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Just open my drafts in my blogger account, found out I still having this post..

Dunno why I'm so mad or crazy at that time..

OK, here's the post..
Enjoy.. Laugh with me! HAHAHA
(or not)  >_<


Alright, alright..  This is my first OUTBURST post ever on my blog..

OK, here's the deal:  DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF!
GAWD, I'm so mad..!!!

Girls are complaining about bad FREE nail art, FREE make over..  BITCH, please.. WHAT D'YA EXPECT FROM FREE TREATMENTS..?!   You should know better before BRAIN FART those crappy comments..  I even can names several overpriced restaurants but giving dumb-dumb service.
SEE?  Even with we're paying much money, we still get bad services..

Even there are people who think they are THAT expert in something, threw some tips, or giving advices in doing this way, that way, BUT with snobbish attitude..  Geez~

I mean like, MYOB(Mind Your Own Business), B!



No offense, betchesss..

OK, bye now.
*benerin beha*

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  1. Hahaha...buka-buka blog kamu karena lagi cari inspirasi pakai eyeshadow, nggak sengaja baca ini. Dan sepakat laaaaah :))))