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Could you believe that I just had my first YSL lipsticks ever? YUP! 
I am so late into the high end brand lipsticks.

I was looking at expensive lipsticks as a waste of money, and lipsticks generally went stale after 12 months. Not really into hoarding lippie. But boy, oh, boy. I CAN'T! I JUST CAN'T!
Adell, Maina, and I are always updating about lipsticks on Twitter. And now we always ended up buy another new shade/brand of lipstick. *crickets sound*

OK. These YSL lipsticks are given to me by Padusee on Instagram[CLICK].
I am not doing a review here. I'll show why I love this high end brand in a video later.
But seriously, these new babies of mine really gave me life. Creamy, opaque colour payoff, glide easily, not dragging the lips at all, and the packaging is so elegant. Everybody have to at least own 1 YSL lipstick in the purse! HAHA.

Left: Rouge Volupte Shine no. 8 

Right: Rouge Pur Couture no. 66 

Rouge Pur Couture no. 66 

Rouge Volupte Shine no. 8 

For you, who want to get your paws on fancy cosmetics with lower prices than over-the-counter/retail prices in Jakarta, check out @PADUSEE on Instagram [click]. She sells lots of makeup, skincare, and another beauty related stuffs which she bought and shipped directly from the USA.
I will update another post about Padusee, and that will be my haul of shopping from her. And she often to have a FLASH SALE on Instagram as well! Selling makeups with really really affordable prices. Crazy!

Endi Feng


  1. duh ndi itu rvs 8 bagus amat.. gw punya rvs 33 rada susah makenya gara2 warnanya gonjreng. lipsticknya kan licin banget gitu jadi suka ngesot pakenya. *langsung follow padusee* *nunggu sale*


    1. Pina, ga pernah gw cinta sama lipstick. Kali ini aja nih, sekali oles, langsung jatuh hati. Sekarang, mari kita incar Tom Ford dan Gucci. LOL


  2. warnanya cakep ya ndi, gara-gara dikau sekarang kalau nyari mekap pasti lari ke padusee dulu hahahaa

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