the same hair shape (well, it grows longer eventually, but still in the similar shape) for like 2-3 months!

OK, back on track..
After the stylist bleached my hair, I was shocked!  My hair is so yellow!
And I like it!  LOL
Then he proceed to lighten my whole head to the root, as my root is still black.
After the procedures, I became a bleached blonde boy..
I'm so happy, and literally humming 'Fantastic Baby' by BigBang on my way home from the salon.


Hair Changes on 1st of December
On 1st of December, I went back to Shinjuku salon to fix my hi-lights.
Hi-lights on the hair create the dimension to make my hair looks more fluffy, and illuminating..


Hair Changes on 15th of December
And last weekend, I went back to Shinjuku to get my hair cut.
It was done by Mr. Audid himself (the Shinjuku salon owner).  And I really like the result.
It's a bit awkward, and quirky, but at the same time I know it won't need extra effort to look great (no need hot iron to straighten/curl the hair, or specific hair products).

cam-whoring :P

For you who are afraid to change your hair style, DON'T BE!
Our hair is like our CROWN in our empire-less life, we create our own crown.
We're the prince/princess of our own life.  So, you know, embrace your unique style..
We don't have to follow trends, contemplate with your imaginations to be your only trend.

So, see you on the next post?