Pout Post: Jeffree Star "Redrum"

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Another Pout Post, another new brand to try out. I was so adventurous on lippies game last April. I bought several indie brand of lip colours. And loving it! In this Pout Post, and more to come, are some of my fave lip colour products that I personally love.

YASSS! It's the Jeffree Star's very own makeup brand. I'm very excited about this since it hasn't even launched yet. But never took the bait to buy any, because online shops in Indonesia always selling 16-20 US$ cosmetics up to Rp 350.000 - Rp 400.000(27-31 US$). I don't want to buy anything personally from overseas, because I don't want to deal with Indonesia's custom charges. So if we are about to purchase any marked up-pricing cosmetics, it's for the "dealing fee" with custom, and the overseas shipping fee. *sigh*

This Redrum is sooo gorgeous. I can't say it's a warm, or cool toned red. It has a little bit of everything. I couldn't ask for more! Jeffree Star is killing it in matte liquid lipstick's formula. It sets into matte quickly, didn't leave that sticky/tacky feel when clamped the lips together.

I immediately bought this one right after Hellua, @thelipstickmafiaaa On Instagram posted her swatch of Redrum. And watched Manny MUA on youtube reviewing this lippie, I want it even more!

The applicator is perfect to put on the liquid lipstick without outlining using lip pencil. And the amount of product that picked up on the felt tip applicator is the perfect amount to do my lips. No double coat for the lip swatch on my photos. Crazily pigmented! And long lasting!

The packaging is pretty! Clear plastic, with lipstick bullet shape, and pink rim/cap. Opaque from the very first swipe, and no chemically annoying smell. Feels so light on the lips, and no 'coating' feel (if you used the Lime Crime velvetines or LASplash Lip Couture liquid lipsticks, you'll know what I mean).

Have you heard, or try any Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks?

If you're in Indonesia, you can get yours at Padusee on Instagram(click here).

Endi Feng


  1. This is my dream shade of red lipstick since it is not too orange but yeah, the price is quite expensive *cries* :") By the way, maybe the instagram user is changing the username, because the page is unavailable when I opened it. Would you mind to tell me where did you get it?
    Thank youu and sukses selalu ya kak! <3