Shu Uemura TSUYA SKIN UV Under Base

08:06 Endi Feng 0 Comments

Hi, guys..

Last month, I was given a travel size of Shu Uemura TSUYA SKIN UVUB by Shu Uemura Indonesia.
As you know, I had a bad experience with the POREraser UVUB [click here].
But, I gave it a try anyway..

Below is my video of how I use the UVUB.  Check it out! ^_^

So, here's my conclusion after using for 2 weeks:
  1. The texture is more fluffy, and lighter than the original UVUB or the POREraser one.
  2. Doesn't give the overly white films when freshly applied like the original one.
  3. The smell doesn't bother me, but I prefer if it has no scent at all. It smells too sweet!
  4. When you dispense the product out of the can, it can be too much! I have to make sure I gave a gentle squeeze on the pump. OMG!
  5. It leaves the skin moist, hence the poor oil control on my oily face. *sigh*
  6. I think it may contain ethanol like the other UVUB variants, I was twice got teary eyes when the fume of this product got into my eyes.
  7. I got the Peach one. The peach color brighten my face nicer than any of the Korean ashy/overly white BBcreams, which I have to wait for MOMENTS for it to adapt into my skintone..
  8. After 2 weeks usage, my face feel really soft, moist, and look younger. Maybe it's the TSUYA SKIN in the UVUB formula.

Last notes:
  • NEVER apply UVUBs near the eyes.
  • DO NOT put any hard pressure when dispensing it out.
  • PLEASE be cautious, it may contain ethanol and silicone(since I can't read Japanese, so...), if you're sensitive with alcohol or silicone, ignore UVUBs any way possible.
  • Suitable to those with DRY SKIN. Oily/combination skin like mine probably hate the oily face afterwards. But I got nothing against oily face.  ^-^

Ok, that's it..
See you on the next post, guys.