MAC Indonesia Launched 'Cook Shop' Collection

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I was sooo excited that I was invited to a makeup event.  Thanks to Stella Lee, the host of the event. The media partner of this event is JOY magazine(and there's a chance that I'm gonna be on the magz. LOL)

The Models
The female model, I was kinda freaked out the first time I saw her hair. It's sooo big, the makeup can't even shine over it. LOL   The male model is fine though. Twinkly fine. *giggles*  No offense, but the colors of this season(the makeup), me no likey. I'm bored with neon and others Spring colors. Well, the point of holding an event is to SELL.

The event was packed by beauty junkies. I'm so lucky to have them around me for several hours, because we can share, chat and much more.  TOO BAD, I didn't take lots of photos. Darn it..

Packed by beauty junkies, and beauty enthusiasts
Stella Lee got her makeup done by MAC-xpert

Well, it was a fun day.. Finally I can feel the spirit of weekend for a while.  Miss you girls already!! See y'all next time. *kuss kuss*