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Hi, y'all!

Another 1 brand look. I will try to do 1 Brand Look as often as I can(once a month), for as long as I got all the basic makeup from 1 particular brand. For this time, I'm featuring a local brand called Beauty Story. If you don't know, or never heard of Beauty Story, CLICK HERE to read my event report about them.

Anyway, you can read about my last 1 Brand Look featuring M.A.C by clicking here.

Was sent some of Beauty Story products by the company. Some I might repurchase in the future. Some are not into my preference.

I love their makeup base.
- Pearl Primer: illuminating makeup primer with sunscreen.
- CC cream: translucent brightener/even-out cream with sunscreen.

I love their lip products as well! For a local brand, and drugstore product, they have great lippies. Although I don't have their lipsticks, I've tried them out at their event, and they are beautiful. 

My most favourite is their Lip & Cheek pot. They are not sticky on the cheeks, and although not moisturizing, but provide nice lip color without emphasize lip lines/dry patches/cracks.

Products break down which used in this post(score: * - *****):
1) Luminous Primer: pearly primer with sunscreen. (****), 

2) Magical CC cream: dewy finish, SPF30, lightweight. (****),

3) Lip N Cheek "Rose": not sticky, versatile use, compact. (***),

4) Natural BB compact powder "Luminous Sand": although I got the darkest one outta 2, it's still too light for my fairly medium skintone. Hard to build up, not high coverage. (**),

5) Romantic Eye Pencil "Rose Leaf": such a game changer for local brand! This eye pencil is very lovely. Creamy, buildable without crumbling, long lasting. It sets quickly, so blend right away. (****),

6) Mascara Midnight Dream Black: It claims to be volumizing, lengthening, and curling. NOPE. Not curling, Not lengthening, and gives moderate volume. Disappointed, very. The S-shaped mascara brush gave me hard time to build up the mascara. (*),

7) Sweet Lips lipgloss "Pink Rose": Opaque, quite sticky, and has chunks of glitters in it. You wouldn't know it's a very affordable gloss, so sophisticated finish. Hate the packaging though. (***).

Bare Face

Luminous Primer

Magical CC cream
It evens out my skintone, & brightens it up.

Lip N Cheek "ROSE"
A flush of pink on the cheek, & washed pink on the lips.

Natural BB Compact Powder
Mattifying, gives medium coverage, & the darkest shade is still too light for me.

Romantic Eye Pencil "Rose Leaf"
LOVELY! Blend out as shadow, wing out as liner. 

Mascara Midnight Dream Black
Sweet Lips lipgloss "Pink Rose"
I will let pictures speaks the truth on both products.

Brows: Fanbo eyebrow pencil "Brown"
Contour-highlight: Sleek Face Form "Light"
Necklace: Forever21.
The title can be a One Brand look, but I always cheat some of the products using another brand. 
Beauty Story haven't launch their eyebrow pencil yet, and no sculpting products yet. HAHA. But I have faith in this local brand. They have playful products, & some innovative new obsessions in local competition(Lip N Cheek, Makeup Primer).
And FYI, they are cruelty free, parabens free, sulfates free, phthalates free! They really care about our beauty, and health.

Alright, that's all. What Beauty Story product that intrigue you most?
Lemme know on the comment below. 

Endi Feng


  1. The lipgloss is super pretty! and oh that primer is looking really great on you.
    I feel like grabbing it this instance >.<


    1. The primer is everything! Since I'm using it for everyday now, people keep commenting about how great my skin look like. Go for it, Bella.
      The lipgloss is good, I can live without. But go check them out. The one "Primrose", that is super pretty colour.

  2. bagus yah primernya <3 aku udah beli cuma belom sempet coba kak.. Semoga di aku cocok juga. hehehe \o/