Spring 2013 Makeup Trends

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 Hi, pretties..!

Now I wanna show you the makeup trend next season.
Time to change our look!  Don't get stapled with just one look for the entire year..
Life itself is kinda boring sometimes (well, for some, it's all the time based on their tweets or facebook status updates LOL).

Live it up with some makeup. ;)

Ok, there will be 6 major trends in Spring 2013..
  1. Red Rays,
  2. Framed Eyeline,
  3. Lushes Lash,
  4. Framing Brows,
  5. Blue to Green, and
  6. Glowing Complexion.




Burberry spring 2013
Missoni spring 2013
Prada spring 2013
Jean Paul Gaultier spring 2013
Oscar De La Renta spring 2013

Red on the lips and hair..
Just rays of red. Not too much, not shiny. It's matte to velvety.
It's pinky red, to crimson red..


Lanvin spring 2013
Thiery Mugler spring 2013
BCBG spring 2013
Chanel spring 2013
Roberto Cavalli spring 2013

Donna Karan spring 2013

 I hate Donna Karan's makeup. It looks like sick alien.. Uurgh!
Lanvin's, BCBG's and Cavalli's are SO-PHIS-TE-CA-TED!
Chanel's is so 2000-ish with the silver metallic outter spacey eye color.
Mugler, Mugler, Mugler.. Always quirky and catchy..  LOVE!


Jean Paul Gaultier spring 2013
Moschino spring 2013
Diane Von Furstenberg spring 2013
Gucci spring 2013

I think it's Asian Invasion time..
Look at Moschino's and Gucci's, so dollish/gyaru/ullzzang style!
Jean Paul Gaultier's is sooo Twiggy, but more modern and not anorexic.
Diane Von Furstenberg's is so feminine, soft, and striking!


Marc Jacobs spring 2013
Etro spring 2013
Anthony Vaccarello spring 2013
Versace spring 2013
Zac Posen spring 2013
Marc Jacob's makeup is always quirky, and fun!  Never get bored with them!
Vaccarello's is the day makeup of the Versace's.
Versace's is the ready-to-party version of Vaccarello's. HAHA
Well, the Zac's is frighten me. The model looks like Zac Posen himself! LOL  I love the classic beauty with framing bold brows..  It's stunning..


Versus spring 2013
Stella McCartney spring 2013
Moschino spring 2013
Fendi spring 2013
Dior spring 2013
Versus's reminds me of Anna Sui's last season makeup.. Not impressed. BAH HUMBAG!
While McCartney's reminds me of those 'mbak-mbak pedangdut pantura' makeup who shopped at my sister's boutique in Cirebon, they always sport the blue/green/turquoise eyeliner on the lower lashes..
Moschino's, Fendi's, and Dior's.. ONE word: GENIUS!


Ralph Lauren spring 2013
Valentino spring 2013
Dolce and Gabbana spring 2013
DKNY spring 2013
Balmain spring 2013
Glowing complexion, is almost like the 2011 trend, the babyskin makeup..
But this time with more striking sculptures, and no bare lashes.
Ralph Lauren's, and Valentino's are so elegant!
DKNY's, and Dolce & Gabbana's are more playful and more applicable on us!
Balmain's is almost nude..  I can't believe it.


I love the spring makeups!
I hope in the summer, there will be new trends follow up..

Well, you can always have the classic spring/summer makeup:
nude/tinted lips, flush cheeks, bronzed sculptures, and play with mascara!
But this time, instead of black/brown eyeliner, try those colorful eyeliner on the lower lash line..


Ok, that's it for now..

Anyway, I got those pictures from Harper's Bazaar , and vogue.uk