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Hi, readers..

For this post, I'm gonna talk about dermal fillers, botox, and lipo dissolve(meso). I had this treatment last year by the generosity of Miracle Clinic Kelapa Gading. They sponsored me for the treatments.

Although this is a sponsored post, I will be honest about my treatment. What the side effects I experienced, and so on. I will not let the V-shape face bias on my opinion. LOL.

source: https://instagram.com/miracle_clinic/
I went through this treatment because I was so curious about dermal fillers. I want to get it done, so my facial shape will look better on photos. And it boosts my confidence as well. Shallow? Not really, no. When you get the chance to look better than you are now, so? YASSS.. Also it's safe, without incisions, & temporary also unlike surgeries.

At first, I thought I was just gonna get a one time dermal filler injection from Miracle Clinic, that's it, done. I was wrong. Oh how I was wrong. They're so kind & generous to really perfected my V-shape. 
Not only that, I got botox, and lipo dissolve injections too.

11th September(before got anything injected) - 25th September - 09 October 2014
Dermal filler is injectable hyaluronic acid gel. HA absorbs and hold water. As it's gel, it will form shapes as we like. That's why after dermal filler injections, the doctor will mold the fillers using their fingers/cloth. And we're strictly advised not to disturb the injected areas in anyway for 1-2 weeks, because it will alter the shape/volume that we want.

At first weeks, I got dermal fillers on the tip of the nose, nose shaft(bridge), smiling lines, upper lip line, and the tip of the chin. I was happy with the changes. Little augmentations really made my day!

source: http://blog.corewalking.com/pelvis-psoas-masseter-muscle/
I got botox shots too on the masseter muscle. It's a muscle which help to hold jaws to the cheekbones. It helps to chew as well, but not a main chewing muscle[buccinator], so it won't affect much on that task. But it made me get tired of chewing pretty quick, and made me smile or laugh a little weird.
Because this muscle is quite long(cheek-to-jaw), by relaxing it, it helps the cheeks/jaws area look slimmer.

Beside dermal filler, and botox, I got lipo dissolve shots as well. It's a no brainer, as its name, it helps to dissolve fat by injecting some fluid. I forgot to ask what's in it. I am sold on 'fat begone'. So.. LOL. But you can read the contemplation about it HERE[click].

3rd October - 4th November 2014
On the 4th of November, I got a call from Miracle Clinic Kelapa Gading that dr. Lanny Juniarti, President Director of Miracle Clinic Indonesia, was in town from Surabaya. She wanted to help me achieve a perfect V-shape face. And I said yes.

A major augmentation placed on my face. My lips are more prominent and even, no majorete/puppet smiling lines, and my nose bridge is to die for! WOW! Loving the positive transformation until this very day. I am so happy about it.

She did shot more botox on the masseter muscle to relax more that area, which causing me get tired of chewing easily. Shot botox around my eyelid and eyebags too, for a more open/bigger eyes appearance.
You can see on the picture above, my face is a bit swollen. That is the side effects of fillers, and botox. As they are strange substance that were shot into skin, our body system try to resist and causing swelling. But they subdued in couple of days for me.
We can see the instant result of dermal fillers. Botox shots take 1-2 weeks for us to see the result.
We can feel the dermal fillers on our face, they're like lumps/bumps of gel under the skin. It moves around if we touch them. The fillers will settle under the skin after it absorb enough water to form shapes(usually it takes 10-12 days), and when our body system stop 'reading' them as strangers.

The first several hours after injections, my face felt numb. I cannot smile/show expression right because of the anesthetic cream & dermal filler itself has anesthesia agents in them.

It is important before you get any treatments in a clinic to have a consultation first with the doctor. Make sure you get into reputable clinic because it's your body(health) that at risk here. I trust Miracle Clinic, because most people that I know knows about this clinic. Even among doctors[dermatologist/aesthetic], and dermal filler supplier!
Please make an appointment first before hand, it will be way more comfortable if the day and time is arranged for your session with the doctor.

11th September 2014 - 4th November 2014 - 25th February 2015
  • Yes, and no. Because of the anesthetic cream, it doesn't hurt much. But at some areas, like tips of nose, around the eyes, and lips, hurts a little. We can ask for ice before injection to numb it more. I find it botox and lipo dissolve shots hurt a little more than fillers.

  • It varies from one person to another. Depends on how many treatments do you need to perfecting the V-shape. Dermal filler starts at 5 millions rupiahs/syringe. Botox is at 100.000 rupiahs/unit(my masseter is tough, it needs 40 units per cheek to relax it down). As for lipo dissolve, if I'm not mistaken, it starts from 3 millions/treatment.
Visit Miracle Clinic Indonesia for more accurate cost for V-Shape Perfection treatment. You can click here to find out the nearest Miracle Clinic Indonesia around you.

Alrighty then. This is my experience with Miracle Clinic with dermal filler, botox, and lipo dissolve for the first time. To read about my Diamond Peel Plus treatment in Miracle Clinic Kelapa Gading, click here.

dr. Larissa, me, and dr. Lanny
The heroes behind my V-shape face
Thanks to Beatrix too for hooking me up with the numero uno Miracle Moments with Miracle Clinic Kelapa Gading. *kiss kiss*

See you on the next post, beauty enthusiasts!

Endi Feng


  1. Woahhh endi... your chin literally look sharper and smaller! :O :O
    nice treatments!


    1. It's nice indeed, Vee. Instantly feels like K-pop star. HAHAHA

  2. treatment nya oke banget hasilnya kliatan banget..tapi serem itu foto lagi disuntiknya...x_X

    1. Hahaha. Gw takut jarum suntik sebenarnya. Pas treatment pertama, mereeeem aja.
      Karena touch up tiap 2 minggu sekali waktu itu, jadi biasa aja sekarang. Hahaha.

  3. yang lebih ngaruh ke v shape yg mana ndi? botox or filler?

    1. Ngaruh semuanya sih. Karena saling berkaitan. Kalo cuma filler tanpa botox, senyum jadi lebih lebar, muka gerak lebih bebas. Tapi takutnya filler kita sebelum settle, dia pindah/berubah bentuk karena gerakan wajah kita. Apalagi kalo senyum/ketawa lebar. Kalo lipo dissolve, itu udah pasti ngaruh, buat lunturin lemak di bagian yg tidak diinginkan.

  4. Keren bget ya.hasilnya kak. wuiihhh tapi ngeri aku. blm apa2 berasa linu2