Ashley's Take: Look Good On Holiday

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Hi, everybodeeeh..

Do you miss me? Oh, thank you. I know you do.. *flipping hair* Been avoiding to get attentions lately.

Alright, now. I'm not a big fan of travelling. I love holiday now and then. Nothing major like hiking, culinary hunting, basicly not comfortable trying new stuffs.

At the hotel room or my bedroom, watching TV, order room service or fast food, and sometimes go out for dinner/clubbing with friends, those are my thing. That pretty much sum up my vacation/get away time.

My must haves, and current fave, when going on a holiday for more than 3 days to look good:
- Facial cleanser, I like this one because it can alternate as my shaving cream as well [],
- Facial Scrub, Exfoliating is important to sashay away break out [],
- Sun screen, UV rays are very harmful [],
- Eye cream, Because those under eyes is the most delicate part of skin, cannot be treated as the same as the rest of facial parts [],
- A fave has-it-all makeup palette, You can buy the all in one palette, or build your own in a Z-palette [],
- Contour highlight powder palette, I like a contour shade which can be applied as bronzer as well [],
- BB cream, BBcream is a handy little trick, it covers, it camouflages, it protects from UVA/UVB, etc [],
- Lip balm, Flaky/dry/chapped lips is not sexy at all. We need a #DSL all the time! []
- Concealer, hide blemishes, dark cirlces, and to highlight [].

I have listed down my fave. You check it out on the links provided to find out more. I won't do reviews on them.

And if you have the time and money to spend on holiday, but too lazy, or you doesn't know where to go.
Just pick a place you've never visited before, not too far from your place if you like, called the travel agents/book the flight or train right away.

My last holiday was an impulsive buy. I picked Malang city as my getaway destination, book the train ticket, book the hotel room, and pay the bills by bank transfer. No looking back. HAHA. It was such a fun trip, met some fellow beauty addict there.

Alright, alright, alright..
That's it for now. I hope I inspire you to go on vacation/staycation. And I am here to help for any occasion in your beauty solution.
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See you on the next post.

Endi Feng